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Its a Brand New Industry of Hunt Products

It’s a Brand New Whitetail Industry

I can recall the day that when a whitetail deer hunter wanted to go set up on a trophy buck he would need to go buy some two by fours, and some seasoned lumber along with hammer and nails to build a permanent deer stand. Do you remember prior to safety belts and hang on stands just sitting on a limb with a bow in your hand and hoping you could balance yourself well enough to make a good shot. Some of you will relate to the “Old Days” of whitetail deer hunting, while other of you that are younger will have no idea what I’m talking about. Prior to 4 wheelers their were 3 wheelers, and prior to that you used deer carts or simply drug your deer to the truck no matter how far the drag would end up being. The whitetail deer industry has advanced to unbelievable upgrades and products that have catapulted the industry into the funnest hunt outing available. Some upgrades have been wonderful, while other have been nothing short of novelty use items which we as whitetail hunters have “fallen for”.

The Disappointment’s

I will never forget the first time an Outdoor Television Show hunted with our outfitting service. They harvested a great buck the first morning in camp. I sped quickly to their destination thinking “Wow, I’m gonna be on television.” When I arrived to their location the buck laid dead in the field. They were rewinding the footage over and over again many times and evaluating each move and every step the deer made as he approached the stand. I asked them what they were doing watching the kill footage over and over again of this whitetail buck harvested in Pike County, Illinois. The host of the television show told me he was memorizing just where the buck walked into the stand location at. I ask him why. He said that he had just signed up a sponsor that was a big scent company producing doe in heat urine. He then walked over to the location the buck walked into the stand on and poured doe in heat urine on the trail all the way to the exact place he had shot the animal. He of course recorded all this. Then when he edited the footage he put the footage of him putting out the doe in heat urine before the kill scene to make viewers think the deer walked to the stand because of the doe in heat urine. I was very surprised and felt somewhat naïve. I ask him why he did this. He told me that scientists had proven the molecule that is in doe in heat urine cannot be successfully packaged and dissipates in less than 24 hours no matter how it is packaged. He told me if I ever thought I attracted a whitetail buck with doe in heat urine I was mistaken. To this day I don’t use doe in heat urine.

Let’s look at another group of products I simply don’t believe in. Almost every whitetail enthusiast has purchased some form of carbon lined clothing. Three years ago I learned by the laws of physics that it is my personal opinion one would have to light the suit on fire to reactivate the carbon lining. I simply couldn’t believe it so I did a study on carbon lined clothing with our hunters over the course of 1700 hunts. I found carbon lined clothing had no correlation between success and failure of arrowing or shooting a record book whitetail buck. In fact some Southern Universities have done studies with carbon lined clothing and tracking dogs. Carbon lined clothing did not slow the track dogs down at all. If you don’t think its true then go hide something your track dog is trained to find and hide it in carbon lined clothing. He’s find it immediately. A whitetail smells much better than a dog. Truth is you gotta play the wind and stay clean.

Here’s another example. I watch hunters each year spend tons of money on cover up scents and scents wafers. Even washing their clothes in earth scent soap in an attempt to cover up their scent. One evening a marketing director of one of these scent companies started laughing as the hunters walked out of the lodge with scent wafers on their hats. I ask him what was so funny. He turned to me and said, “I can’t believe they wear those scent wafers thinking deer won’t smell them.” I said why don’t you think they work. He replied, “A whitetail deer smells up to 53 different scents at the same time. A whitetail deer smells a cow off in the distance, a acorn under his feet, the wafer on your hat, and the hunter all at the same time.” That’s when I was done with covering up my human scent.

While the camo companies literally run the Whitetail Deer Industry I can remember back in the old days that we wore Army Camo and did just as well. Camo is nothing short of a fashion statement for hunters. When you buy camo know that you are buying it for yourself. The deer don’t care or detect you any less with a name brand Camo than Army Camo. You’d be better off to buy Army Surplus Camo and use your saved money to buy a better bow or gun. If you don’t believe it then buy some army camo and see if deer suddenly start detecting you. They won’t. Camo doesn’t increase nor decrease your odds of success. I have hunters call me each year asking me what camo pattern they should wear when they come hunting with me. Typically I grin when the question is ask, and mutter and make a suggestion as not to embarrass them.

