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Whitetail Deer Hunting


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IMB Outfitters is the highest quality “whitetail specialty” outfitter in the United States and has won multiple awards in the hunt industry. IMB is recognized by over two dozen major hunt entities in the United States as the premier whitetail hunt outfitter in the Midwest. In fact, sponsors of IMB can be seen on the sponsors page of our website and include some of the most prestigious hunt companies in the world for example: Mathews, Thompson Center, LaCrosse Footwear, Nikon, Goodyear, Husqvarna, etc. IMB offers hunts in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. Each state has its own page to afford hunter the opportunity to review specialized state specific data surrounding the state they prefer to hunt trophy whitetail or turkey from. Also be sure and check out state specific information on our hunter stories page. Here at IMB Outfitters we are serious about our deer hunting. You will find data concerning Whitetail Deer Hunting in several locations throughout the site. This is where you find the company terms and conditions, hunt deposit procedures, cancellation policy, fees, and descriptions of hunts. Secondly, you will need to further investigate by State preference. 


IMB Outfitters Makes Hall of Fame with North American Whitetail! Click to Read.

We have 4 pages that are “State Specific”. These include Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas. It is on these “State Specific” pages you will discover state information on tags, location, area lore, lodging, season dates, and much more. Remember when you purchase a hunt, you are purchasing something you can't see. That's why it's important to book with the most credible outfitter you can find. At this time IMB Outfitters leads the way among Midwestern whitetail outfitters.

Hunt Classifications: IMB Outfitters classifies the hunting of whitetail deer in five categories  include Nonrut Archery, Prerut Achery, Rut Archery, 1st Gun, 2nd Gun, and Late Muzzleloader.  All archery hunts are 5 days long, while firearm hunts are generally 4 days long with the exception of Illinois 1st Gun and Late Muzzleloader Hunting which are 3 days long.

HUNTER'S SAFETY: Hunters who elect to pursue deer or turkey with firearm born after 1966 must produce a hunter education card in States that sell tags over the counter.

Trophy Whitetail Deer
Terry Faulkner works hard to hide a 180 plus inch smile.

Hunt Deposits: A non-refundable deposit of $750 will be collected on each hunt that is booked. The balance of your hunt is due upon arrival. The deposit may only be considered for refund in the event of a medical or family emergency with documentation from a medical practitioner. If a hunter needs to cancel a booked hunt within the proper timeframe (see cancellation policy), IMB will allow the original deposit to be used towards another hunt within the following 2 years.  However, an additional non-refundable $750 deposit will be required as well to retain the hunt.   

Cancellation Policy: A hunt must be cancelled 45 days prior to its start. Failure to announce a cancellation as aforementioned will result in the loss of deposit or monies surrendered. Exceptions include medical emergencies verified in writing by a physician, death in the immediate family, or natural disaster deemed pardonable by IMB Outfitters.

Other Fees: No hidden fees or trophy fees here at IMB. The only fee or fine imposed is in the event of a harvest of a buck that does not exceed 130 inches. That fee is $750. Darrin Bradley, Owner of IMB Outfitters contends, “I don’t understand why anybody would impose a trophy fee upon a hunter. The reason anyone books a hunt is to shoot a trophy animal. Its unfair to charge a trophy fee when that hunter is successful on his or her outing. No trophy fees here!”


Some clients travel to the States we offer hunting in by airplane. Airport links to our different States are seen on our “Trip Info” page. Most hunters like to rent a car so that they are not stranded at our lodge sites in the event of an emergency. IMB Outfitters does offer Airport Shuttle Service for it’s clients, however due to the fact an contract laborer must be paid to provide this service, along with fuel prices a charge of $400 is collected. IMB Outfitters operates in the upmost honesty, and advises that his shuttle fee would probably be higher than renting your own car at the airport.


Two Types of Specialty Whitetail Hunts:

1). FULLY GUIDED HUNT: Our fully guided hunting trips are hunts wherein stands are hung by IMB Staff prior to your arrival, guides walk you to the stands to assure you will find the treestand setups and ambush sites, IMB staff will transport you to the farm, field dressing of your deer is done by an IMB Guide, your guide will drag out the animal you harvest, and prepare your animal for taxidermy and meat processing, hero photos, etc. On fully guided deer hunts, the guide doesn’t sit with you while you hunt but, he walks you to and from the stand and takes care of you during your stay to strategize on a trophy whitetail harvest. 

