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Welcome to the IMB Outfitters, Frequently Asked Questions page.  To follow are answers to your most sought after questions regarding IMB Outfitters and its hunting practices.

Whitetail Deer Hunting:

Q. What is IMB’s success rate for whitetail deer hunting?
A.  IMB has great success rates! To view our success rates and definitions of success please see the “Success Rates” page. The majority of the time we run success rates at getting shots are record book animals that exceed 100%.

Q. Are deer free roaming and in the wild or is it a high fence hunt?
A. Absolutely free roaming. No high fences here.  All our hunt farms are private ground that cannot be accessed by the general public.

Q. Can hunters harvest does?
A. Of course. IMB wants you to harvest does. Just make sure that big buck isn’t following close behind.  We also have a program to give deer meat to “people in need” in the event you do not want the meat.

Q. How much do deer tags cost?
A. Prices vary from year to year. You can see the info on our Individual State Hunting Pages, for example Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. However, please check with the states fish and game website that you are interested in hunting or contact us to verify these costs and the process of getting your license/permits. 

Q. Does IMB have any whitetail trophy fees?
A. No, IMB doesn’t believe any hunter should have to pay additional money if he or she harvests a large deer. That’s what you booked the hunt for. 

Q. Can hunters visit during non-hunting months, and scout the hunt area and deer?
A. Of course you may. IMB invites you and hopes you will visit during the off season. Hunters that book hunts with IMB Outfitters may also come for a “shed hunt” or a “preseason scouting trip” at no cost other than $130 per day for lodging and meals.  Any shed’s found by a shed hunter must be photographed and a copy given to IMB Outfitters.

Q. How do hunters get a gun or archery deer permit in Iowa?
A. The Iowa lottery drawing is conducted over the telephone in May with results posted in June. A process IMB will assist you with. Gun permits are easily obtained, but archery tags are usually a 2 year drawing process.

Q. How do hunters get a gun or archery deer permit in Illinois?
A. A telephone process is conducted in June for Archery, while a telephone or internet process is conducted in July and August for all gun seasons. Both are highly successful and I can't remember the last time a hunter was denied a tag in Illinois.

Q. How do hunters get a gun or archery deer permit in Missouri?
A. Over the counter at Walmart, a local Sporting Goods Store, or internet purchase. 
Q. What is the IMB minimum buck harvest requirement, and what is the fee if a hunter shoots a buck beneath those standards?
A. 130 inches minimum. A $750 fee will be imposed for bucks harvested beneath this figure.  

Q. What if a hunter doesn’t draw a deer tag in a lottery state?
A. The hunter may transfer the hunt to another state so he or she can still come hunting in the same year. Hunters may also transfer the hunt to the following year. 

Q. How many deer can one harvest in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas?
A. Please refer to our Individual State Hunting Pages, for example Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri for more information. However you should always verify information by contacting us directly.

Q. What equipment should hunters bring on their hunt with IMB Outfitters?
A. See the hunter checklist on the trip info page of our website. This document is printable so that you may use it while your packing your suitcase.

Q. How many acres does IMB possess?
A. IMB has over 1000 treestand setups for hunting placed on 80,000 acres. 

Q. Do hunters have to sit in the same treestand all week?
A. Absolutely not. IMB wants to hunt various locations unless the hunter requests to be placed in the same location each day.   We are very picky about our hunters being successful and have a highly organized statistical program to record data to manage treestand and deer blind locations to ensure no location is EVER over hunted.

Q. What is the average IMB treestand height?
A. Treestands vary from 10 foot ladder stands, to on the ground box blinds, to 17 foot fixed position portable treestands. IMB has whatever you need at any height you require.  We have whatever height you desire.   You may wish to visit our treestand page of the website to see our treestand photos.

Q. What types of treestand setups does IMB use?
A. Portables, Tripods, Ladders, Box Blinds, Ground blinds, Climbers

Q. Does IMB have ground blinds or box blinds?
A. Yes, IMB has both ground blinds and box blinds. 

Q. Can hunters bring their climbing treestand?
A. Yes.  If you like to hunt from a climbing treestand you may bring your “climber” with you and we will carry it in for you and set it up.  A minority group of hunters do like climbing treestands and we will do whatever is needed to satisfy you.