I submitted an article quite similar to this one to a whitetail magazine several years ago and they refused to publish it. I called the Editor of the Magazine who is well known in the hunt industry and ask him why he had declined the article after he had published all the other articles I had submitted. He said, “If I publish this article I will lose half my advertisement accounts even though the article is true.” If you’re an old timer like me with an established trophy room that has been exposed to the hunt industry your appreciating what I’m writing which is the truth. If you’re younger then you may not believe what you’re about to read, or you will begin to alter your tactics to become more successful and save some money.

I also disagree with the effectiveness of carbon arrows. Typically as an outfitter when a hunter shoots a deer I ask them if they are using carbon arrows. The reason I do is because I know anyone shooting carbon arrows is attempting to defy the laws of inertia. Everyone thinks they have to shoot 300 feet per second for some reason so they employ the usage of carbon arrows. The thinking is they are lighter so they will fly faster. Problem is the lighter they are the less penetration you get. Don’t believe it. Shoot into a 300 pound corn fed Midwestern deer and hit him in the shoulder. I guarantee you won’t get a pass threw shot 80% of the time which result in little or no blood. My guides find these deer during turkey season, saw the racks off, get DNR to issue a possession tag, have them mounted, and place them in our lodges. Think of this would you rather get hit with a ping pong ball or a baseball. Sure the baseball might be heavier and fly slower but I guarantee it will hurt worse. These are the laws of inertia.

Here is the scientific premise behind Galieo’s law of motion in regard to in inertia. If you don’t believe me believe this genius philosopher and scientist:

Mass as a Measure of the Amount of Inertia
All objects resist changes in their state of motion. All objects have this tendency - they have inertia. But do some objects have more of a tendency to resist changes than others? Absolutely yes! The tendency of an object to resist changes in its state of motion varies with mass. Mass is that quantity which is solely dependent upon the inertia of an object. The more inertia which an object has, the more mass it has. A more massive object has a greater tendency to resist changes in its state of motion.
Suppose that there are two seemingly identical bricks at rest on the physics lecture table. Yet one brick consists of mortar and the other brick consists of Styrofoam. Without lifting the bricks, how could you tell which brick was the Styrofoam brick? You could give the bricks an identical push in an effort to change their state of motion. The brick which offers the least resistance is the brick with the least inertia - and therefore the brick with the least mass (i.e., the Styrofoam brick).
A common physics demonstration relies on this principle that the more massive the object, the more that object tends to resist changes in its state of motion. The demonstration goes as follows: several massive books are placed upon a teacher's head. A wooden board is placed on top of the books and a hammer is used to drive a nail into the board. Due to the large mass of the books, the force of the hammer is sufficiently resisted (inertia). This is demonstrated by the fact that the hammer blow is not felt by the teacher. (Of course, this story may explain many of the observations which you previously have made concerning your "weird physics teacher.") A common variation of this demonstration involves braking a brick over the teacher's hand using the swift blow of a hammer. The massive bricks resist the force and the hand is not hurt. (CAUTION: do not try these demonstrations at home.)
CAUTION: Put your carbon arrows up and grab the old fashioned aluminum arrows again. You’ll collect more bucks that you hit while bow hunting.
The Advantages and Products That Have Revolutionized the Hunt Industry (What Works)
While I have given you many examples of products that I don’t personally believe in let’s now brighten things up somewhat and thank god we have watched the hunt industry introduce products to make our task or killing a trophy whitetail buck easier. After all I’m so very thankful we aren’t still building wooden deerstands without all terrain vehicles to get to the location of ambush.
Compound Bows
Let’s face it, while there are many Compound Bow Manufacturers in the World there is one clear leader regarding quality and customer service. Mathews is by far the best bow manufactured in the World. Customer service is nothing short of awesome. One day in Pike County, Illinois I was guiding a hunter who’s bow blew out of the cloth bowcase and shattered in thousands of pieces onto the highway. We called Mathews Bows and in less than 2 hours they saved his hunt by sending him to the nearest Mathews Dealer giving him a brand new bow for zero dollars. Now that’s a quality product with customer service out of this world. The most elite compound bow manufacturer in the World continue to upgrade archery weapons to enhance our abilities as hunters to harvest trophy whitetail deer. This year the hot ticket is: Mathews, the #1 bow company in the world, introduces the new-for-2008 DXT, its latest SlimLimb bow. The DXT gives you the perfect balance of excessive power and exceptional accuracy. What is different about the new DXT? It's shorter - At just 29 3/4' axle-to-axle, the DXT is terrific in tight quarters. It's lighter - At just 3.75lbs, the DXT will be a welcome companion on the trek up the mountain or across the cornfield. It's faster - At 322 fps, the DXT gives you the perfect balance of excessive power and exceptional accuracy. 'Thin is in' and the DXT's SlimLimbs give the bow a streamlined appearance and result in less, unnecessary weight. SlimLimbs are also tough. The DXT's SlimLimbs are constructed of next generation SE4 composite and last typically twice as long as traditional, lifetime-guaranteed limbs. The DXT will feature Mathews' new Lost Camo. The exclusive new camouflage pattern designed specifically with bowhunters in mind. MSRP $859.00 DXT features include a long list of Mathews' relentless innovations such as a perimeter-weighted cam, parallel limb design, Harmonic Dampers, String Suppressors, a roller guard and the SphereLock Pivoting Limb Cup system. Take the first step to realizing your bowhunting dreams by visiting you local Mathews retailer.
While other companies make a variety of footwear from a work boot to tennis shoes one company continues to provide advanced hunt books that hunters simply take for granted. LaCrosse Footwear is leaps and bound in front of every other boot company in the World. They continue to poor money into the hunt industry in an effort to enhance our ability to remain comfortable, warm, dry, and their staff at Corporate Headquarters is nothing short of genius level. I dare you to find a better hunt boot. Their hot item or my favorite book this year is as follows: The 18" Alpha II rubber hunting boots are the next generation of 100% waterproof, scent-free Alpha technology. Alpha II features OptiCirc technology with open-air nylon Comfort Control mesh. Designed with an advanced internal airflow system, Alpha II keeps your feet cool while on the move. I continue to be amazed with hunters that come on outfitted hunts with us that are wearing leather boots leaving scent and unable to cross creeks and waterways we need them to cross to get in on big trophy whitetails. You simply must have a pair of the new Alpha Series.

