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Trophy Deer Hunts in

Trophy Deer Hunts in

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IMB Outfitters Hunting Stories

The following hunts are recounted by actual hunters who visited with IMB Outfitters, articles about hunting, tips for improving your hunting skills and knowledge and much more.


Grunt Calls for Whitetail Deer...........The Best Without Question
By: Darrin Bradley
Grunt Calls for Whitetail Deer

Pike County Whitetail Hunt
By: Keith Davis
Hunting for more than a harvest...

Post Firearms Season Archery Hunting for Whitetail Deer....The Struggle
By: Darrin Bradley

Stand Placement for Monster Whitetail Bucks
By: Darrin Bradley
Where to hang treestand setups for monster whitetail bucks.

Whitetail Deer Scents and Lures Part 1
By: Darrin Bradley

Whitetail Deer Scents and Lures Part 2
By: Darrin Bradley

Precipitation and its Effects on Whitetail Deer Movement
By: Darrin Bradley
How precipitation effects whitetail deer movement.

Youth Hunting, the Importance of Taking the Kids Hunting
By: Darrin Bradley
Youth Hunting

The Truth About How the Moon Effect Whitetail Movement
By: Darrin Bradley
Many theories exist upon moon effects on whitetail movement. Here's the truth.

Jack of All Trades
By: Darrin Bradley
The story of world class whitetail hunter, Brent Thomure. An expert trophy whitetail hunter with hometown family values.

Crossbows versus Compounds....whats the difference?
By: Darrin Bradley
Crossbows versus the compound bow. Whats are the differences?

Turkey Hunt with Bowhunting.Net
By: Robert Hoague
Turkey hunting with Bowhunting Net Owner Robert Hoag in Missouri.

Darrin Bradley Published #2
By: Darrin Bradley
Game Diary

The Missouri Archery Knockdown!
By: Tim Connor
An exciting hunt for a happy hunter.

Brandon Brown
Whitetail Success

Darrin Bradley Published #3
By: Darrin Bradley
Topographical Advantages

Kenny Myers
By: Kenny Myers
Myers harvest a 190

Missouri Archery & Iowa Gun
By: Mark Gadbaw
2 States.. 2 Weapons.. Same great result!

The Guide's Day Off
By: Tony May (IMB Guide)
Tony May's Hunting Adventure

Youth Turkey Hunt
By: Clint Bradley
14 Year Old Boy Shoots Monster Tom

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