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Husqvarna Utility Vehicles 

IMB Outfitters utilizes only one type of All Terrain Vehicle which is the line of Husqvarna Utility Vehicles. Husky’s original lineup included a two-wheel drive 4213G or 4213GXP with 13 hp Kawasaki gas engines and an all wheel drive 4420G (20 hr Kubota D722 diesel). IMB possesses one of each of these vehicles and has been able to retrieve any deer or perform any task which was requested of them.

One thing that is important to remember about IMB is that we are the largest “whitetail specialty” outfitting service in the nation and don’t just use our sponsor’s equipment a couple months a year. We are doing field work year round, and are very tough on equipment. Believe me when I say we have literally torn other all terrain vehicles apart over the years. In fact we have a number of “junkers” which don’t even run anymore which are manufactured by Husqvarna competitors. We do everything from haul equipment and animals to do some minor logging jobs now and then. We have found that other companies did not stand up to the abuse that IMB placed upon a regular all terrain vehicle. We have literally tested Husqvarna vehicles against Yamaha, Honda, Polaris, and Artic Cat. It was my opinion that Husqvarna was able to out maneuver and out work any of the aforementioned companies by a long shot. Believe me we have had our all terrain vehicles knee deep in mud, 75 degree rocky inclines, hauling huge heavy loads of gear, misc., snaking down sandy river banks and up the other side of the river banks to work, and just about any other task you can imagine in the hunt woods. In fact when Marketing Manager, Jerry Sandy showed us the display DVD on the off road testing of the units I saw some locations I would flat out be too scared to attempt to travel with them. Not because they won’t do the job. Just as a fact the machine will take you places your too scared to attempt to go. This is much more than an average all terrain vehicle in pretty camo colors. This is a hard working second to none piece of equipment.


IMB Outfitters uses Husqvarna all terrain utility vehicles to haul trophy bucks from the rugged confines of the timber. In this photo Larry Havens arrowed a 171 inch Boone and Crockett Buck and IMB guides used the Husqvarna to remove the monster buck from the woods in 2007.

This year the company introduced its 4421 series in standard and XP configurations as part of its “full-size” lineup. The 4421G or GXP comes with the 20 horse Honda gas engine and the 4421 D or DXP comes with the Kubota diesel powerplant. All 4421s are all-wheel drive.

The XP models are a step up from the “standard,” and come with an off-road package that includes a heavy push bar, nerf bars on the sides, aggressive 25 inch mud tires, better skid/body protection than that found on standard units and a powered dumpbed. They also have a sealed CVT (transmission) belt housing which can be very important when thing get wet and nasty.

Colors even now include Mossy Oak Forest Floor Camo, as well as Husky orange, and Olive green. 

These units are the most well built utility vehicles in the world with corrosion resistant, thick walled, aircraft grade aluminum framing. The 4421 DXP weight is a a hefty 1587 pounds. Pulling power is far more dependant on traction than engine size, and eight on the tires provides that traction. It is by far the best pulling and traction capable utility vehicles made.

The 4421 come with a choice of engines, gas or diesel. Both are 20 horse units. All units are fully automatic. The suspension is stiff with sufficient clearance and component travel. Up front there are independent A-arms with coil over shocks and in the rear is a swing arm with coil overs. Handling large loads is not a problem with weight capacity of 800 to 1050 pounds. 

The seat is a soft bench seat that is so very comfortable.

Occupants are protected by a roll cage certified Roll Over Protection System with standard seat belts. Even comes with the adjustable tilt steering wheel. You will find trail travel is great with 60 inch vehicle width. The cargo bed is 48.8 inches long and 10.9 inches high equipped with push button operation making things a snap to unload.

Here at IMB we have been very honest about not promoting anything unless it is great and is of good value to the American Outdoorsman. We also over the past 12 years have owned just about every brand or model of all terrain vehicle in the world. I have never seen a better all terrain vehicle than the new Husqvarna Utility Vehicle. When you come to IMB hopefully we will be showing you how handy they can be when we are pulling your deer out of the woods. THIS IS THE ROLLS ROYCE OF ALL TERRAIN VEHICLES backed by a 39,000 mile or 3,000 hours of trouble free operation. 

My hopes are that Husqvarna will begin to manufacture four wheelers in the future as well. When they do I will guarantee you they will be the best in the world also. The name Husqvarna represents hard working quality machinery. This company has been so thorough with its introduction of chain saws, pole saws, and all terrain vehicles they are sent company representatives out for days at a time to train IMB staff. Husqvarna cares about its clients and the safety of its clients all the while providing the hardest working all terrain vehicle and saw line in the world.


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