Scent-free, waterproof rubber will keep your foot dry in the wettest
OptiCirc technology with Comfort Control mesh increases the airflow within the boot so moisture and excess heat can escape while you’re on the move while your feet stay warm sitting down.
Lightweight cushioning and outstanding stability from the rugged Sport Chassis™ outsole provide optimal traction in all conditions and prevent build up of mud. Waterproof exterior provides scent-free tracks, which could make the difference between making the kill or missing it.
Thick cushioning EVA midsole offers extra comfort and shock absorption.
Cam-loc buckle supplies a customized fit and is easily adjustable to accommodate clothing.
Back gusset allows for any calf size fit.
Realtree® offers strikingly realistic and versatile camo patterns, making it one of the hunting industry’s leading brands.
Realtree® AP™ HD

Minimizing Hunt Scent Through Effective Hunter Specialty Products

While I am skeptical about covering up your scent Hunter Specialties has offered the hunt industry a group of products that are simply unmatched and very affordable. Five years ago I took a dirty ashtray, a stinky tshirt, and a section of a rug that I poured gasoline onto. I sprayed all three with human scent elimination spray. Thirty minutes later no foreign or smell from any of the items was present. You can reduce your human scent to maximize whitetail harvest of trophy deer. These are absolutely effective and I simply will not hunt without them. In fact her at IMB Outfitters we spray all our hunters down with these products at our expense to enhance success rates when possible.

Hunter Specialties offers a vast array of products which absolutely eliminate human scent on hunt clothing and human bodies. These product allows hunters to avoid being detected by the high powered noses of whitetail deer. This reliable company produces scent elimination products which vary from Human Scent Elimination Spray, Laundry Detergent, Scent Safe Clothing Bag, Soap, Lip Balm, Deodorant, and Powder.

