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IMB Outfitters Hunting Stories

The following hunts are recounted by actual hunters who visited with IMB Outfitters, articles about hunting, tips for improving your hunting skills and knowledge and much more.


Interstate 72 Monster
By: Bob Cramer
Illinois Manager tells of Monster Buck

3 Phases of the Whitetail Breeding Season
By: Darrin Bradley
Their are 3 phases of the Whitetail Deer breeding season which hunters need to take in to account while in pursuit of trophy whitetail deer.

The Untouchable
By: Gary Shields
A well written story by Gary Shields.

The Padgett Buck
By: Doug Padget
Hunter takes monster buck in Missouri

Mom and I in the Woods
By: Jesse Straughn
Mother and son go on last hunt together

Pike County, Illinois Dreamin
By: Tony May
Hunting Pike County, Illinois is personal and an event every trophy whitetail hunter must experience.

Rainy Day Gobbler
By: Pat Ely
Rain and Turkey Hunting

Ground Hunting Trophy Whitetail Deer from Non Elevated Positions
By: Darrin Bradley
Strategies to harvest trophy whitetail deer from the "ground" or non elevated ambush sites.

The Buddy System
By: Mark Branski
Two friends arrow monster whitetails the same day with IMB

Scent Control and Camo Selection for Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting
By: Darrin Bradley
Scent Control and Camo Selection is a vital part of harvesting trophy whitetail bucks.

Two Days, Two Birds
By: Bob Cramer
IMB Client and Manager, Bob Cramer, uses some old school tactics to harvest 2 birds in two days.

Selection of a Trophy Whitetail Treestand Site
By: Darrin Bradley
How to select a site for a treestand to intercept trophy whitetail deer.

Thank You IMB Outfitters
By: Kevin Farr
Monster bucks, Monster bucks, Monster bucks!

Scouting Techniques for Trophy Whitetail Deer
By: Darrin Bradley
How to scout for trophy whitetail deer and tips for scouting thereof.

Aubrey's Tom
By: Aubrey Marshall
Trophy Missouri Turkey Hunt

Setting up Your Hunt Bow
By: Darrin Bradley
Information on setting up a hunting bow for afield and pursuit of whitetail deer and wild turkey.

The Curse is Over!
By: Mike Capps
11 point buck in Pike County, Illinois

Semi-Guided Missouri Whitetail Hunt
By: Robert Eash
Don't give up on a hot stand!

Wind Speed Effects on Whitetail Deer Movement
By: Darrin Bradley
How wind speeds effect whitetail deer movement.

Danny Boughman Buck
By: Danny Boughman
Boughman arrows a 160 plus nonrut Illinois Monster

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