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An Outfitter Hunting Review section is one aspect of hunting websites across the country that often times is not present. The reason outfitter hunting reviews are not usually on a hunting website is because hunting reviews are only as good as the person writing the review, and the webmaster editing the reviews that are being posted. Outfitter Hunt reviews have and are being abused by hunt outfitters, websites owners, and hunters alike. Today’s hunter would hope that when reading a hunt review, all the data reported is accurate. However, due to internet laws, just about any webmaster can post any outfitter hunt review they wish and discard those that they do not want to post for personal reasons. Webmasters of websites that post outfitter hunt reviews are often swayed by finances, alliances with certain companies and hunt outfitters, and their own personal feelings. One example is, if a large outfitter does a lot of advertising on a website that has a hunt review section, be assured that the website owner will make sure in most cases the large majority of any hunting reviews on that particular outfitter are positive outfitter hunt reviews to keep the outfitters marketing business dollars in house.

While hunt reviews can be helpful, the following article will show the controversial nature to online hunting reviews in revealing just how ugly and unreliable outfitter hunting reviews can get, especially in the area of whitetail deer outfitters.

I know of only one website that actually posts reviews on outfitters for whitetail deer. Others websites simply do not offer an outfitter hunt review section because of the extreme abuse surrounding hunt reviews on outfitters and guides. About 10 years ago, I knew of a whitetail deer outfitter who took advertisement out on a website that allows hunt reviews on outfitters to be posted. When the same outfitter ceased marketing with the website, poor reviews suddenly began to appear about the outfitter with very few positive hunt reviews being posted at all. What was discovered was the website owner/webmaster was refusing to post the majority of positive outfitter reviews that was received on the same outfitter. Verification of this was made through the hunters who were trying to make the posts as they complained to the webmaster and were told their postings would not be presented to the public on the outfitter which they wished to review. They complained to the website holding the reviews but there were no responses forthcoming. It was apparent this webmaster was holding a personal grudge against the outfitter and posted the reviews he desired, which were negative and not positive. Therefore, through this incident, we know that websites are quite capable of sweetening up hunt reviews for their favorite outfitters instead of posting ALL hunt reviews submitted on ALL outfitters regardless of what personal feelings might be. Obviously this is an example of poor ethics by certain website owners offering a outfitter review section.

Outfitter hunting reviews began decades ago but most reputable hunt websites do not post hunt reviews on outfitters anymore due to the frequent abuse of power. Think of this…no hunt website in the world demands verification from the person submitting the hunt review in regard to whether the hunter was even present in the hunt camp they are posting a hunting review about. Therefore, any competitor of any hunt outfitter can and sometimes does post fake deer hunting reviews to be viewed by the public in an effort to damage the competition’s image. Likewise, some hunt outfitters submit fake outfitter reviews of a positive nature on themselves in order to “stack” the positive reviews for their own image. Either way, some outfitters have learned to work the system and control blogs and hunting outfitter reviews to send false messages to the consumers in hopes of booking hunts. I literally know of particular hunt outfitters that have discovered blogs and hunt reviews posted by people that did NOT even hunt with them.

While Outdoor Television has done much to enhance the hunt industry and its success, many outdoor television shows have presented unrealistic expectations for hunters abroad. It’s common to sit down for a 30 minute television show and watch 30 minutes of action packed whitetail footage which the consumer believes is real. Sometimes the footage is real displayed during the television show but few hunters realize a 30 minute show can take hundreds of hours of filming in a variety of locations. As an outfitter I have been invited by high end hunt television celebrities to “fake a show”. This means I have literally been invited to film “canned whitetail hunts” in a high fence, and claim to be in the wild. Every time I have refused. However after declining to “film in a high fence to fake a show” I frequently wonder just how many other outfitters have not declined this spoof. I can recall the first time I declined to film a television show in a high fence. The host literally said to me, “Boy this ain't the hunt industry. This is the entertainment industry.” Sad but true. I believe over 50% of what we see on Outdoor Television is filmed within the confines of high fences with domesticated animals. The problem with this is that it produces expectations from visiting hunters in deer camps across the nation each year that are simply too high. I recall several years ago I had 3 men hunting with me that all harvested trophy whitetail bucks over 150 inches. After doing so rather than being happy they kicked the dead carcasses in front of the crowd at my lodge and said, “This is a bunch of bull. We wanted to harvest Boone and Crockett Deer”. Obviously any whitetail enthusiast realizes a 150 inch deer is a wonderful specimen of the species and is not a deer to be disappointed with. No doubt this mindset is birthed from watching too much television. Needless to say I turned them down when they requested to rebook for the following year as they were bad for camp moral. Thus when an unrealistic hunter submits a whitetail hunting review it normally isn’t accurate to what is considered “normal”. I would assume if a review was submitted on this particular account the hunter would say something like, “Lack of quality trophy deer were available with this outfitter.”, or “We did not harvest the type of deer we were seeking.” A very resentful hunter might even exaggerate and claim all aspects of the hunt were inferior when in fact they were not.

Deer hunt reviews also have been tainted by Outdoor Television in regard to the quantity of animals a hunter will see over the course of a hunt. Normally here in the Midwest a hunter will see 20 to 60 deer per day, however some days or entire hunts can be foiled by weather or wind. Thus if a hunter has been seeing television shows wherein the host is showing sightings of hundreds of deer per day some hunters believe this is what they should see no matter what weather or wind is present. Let us suppose that a hunter books a high quality rut whitetail deer hunt and during the time period they are at the whitetail outfitter of their choice, high winds are present and deer movement is decreased significantly. Then what will the hunting outfitter review headlines read? “Quantity of deer seen with this outfitter was low.” The hunter that has been watching too much television isn’t going to add that the wind blew 40 miles per hour every day thereby reducing whitetail activity. In some cases the hunter doesn’t even realize game sightings are lower during poor wind or weather conditions because their hunt outfitter didn’t tell them when they booked. As a deer outfitter I always tell my clients what they can expect to see, however I also tell them if we have poor weather, high temps, or high winds that deer activity will be decreased dramatically just as it occurs in the wild, as with our company we hunt in the wild only and not in high fences.

Thus while some hunters scan the internet for outfitter hunt reviews it is vital we all understand the intent behind each hunt review a hunter may post knowing that the hunt review may not be real and be posted by a competitor. A hunt review may be tainted by the hunting outfitter themselves as some outfitter hunt reviews are submitted by the outfitter themselves or an employee of there’s. We must remember that certain unethical website owners are posting ONLY the hunt reviews on outfitters that they wish to in an effort to make advertisers happy or those that are not advertising with them pay a consequence. We must also take into account some hunters don’t have reasonable expectations and post hunt reviews of a negative manner via “grudge”.

As a general rule its common courtesy to call the hunt outfitter after you believe you have experienced a poor hunt with, and see if any negotiations are possible before jumping on a hunt outfitter review page or blog and blasting away to the general public surrounding your hunt.

Hopefully in the future, civil law will police blogs and outfitter hunting reviews to assure the review’s accuracy and authenticity regardless whether it be a positive or negative outfitter hunt review. Until that time we as a Corporation here at IMB Outfitters will introduce our own IMB Outfitter Hunt Review section on our website. We will not simply post all positive reviews on this page of our website, but will also post reviews that are submitted that may be of a negative nature provided they are submitted with accuracy, authenticity, and submitted in good faith and fairness. Therefore get ready to view hunt reviews of IMB Outfitters beginning 2-28-09 and forward. We will randomly poll clients for IMB Outfitter reviews  from present and past years which can be viewed at


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