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Trophy Deer Hunts in

Trophy Deer Hunts in

Trophy Deer Hunts in

Trophy Deer Hunts in

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  • 16 Years Full Time in Business

  • Gorgeous Hunting Lodges

  • Awesome Food

  • Honest Old School Customer Service

  • All Whitetail Hunts Fair Chase

  • Soaring Success Rates

  • Unpressured Hunting Areas

  • Over 1000 Record Book Bucks Taken in 16 Years

  • We Feed Supplement Mineral Programs

  • Trophy Whitetail Farms

  • No hidden fees

  • We've Won Tons of Awards

  • No Fees for Taking a Larger Buck

  • Book 4 Hunters and Get the 5th Hunter Free

  • Thousands of Acres

  • Food Plots

  • Experienced Guides

  • Comfortable Stand Locations

  • Group Rates

  • Discount Pricing for Veterans

  • Discount Pricing for Children

  • Nobody's Hunting Here With a Camera Crew and Special Treatment

  • Corporate Pricing

  • Guided and Semi Guided Whitetail Hunts

  • We Will Call You Back

  • We Feed Nutra Deer Feed from Boss Buck Feeders

  • Whitetail Hunting Leases

  • We Perform Year Round Whitetail Behavioral Studies

  • Free Butchering

  • Mineral Licks

  • On Site Taxidermy Optional

  • 35 Name Brand Hunt Company Sponsors

  • Box Blinds, Hang Ons, Ground Blinds, Tripods, etc.

  • Hundreds of Trail Cameras Positioned

  • Trophy Whitetail, Turkey, and Predator Hunting

  • Affordable Pricing

  • Special Trophy Farm Areas for Today's Serious B & C Buck Hunter


214 Inch Trophy Whitetail Deer
Missouri Firearm Monster of 214 inches


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Monster Illinois Whitetail

Larry Adams takes a 210 inch Droptine Illinois Monster Buck

Lee Huffman took this 196 inch Iowa Giant during the 2nd Gun in 2009

Informally speaking, when today's trophy hunter seeks out a hunt to purchase, that hunter goes into the transaction somewhat "blind". The bottom line is, if your purchasing a hunt with an outfitter you are buying a high-ticket item that you cannot see. After calling a few outfitters they all sound the same. Many boast of high success rates, exaggerate acreages, don't speak of hidden fees, and minimize the numbers of hunters they book each year. These approaches result in over-hunted land tracts, and unhappy hunters. Some outfitters implement a business plan wherein they construct many different lodges in a single state. By doing so, they can house 20-30 hunters in each lodge and discreetly run up to 100 hunters per week on an inadequate amount of acreage. Doesn't take long to figure out your hunt is over before it started. IMB does NOT present our whitetail hunting in such a factory fashion.


IMB Outfitters is the most qualitative "whitetail specialty" outfitting service in the nation. There is a trend in the hunt industry with the "springing up" of new outfitters across the country that is tricking hunters to focus solely on the hunts price. While the prices of IMB are competitive one must remember IMB has been perfecting a hunt service focused on the harvest of trophy whitetail bucks for 16 long years. Sure clients can always find a cheaper hunt, but waiting all year long and then ending up with a bad experience in an effort to save a few bucks just isn't worth it. IMB Outfitters has been in the hunt industry for 16 years we have become the highest quality whitetail specialty outfitter by providing a quality service focused on client success." Darrin Bradley, Owner states, "The perfection of our hunt service has been a team effort of landowners, employees, managers, lodge owners, sponsors, our website designer, and God, but after 16 years of service to the American Sportsman we have become the premier whitetail outfitter of the Midwest running 4 states here in the nations agricultural belt." Our quality can be verified by the outdoors industry awards given unto us by the hunt industry, references, website content, as well as possession of 39 sponsors that don't sponsor any other whitetail specialty outfitter in the Midwest. If you really compare brochures and websites the hunter who is doing their homework can easily see a difference in quality just by looking at the website, and brochure. If an outfitter will take care of you on the website, in the brochure, and on the phone, you'll be taken care of on your hunt, but to book with a low quality service just to save a few bucks will probably mean the difference between success and failure. Treat yourself to a quality outing by booking with a trusted name in the hunt industry...IMB Outfitters!

IMB Outfitters strives to provide the highest quality fully and semi-guided hunts available to the modern day trophy whitetail deer and wild turkey hunter. With locations in South Central Iowa, North Central Missouri, Kansas, Western Kentucky, and West Central Illinois, IMB Outfitters is ready to provide you with the hunt of a lifetime on over 50,000 acres of prime trophy whitetail deer and turkey habitat.

IMB Outfitters has pronounced itself as THE most qualitative Whitetail Outfitting Service in the nation with locations for whitetail deer hunting in the most renowned areas of Midwestern United States. IMB has been presented in such fashion by entities such as Buckmasters, North American Whitetail, Petersens Bowhunting, Deer and Deer Hunting, Bowhunter, Bowhunting World, Turkey Call, etc. IMB has also been viewed on over a half a dozen shows on the Outdoor Channel, The Men's Channel, and TNN, as well as their recent harvest of a 210 inch deer on Hunter's Specialties Video entitled, "Primetime Bucks Volume 10". IMB also is sponsored by over two dozen companies in the hunt industry. Companies that just don't attach their name with any ole outfitting service. While many outfitting services exist in today's hunt industry IMB stands above the rest. IMB Owner, Darrin Bradley, states, "We have perfected a hunt program over the past 16 years that is second none. We keep records and stats on all our hunt efforts and afford the hunter a scientific approach to harvesting trophy bucks. I don't know of any whitetail specialty outfitting service that presents over 50,000 acres in 5 different states to the American Hunter. Hunters shouldn't waste their money by shopping elsewhere. We will continue to strive towards excellence and not become complacent."

