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The Trophy Whitetail Hunting Lease Program features expert opinions on tree stand placement sites provided right on the aerial maps. As you view the aerial photographs you may click on the photo to enlarge the size. Featured on the maps are red icons which are suggested key topographical ambush locations by polled professional experts in the Hunt Industry. We want to do all we can to help you raise your success rates on the hunt leases we post for lease.

While the majority service of IMB is to assist hunters with the help of professional guides in the harvest of trophy game, some sportsmen prefer to obtain exclusive hunt rights to given farms. This is commonly called, land leasing. This action enables the hunter to pursue trophy whitetail and other species on a given land tract all year long on an unlimited basis. No other person can access the ground, unless they are provided with permission from the lessor, as the lessor controls all hunts rights for one calendar year. IMB Outfitters provides a program for this need. Simply put, you lease a farm that IMB only allows you, or persons you name, to hunt on an unlimited basis for a one time price per acre.

Each season we contract out a few, and only a few exclusive land leases to the American Outdoorsman. The program begins with our professional staff inspecting farms for high quality hunting of whitetail and turkey. If those farms are approved with a high quality rating by our staff, then we sublease them to a hunter or group of hunters, only after a thorough application is submitted. The leases are priced per acre and only a few are offered each season by IMB Outfitters throughout the Midwestern states of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. Acreage prices or lease prices vary due to the laws of supply and demand in a given area. 

This process is complete by filling out a simple application, which IMB Outfitters screens. All farms are leased on a first come first serve basis once the applicant is approved by IMB Management. The applicant is ask for references to verify the integrity of the lessor. In short, we want to make sure our land tracts that are leased for an entire season to one person, or group of people are awarded unto persons of high quality. We want to make sure that during the life of the land lease the lessor refrains from littering, trespassing, violating the law, and or any other acts that would cause damage to the relationship between IMB Outfitters, the community, the lessor, and the landowner. This application will ask for a Lease Selection Number. This is the number which accompanies our listings, to determine which specific lease you prefer. Aerial photos of hunting properties are available upon request.

Lessors will be given first rights for re-lease the following year if IMB Outfitters is satisfied with the ethics employed during the previous year of lease.


The following hunting property leases are eligible for purchase:

156 acre 7 Way Funnel

CLICK ON THE AERIAL MAP TO MAKE THE MAP LARGER TO VIEW.  NORTHERN MISSOURI HUNTING LEASE  Here is 156 acres of "wild" topographical rut advantages that are sure to deliver big whitetail bucks during the rut.  If you look close you will see 7 different route or draws of whitetail traffic intersecting in one location on the farm.  This farm is known for big bucks in Northern Missouri and is easy access indeed.  You cannot go wrong on this piece.  You get exclusive hunt rights for one calendar year, which means only you and the members of your hunt group can hunt on this farm.  YOu also get first rights to sign it up again the following year so you will never have to lose the farm unless you want to.  Their are plenty of places to stay in area which include hotels, rental houses, RV parks, campsites, bed and breakfasts, etc.  Each hunter can kill 3 bucks, unlimited does, and 4 turkeys.

PRICE:  $4250

Fill out the Form below to enquiry about our available hunting lease properties shown above.

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