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About IMB Outfitters

Bradleys | IMB OutfittersIMB Outfitters is comprised of several owners who serve in a variety of ways to enhance the company.  IMB Outfitters is not a seasonal business run “from the hip” by one man, but rather a full time year round business complete with a Board of Directors.  The Owners and Board of Directors are all successful business people that contribute input for the benefit of the company and our hunter’s success.  Darrin Bradley is the President and Founder of IMB Outfitters, and Darrin’s wife, Glenda Bradley serves as the Vice President. 

The Bradley household is made up of a unique blend of five persons: Darrin, Glenda, Tyler, Houston, and Dallas.

Glenda, Houston, Tyler, and Dallas hail originally from Fort Smith , Arkansas and a quick conversation with any of them would definitely reveal the distinguishable “Southern Draw”.  Houston manages the State of Iowa.  Tyler manages the State of Illinois.  Darrin manages the State of Missouri.

Darrin is a born and bred Missouri who boy, who also held residency in Pike County , Illinois for many years, familiarizing himself with the Midwestern whitetail herd the majority of his life.  Darrin has harvested over 2 dozen record book whitetail bucks and 53 record book big game animals from around the World. Darrin Bradley serves on 39 separate Hunting Industry Pro Staff’s and holds an estimated twenty seven Pope and Young Whitetail’s to his credit, along with a variety of other trophy North American Big Game Animals.

Darrin is an accomplished Outdoor Writer and has been published in Buckmasters, Bowhunter, Ultimate Bowhunter, Deer and Deer Hunting, etc. Bradley currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, supported by an Associate Degree in Business Management. Darrin Bradley states, “I love professional sports, and am a huge Chicago Cubs fan.  The Denver Broncos are my favorite football team and the game hasn’t been the same since Elway left. I love to hunt and fish. My favorite animal to hunt is either whitetail or wild boar. More importantly, although I am not a “stick in the mud”, God has made a huge impression in my life. I salute my family and all other IMB co-owners for authorizing the many wonderful things for the less fortunate throughout the world. We have been able to help support orphanages in Mexico, send missionaries overseas, send single mothers to college, and just help the community in general. To me this business has been about far more than big antlers.”

Glenda may be the perfect example of the “southern lady”. She seems to always bring a touch of class to the environment, and compliments Darrin’s weaknesses appropriately (and then some). Glenda dedicates a great deal of her time and energy to the local Christian church. Between her friendly intellectual class act and Darrin’s banter, it’s hard to find a dull moment in the household. Glenda works full time for IMB Outfitters working on all the detail oriented tasks that drive everyone else crazy. The tasks that so many of us overlook when we are sitting in the treestand waiting for a record book buck. She keeps up with all the taxes, computer, documentation, legal, financial, etc tasks. Glenda was formally employed for ABF Freight System Inc in the Revenue Accounting dept. for about 16 years. Don’t take this woman for granted. Rest assured, if you’re successful with us this fall, a major portion of that success you owe to Glenda.

Houston is the youngest of the twins by 10 minutes. He graduated in 2002 and has obtained a Business Degree with Minors in Finance and Marketing. He enjoys hunting, fishing, sports, camping, and all the other “guy” endeavors. Houston works full time for IMB but you’ll find him working mainly in the States of Missouri and Iowa each fall. And, since he lives here, you can bet he knows where your next “monster buck” may be hiding out.  

Tyler is also a 2002 graduate, and as you might have guessed, he’s also a Redbirds fan. The twins are kind of like “two peas in a pod” unless they’re fighting over who gets to ride “shotgun” or “who’s gonna reel the big catfish in this time.” Tyler works full time for the business and manages in the State of Illinois.

Dallas Evans is also a resident of the Bradley Household and is the beaming grandson of Darrin and Glenda Bradley.  Dallas is already helping check trail cameras, and watching big bucks. Rest assured all our owners and the entire Bradley Household are looking for your record book buck year round, and will make certain you are happy and successful on this Fall’s Whitetail Deer Hunt.