Remain odor-free with Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula Spray, Scent-A-Way Laundry Detergent, Fresh Earth Dryer Sheets, Scent-A-Way Bar Soap, Scent-A-Way Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant and Scent-Safe Storage Bag.
The new powerful, fast-acting Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula works by neutralizing, oxidizing, bonding, and molecularly changing a wide range of odors on clothing and equipment.
Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula is all natural, safe, and environmentally friendly. It won’t stain or fade clothing or materials and is not harmful to your skin.
The new powerful, fast-acting Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula works by neutralizing, oxidizing, bonding, and molecularly changing a wide range of odors on clothing and equipment. Scent-A-Way Plus Fresh Earth leaves a fresh earth cover scent.
Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula is all natural, safe, and environmentally friendly. It won’t stain or fade clothing or materials and is not harmful to your skin.
Acorn Spray is The new powerful, fast-acting Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula works by neutralizing, oxidizing, bonding, and molecularly changing a wide range of odors on clothing and equipment. Scent-A-Way Plus Acorn leaves an acorn cover scent.
Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula is all natural, safe, and environmentally friendly. It won’t stain or fade clothing or materials and is not harmful to your skin.
Scent Away Anti Bacterial Soap Available in both liquid and bar soap form, the original Scent-A-Way "green soap" contains natural vegetable proteins that attack body odors. It includes Honeyquat for increased hydration and aloe vera for soft skin and hair. Scent-A-Way Soap can be used as a body soap or shampoo and is also an excellent all-around hand soap. Odorless and environmentally friendly. Great for trappers, anglers and campers.
Scent Away No Rinse Body Foam is This unique foaming formula eliminates bacterial odors at the source and requires no water. Scent-A-Way Body Foam soothes skin with allantoin and aloe vera. It's alcohol and fragrance free.
Scent Away Shampoo and Conditioner neutralizes human odors before a hunter goes afield, while the conditioner keeps hair soft and manageable. Includes 8 oz. bottle of shampoo and 8 oz. bottle of conditioner.
Scent Away Deodorant is Specially formulated, odorless anti-perspirant/deodorant will keep hunters dry and scent free. It eliminates bacterial odors, absorbs and reduces moisture. Extended 24-hour plus protection. 2.25 oz. container.
Scent Away Powder Contains a complex deodorizing substance that actually traps odor-causing compounds, eliminating odors before they start. Works great when applied to feet, groin, hat bands or boots. Can also be used as a friction reducer under equipment such as armguards and head nets. 4 oz. shaker bottle.
Scent Away Toothpaste eliminates odors caused by food and bacteria. It contains Microdent® to prevent odor-causing material and plaque from sticking to the tongue. It freshens breath with 100% natural wild mint. 3.5 oz. tube.
Hunter Specialties even offers mouth odor elimination products such as:
Scent-A-Way Fresh Breath Mouth Rinse eliminates odors caused by food and bacteria. It contains Microdent® to prevent odor-causing material and plaque from sticking to the tongue. This mouth rinse prevents dry mouth by stimulating saliva flow and freshens breath with 100% natural wild mint. Alcohol free. 8.4 flu. oz.
Scent-A-Way Fresh Breath Mints eliminate odors caused by food and bacteria. They contain Microdent® to prevent odor-causing material and plaque from sticking to the tongue. These mints prevent dry mouth by stimulating saliva flow and freshen breath with 100% natural wild mint. Sugar free. 32 mints.
Hunter Specialties also offers a couple choices of scent elimination wipes and towellettes. They include:
Now with enzymes that eliminate odor, Scent-A-Way Wash Towels cleanse and deodorize when soap and water are not available. Soothes skin with aloe vera and Vitamin E. Environmentally friendly. Twelve 10" x 12" towelettes come in resealable bag.
Now with enzymes that eliminate odor, these small wipes are perfect for taking into the field. They cleanse and deodorize when soap and water are not available. Soothes skin with aloe vera and Vitamin E. Environmentally friendly. Twenty 8" x 5" wipes are packaged in a peel-and-seal soft pack
Laundry Detergent This odor-free liquid detergent is ultra concentrated with Clean Rinse and Stain Guard to prevent the re-depositing of dirt/soil. It cleans in all temperatures. Scent-A-Way contains no U-V brighteners and its Camo Guard enzyme provides color and pattern protection. Uses just 1/2 oz. for front loading and 1 oz. for top loading. Available in 24 oz. and 44 oz. bottles.
Dryer Sheets. These specially-scented dryer sheets prevent static cling while adding a fresh earth cover scent. Hunting clothes will be scented to the environment, but no residue will be left behind in the dryer, keeping other clothes untouched. Comes in a convenient foil pack with resealable opening.

There is nothing for deer identification and shot distance offered that is better than Nikon. They are affordable and are a name you can trust with great customer service as well. There is nothing worse than trying to scout deer with inferior optics. Nikon binoculars have established a benchmark for extraordinary value by which all others are compared. Building on Nikon's eminence as the global leader in precision optics,* we provide binoculars for virtually any application, making it easy to find brilliant, impeccable optics for your own specific needs. Most models feature Nikon multilayer-coated lenses of the highest quality to provide astonishingly bright, razor-sharp images. All models feature rugged construction, and finely tuned ergonomic engineering for comfortable handling during long hours of use. Whatever your passion - be it birdwatching, rugby, an ocean crossing, or a night at the opera - Nikon has the ideal binoculars for you.
* Nikon IC steppers produce a major share of the world's most sophisticated semiconductors.