Q. What is the difference between a semi guided hunt and a fully guided hunt for deer?

Fully Guided Hunt: Our fully guided hunts are hunts wherein stands are hung by IMB Staff prior to your arrival, guides walk you to the stands to assure you will find the treestand setups and ambush sites, IMB staff will transport you to the farm, field dressing of your deer is done by an IMB Guide, your guide will drag out the animal you harvest, and prepare your animal for taxidermy and meat processing, hero photos, etc. On fully guided hunts the guide doesn’t sit with you while you hunt but he walks you to and from the stand and takes care of you during your stay to strategize on a trophy whitetail harvest. Thorough examinations of strategies and treestand assignments are performed on your behalf to assure you receive the highest quality service. Guides also scout trophy whitetail for you both prior, and during your hunt. 

Semi Guided Hunt: Our semi guided hunts are more dependent upon your autonomy, however have proven to be very successful as well. On a semi guided hunt the hunter is assigned a specific farm to himself. An IMB Guide will provide you with aerial photographs of the farm. The guide will take you to the farm the day before your hunt begins and show you boundary lines and key ambush sites. Some treestands may be hung for your convenience upon request prior to your arrival by IMB Staff. After the hunter has been shown the farm and given some advice about where to setup the remainder of the hunt is “do it yourself”. In the event the hunter would need further assistance on the semi guided hunt IMB would be present to answer questions and assist you, however the guide would NOT walk you to and from treestands and transport you to the hunt site. The Semi Guided Hunt is an excellent way to save a few bucks if you are confident in your woodmanship abilities. For more information visit the page on our website entitled "How it Works".

Turkey Hunting

Q. What is IMB’s success rate for turkey hunting?
A. IMB Outfitters has always ran over 100% shot success rate on trophy toms which simply means that we have always presented more shots at record book turkeys than the number of hunters we have in camp. 

Q. How do hunters get a turkey permit for Iowa?
A. An Iowa turkey lottery system that begins in late December and early January. Tags are easy to get.

Q. How do hunters get a turkey permit for Illinois?
A. An Illinois turkey lottery system that begins in January. The system is tough because the applicant isn’t notified of what date the tag is for in time to plan appropriately. IMB has done little hunting for turkey in Illinois because of this.

Q. How do hunters get a turkey permit for Missouri?
A. Over the counter at Walmart or a local Sporting Goods Store. 

Q. What state is the best for turkey hunting?
A. Missouri. The National Wild Turkey Federation declares Missouri is the #1 State in America to harvest a record book wild turkey.


Q. Does IMB offer group discounts?
A. When a group of hunters book for a whitetail outing every 5th hunter hunts for no charge. When a group of hunters book for a turkey hunt every 4th hunter hunts for no charge. We also offer corporate rates upon request, military discounts, etc. etc.

Q. Do hunters pay for their tags or does IMB Outfitters pay for them?
A. Per state law you must purchase your own tags.

Q. Is the quality of ground on semi guided hunts as good as the quality of the ground on fully guided hunts?
A. The ground is of equal quality. The only reason the semi guided hunts are cheaper is because no guide is paid to assist you, thereby cutting the costs to IMB Outfitters, with costs being passed on to the hunter.  Semi guided hunts have a much lower success rate and should be avoided if possible.

Q. Can IMB host handicapped hunters?
A. Normally yes, however this question should be directed to Darrin Bradley, via telephone for a brief description of your impairment.

Q. Can a non-hunting partner come with the hunter? Is so what does it cost?
A. Yes. No cost, except for lodging at the rate of $130 per day.

Q. Can hunters bring their own ATV?
A. Yes, but hunters really don’t need an ATV unless they have a semi guided hunt booked.

Q. Are any discounts offered for youth hunters?
A. Persons under the age of 16 hunt for half the price with IMB.

Q. What weapons are allowed during the gun seasons in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri?
A. In Iowa and Illinois hunters may only use a shogun or muzzleloader.  In Missouri hunters can use rifles.

Q. Can hunters purchase extra days on their hunt once they arrive in camp?
A. Yes, as long as booking numbers allow this. Usually it’s no problem and IMB offers a discounted rate for days purchased after day 5.

Q. How much should a hunter tip the guide?
A. Normally the average tip to the guide is between $100 and $350 but your tip amount is totally up to your discretion. 

Q. What is the IMB refund policy?
A. All deposits are non-refundable. A refund may only be considered at the discretion of IMB Outfitters in the event of a medical or family emergency verified by a medical practitioner. If a hunter cancels their hunt 45 days or more prior to the hunt date, IMB will allow the original deposit to be used towards another hunt within the following 2 years. However, an additional $750 deposit will be required as well to retain the hunt (unless you did not draw a tag in Iowa). The reason we require the additional deposit is because 87% of hunters that postpone their hunts to the next year never show up. Both deposits totaling $1000 will come off the balance of your hunt.