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Ryan alligator hunting
Co-Owner, Ryan Lewis, takes the #9 Alligator in the World with a bow.

Darrin Bradley with his trophy whitetail deer
Darrin Bradley is an expert at setting up ambush sites for trophy whitetails.

IMB Outfitters owners, and staff hunt round the world perfecting their hunt skills each season. From gators, to hogs, to pronghorn, to elk, to Africa, to whitetails, to turkeys, we know our “stuff”. We invite all visitors to contact us via email to ask questions regarding hunting tactics, hunting products, scents and lures, topography, and just about anything else you may be having questions about.

 IMB has kept field studies on clients and deer movement for over 8 years and have graced the pages of the most prestigious magazines in the world with articles to assist the American Sportsman by providing copies of these studies. Let us assist you with your hunt questions. We would humbly ask you reserve this contact page for questions only concerning the aforementioned topics or topics related to them. Business questions may be answered on the “Contact Us” page, the “FAQ” page or via email or telephone. This page is dedicated to a non-profit hunt assistance program only. Pro’s of IMB who will be answering your questions include Darrin Bradley (owner), Ryan Lewis (co-owner), John Detwiler (co-owner).

Mr. & Mrs. Darrin Bradley
John Detwiler
Ryan Lewis

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Tony May, is an authority on whitetail and turkey priding himself on serving the client. Tony is sold out to hunting and IMB Outfitters.