Whitetail Deer Hunting in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, & Kansas

Pre Season Scouting for 2017 Fall Deer Season
Posted On: August 30, 2017, 11:04 pm

We are seeing a ton of record book whitetail bucks as we scout each day with optics and trail cameras.  As of 8/30/2017 we have added 148 photos of record book bucks into our trail cam photo gallery.  We have also captured several Boone and Crockett Bucks on video which will be posted in the next several days.  The 2017 Fall Deer Season looks as promising as any year we have been in business.  We still have some hunts available so hunt with the "Best in the Midwest" this FAll in Iowa, Illinois, or Missouri.  To inquire about the deer hunts we still have available call, email, or text Darrin Bradley, IMB Outfitters  660-651-7900

At IMB Outfitters, we strive to deliver a high quality hunt without all the "run around". That's why we continue to be recognized as the industry leader, by industry leading hunt publications and televisions shows as seen on ESPN, OLN, and the Outdoor Channel. Its also the reason we are hosted by over two dozen sponsors in the hunt industry. Trusted industry names like Mossy Oak, Mathews Bows, Ol' Man Treestands, Hunter Specialties, Nikon, LaCrosse Footwear, and many more that we invite you to view on our Sponsors page. The bottomline is that you don't continually get recognized by industry leading television and hard copy publication, while being able to maintain these types of sponsors, without being atop your game. Here at IMB we provide the highest quality ground in the Midwestern States, at a competitive price, from an environment wherein we care about our hunters and work hard to assure they are successful. Don't be fooled by other entities. There are a ton of outfitters in today's market that run sub par organizations in an effort to make money and be involved in the hunt industry. Hunt with the best...IMB Outfitters. A simple tour of our website will reveal no other Midwestern Whitetail Outfitter comes close to the quality of hunt IMB offers. On our website you can view video clips of deer we film on our properties, take virtual photo tours of our lodges, look at infrared camera photos of bucks on our ground we have filmed with Stealthcam Infrared Cameras, and each state we outfit hunts in has its own page. Also we have over 80,000 words of hunters stories with many of them being strategy stories written by owner Darrin Bradley which will assist you in your whitetail efforts in the field. Sit back and take the tour of our site and you will know immediately why IMB Outfitters is leaps and bounds above the rest. Darrin Bradley, IMB Owner states: "If an Outfitter takes care of you on his website and on the phone, rest assured he is gonna take care of you on your hunt. Compare our website and assistance with anyone else in the industry and you will see we are indeed the Best in the Midwest. Our hunter story page alone has more words and data than most outfitters entire website".

Petersen's Bowhunting Magazine, July 2004 reveals IMB Outfitters as one of their top picks for the hunt of a lifetime. After writing staff and editors archery hunted with IMB in 2003 they were quick to expose IMB Outfitters as a premier high quality hunt service. Petersen's Bowhunting Magazine editors state in the July 2004 issue, "Look no further! One of the best hunts in the world. These are bowhunts by guides who know bowhunting and are experts at getting you close to the kind of game you've dreamt about." Petersen's further presents IMB Outfitters as, "One of the very best bowhunting opportunities from around the globe. This outfit provides plenty of hunting area options and dates, but all are serious trophy buck hunts, with a high probability of success. A good variety of stands are available, all placed on detailed maps."

Petersen's Bowhunting

Trophy Whitetail Deer

190 Inch Deer

Hunt Trophy Whitetail Deer

160 Inch Deer


IMB Outfitters has strived to present a Trophy Whitetail Outfitting Service that we would want to hunt if we were in the position of being the hunter. We do not have trophy fees that we impose if you shoot a much larger deer. There are no consequences if you wound an animal. Discounted Corporate rates and group rates are available upon request. We only use the best treestands, ground blinds, tripods, box blinds, and ladder stands in the entire hunt industry. Our guides are trained with furthering education programs to enhance the quality of the staff at IMB Outfitters. We feature normal areas of hunting as well as specially managed 145 inch plus “trophy areas” to enhance your ability to attempt to kill a Boone and Crocket buck. Only the best lodges with the highest quality meals.

We collect a $750 deposit upon booking a hunt, however hunters that pay for their hunt all “up front” in advance receive a 5% discount. We employ the greatest Quality Deer Management Program on our farms to enhance your odds at taking a trophy whitetail buck. We share treestand and ambush site annual history with you in camp so that you can verify no overhunting occurs here at IMB Outfitters.

We offer regular 4 and 5 day hunts along with combo archery rifle hunts, multiple State hunting, and other special packages, for example “State Passes which allows you to hunt any 1 of our States on an unlimited basis for one calendar year, as well as Annual Passes which allow you to hunt all the States we run deer hunts in on an unlimited basis on.” Our deer hunters receive FREE Spring Wild Turkey hunts to show our appreciation for your loyalty.