My favorite sets of binoculars are the Nikon Monarch Series.

Specs. Include:
• All lenses and prisms are multilayer-coated for the brightest images
• Phase-correction-coated roof prisms for high resolution
• High-reflection mirror-coating prism for bright image
• High-eyepoint design provides a clear field of view, even for eyeglass wearers
• Eco-glass optics that are free of lead and arsenic are used for all lenses and prisms
• Waterproof (up to 1m/3.3 ft. for 5 minutes) and fog-free with nitrogen gas
• Turn-and-slide rubber eyecups facilitate easy positioning of eyes at the correct eyepoint
• Rubber armouring for shock resistance and a firm, comfortable grip
• Lightweight body uses fibreglass-reinforced polycarbonate resin
• Wide strap
• Can be fixed to a tripod using optional tripod adaptor

Scouting Cameras

I have purchased literally dozens of scouting cameras over the past 13 years of business. This past year I was so impressed with Stealthcam Products I simply switched Scouting Camera Companies hands down. Stealthcam is simply unmatched for clarity, durability, and again is owned and managed by a very sharp group of individuals who are at your beckoned call for service and instruction. These cameras are superior in locating trophy deer helping us utilize our scouting of trophy whitetail deer to the maximum extent.
STEALTH CAM Prowler DVS Infrared Digital Game Camera (STC-DVSIR5)
Item #: STC-DVSIR5
Availability: In Stock
Usually ships in 1 Business Day
In-Store: $500.00 Our Price: $349.95
Free Shipping! NO TAX! *

• Hi-resolution day/night video recording
• DVS: time/date, moon phase & temperature video stamping
• "No Flash" - 42 IR emitters illuminate up to 50'
• Programmable video clips from 5-90 seconds
• Extended coverage area
• Color by day/black & white by night
The STEALTH Prowler DVS Infrared Digital Game Camera (STC-DVSIR5) captures it all...high-quality VGA video day and night, customizable segments with 1 to 59 minutes between motion triggering, and all videos and images are full data stamped with all-new DVS technology.

The STC-DVSIR5 is also a full-featured still camera. New micro-processor optimizes trigger time, snapping 1 to 9 sequential images at 5.0 MP daytime color and 2.0 MP nighttime black & white.

SD card slot of the STC-DVSIR5 Stealth camera expands memory up to 2 GB, ensuring that you keep what you catch. Test mode ensures optimum camera placement.

• Color Day Time Images: 3 Modes – 1.3, 3 & 5 Mega Pixel
• Black & White Night Time Images: 3 Modes - .3, 1.3 & 2 Mega Pixel
• Video Mode adjustable from 5 to 90 Seconds
• 2.0" B & W LCD Icon Monitor for Programming
• 32 MB SDRAM built in memory
• Expandable SD memory card slot accepts up to 2 GB card (sold separately)
• Burst Mode – (1 to 9 sequential pictures per triggering) or up to 90 seconds of video when motion is detected
• Time / Date / Temperature / Moon Phase stamp
• Programmable from 1 to 60 minutes between motion activation
• 42 IR Emitters Effective up to 50 Ft. Coverage Range
• All-weather housing
• Test Mode and 4 Digit Counter on Front Housing
• Operates on 6 "C" Cell batteries (not included) or 12 Volt Lead Acid External Battery Kit (sold separately)
• STEALTH Prowler DVS Infrared Digital Game Camera (STC-DVSIR5)
• USB Cable
• TV Out Cable
• Mounting Strap
• Twister Tree Screw
• Metal Lock Plate
• CD-Rom Driver & ULEAD Software
• User Manual