Ryan took this 174 inch deer in Iowa 
in 2014 with IMB Outfitters

Thorough examinations of strategies and treestand assignments are performed on your behalf to assure you receive the highest quality service. Guides also scout trophy whitetail deer both prior, and during your hunt.

NOTE: Semi-guided hunts are only available in Missouri.

2). SEMI-GUIDED HUNT: Our semi-guided deer hunting trips are more dependent upon your autonomy, however have proven to be very successful as well. On a semi guided hunt, the hunter is assigned a specific farm to himself. An IMB Guide will provide you with aerial photographs of the farm. The guide will take you to the farm the day before your hunt begins and show you boundary lines and key ambush sites. Treestands will be hung in key ambush locations equipped with climbing sticks to access the treestand. The hunter will be shown the farm and given advice about how to hunt the farm with specific information on bucks on the property and the whitetail herd there as well. The remainder of the hunt is “do it yourself”. In the event the hunter would need further assistance on the semi guided hunt, IMB would be present to answer questions and assist you. However, the guide would NOT walk you to and from treestands and transport you to the hunt site. The semi-guided hunt is an excellent way to save a few bucks if you are confident in your woodmanship abilities, however success rates surrounded semi-guided hunts are significantly lower than that of fully guided hunting.

Visit a State Page above to get the current hunting rates.

Semi-guided hunts do not require a $750 deposit, but rather the entire amount is due in advance on a semi-guided hunt.



NOTE: Various hunts are for different lengths of time. For example archery hunts are 5 days, firearm hunts are 4 days, and late muzzleloader hunts are 3 days. As a result, hunters will be awarded the same number of nights for lodging as the number of days their hunts are. Hunters wishing to purchase additional nights of lodging will be charged extra, per the lodge facility. (Normally $130 per hunter.)  

Taxes may be applicable on the lodging portion of the hunt price.

When you book 4 hunters with IMB, the 5th hunter hunts for free. (The 5th person will be responsible to pay lodging cost.)

Get Hunting License Information, Prices and Bag Limits

SINGLE STATE PASS :  IMB has devised a Single State Pass.  This has been done upon popular request by hunters.  A Single State Pass provides the hunter with unlimited hunt access year round for both turkey and whitetail deer hunting.  In essence a hunter who purchases a Single State Pass can hunt that State as much as he or she desires.  Full year round unlimited access.  For example if a hunter would purchase a Missouri State Pass then the hunter can hunt Missouri for turkey and deer year round with unlimited access.  Hunt all year long on an unlimited basis in any of our 5 States.  Of course in Missouri the hunter could harvest an 2 bucks, unlimited does, and 4 turkeys.  The State Pass provides a bonanza of unlimited hunting for one low price.  The Single State Pass is much cheaper than a land lease and provides as much hunting as any hunter could imagine.  In Illinois a hunter can harvest 2 bucks and 2 turkeys.  In Iowa a hunter can harvest 1 buck and 1 turkey.  In Kansas a hunter can harvest 1 bucks and 2 turkeys.  The State Pass is the ultimate budget cut for the serious whitetail enthusiast as the cost is less than 2 hunts. COST:  $7000

Annual Pass of All States Year Round

Annual Pass Hunt Pricing: Hunters may elect to become a Platinum Member of IMB Outfitters. Membership would allow the hunter to hunt as many days as he or she wishes for whitetail deer, predator, and turkey. You can take advantage of 5 different archery seasons, 8 different gun seasons, and 3 different muzzleloader seasons in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky.

With the annual pass you can access over 60,000 acres on an unlimited basis for one low price - $15,000 (No deposit collected. Entire amount due in advance.) This price is non inclusive of room and board.

Check out some of the monster bucks harvested in our photo gallery!  Don't forget to check out the infrared camera photos to see the bucks that are still out there!

Trophy Whitetail Hunting with Muzzleloader
Who says, you can’t take a 180 inch plus with during Late Muzzleloader Season.


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