It’s clear that states that continue to put down the biggest deer are states that only allow shotgun or muzzleloaders to be used during firearms season, giving deer a sporting chance to live longer and grow bigger racks. If you don’t believe me just book a hunt with IMB Outfitters in Iowa Zone 5 or Pike County, Illinois. The need for a quality muzzleloader has been met in a qualitative manner by Thomson Center Arms. I recently watched a friend of mine shoot a pack of cigarettes at 200 yards with a Thompson Center Omega. TC has many great Muzzleloaders and lead the way in this arena. Thus surpassing the days of old traditional Muzzleloaders that were outdated and borderline unethical.
Over the last 15 years, the sport of “black powder” hunting has increased dramatically — as have hunters’ demands. Generally not interested in the nostalgia, which accompanies the guns of the 1800’s, these hunters want modern designs, better accuracy at extended ranges, and easier cleaning. Although Thompson/Center continues to offer our first muzzleloader, the Hawken, most of the muzzleloaders T/C offers today are modern in-line styles. These modern muzzleloaders are capable of accepting magnum charges of 150 grains of FFG Black Powder, or Pyrodex® equivalent (i.e.: three each of 50 grain [50 caliber] Pyrodex pellets).
Thompson/Center now offers four different styles of modern in-line muzzleloaders. The Omega™ has a sealed pivoting breech design. The Encore 209x50 Magnum is the most versatile and popular muzzleloader available on the market today. ‘The Encore Endeavor which comes with T/C’s Speed Breech XT and the Triumph, T/C’s new magnum muzzleloader.
An extensive array of black powder accessories are available for purchase to compliment T/C’s muzzleloading product line. Our entire product line is built with one thing in mind — quality. Thompson/Center guns are built by New Englanders, who take pride in building a sturdy product and selling it at a fair price. In addition, Thompson/Center stands behind each gun with their famous Lifetime Warranty.
Our precision investment castings come from our own casting facility here in Rochester, Thompson Investment Castings. T/C’s dedication to giving shooters and hunters their best product value begins with the T/C employees. More often than not, T/C employees use T/C products when they head into the fields and woods... products they (and you) can rely on, year after year.
Thompson/Center is not old by historical standards however, in less than 40 years, we have contributed heavily to the growth of shooting and hunting sports in America. We’ve elevated handgun hunting and hunting with a muzzleloader to new heights. Thompson/Center continues to lead the industry through the development of innovative, quality products for sport shooters and hunters worldwide.
In 2007 Thompson/Center became part of Smith & Wesson Holdings, Co. and is recognized as Smith & Wesson Hunting.
TC Arms offers a variety of guns in the Icon, Encore, Triumph, Contender, and Omega.


Streamlight is the company that has redefined the sporting goods lights so hunter can access hunt sites undetected and hands free. They offer a vast array of the highest quality hunting headlamps and flashlights in the world. Its my opinion that no other company in the world touches them regarding quality, durability, customer service, and price. Simply wonderful. Let’s take a look at their most recent products available to us. Without them we would literally be lost either entering ambush sites for trophy whitetails or exiting sites for trophy whitetails. They also seem to be a light that has maximized battery life.

Before you set out for the great outdoors, bring along your Keymate® and JetScream®whistle, just one of our essential communication and signaling tools for survival. Streamlight® makes some of the brightest, longest-running, powerful, dependable flashlight lights out there. Like our 4AA Propolymer® LED that shines for up to 155 hours or our 3C LED which lasts 336 hours. Or our safety green LEDs that preserve night vision, won’t scare game, and can be seen up to a mile away! And our comfortable, lightweight, long-running,yet ultra-bright, headlamps for hands-free lighting. You can count on Streamlight to help keep you safe.

Knives and Saws

The hunt industry has come a long way since using “Daddy’s Pocketknife”. Literally, quality knives and limb saws have made hunt outings much easier. While there are many companies in the hunt industry that produce such items no company exceeds the quality of Outdoor Edge. They offer a variety of products which I would suggest are second to none.

The goal at Outdoor Edge is to combine functional design with the sharpest, best edge holding steels, state of the art production processes and hand craftsmanship to create the finest quality knives and hand tools for the big game hunter. The owner, David Bloch personally develops and field tests each product on a variety of game to ensure the highest performance and stands behind everything they make with a Lifetime Warranty.


Several companies have introduced cold weather clothing in an effort to place hunters into the most unbearable environments in a comfortable fashion. This state of the art clothing allows the hunter to pursue trophy whitetails under weather conditions that had previously been nothing short of pure torture. Walls Industries presents a huge variety of outdoor hunting clothing to keep you in the timber in pursuit of trophy whitetail bucks.

Walls Industries has introduced a line entitled Trek/Scentrex. Trek undetected with 10x® Scentrex® series. Scentrex® was designed with the trophy hunters in mind. Scentrex® has patented technology that allows hunters to move undetected by smell in any terrain or weather. Sweating produces warmth and moisture where bacteria thrive. Scentrex® forbids the growth of bacteria and minimizes human odor.
The NEWEST HOTTEST PRODUCT TO HIT THE HUNT INDUSTRY which will allow hunters to pattern trophy bucks is Advanced Deer Diary. Advanced Deer Diary is the original detailed whitetail deer record keeping system introduced to the public. This format is to provide the appropriate recording tools needed for patterning trophy whitetail bucks. You will take your diary on hunts and record the necessary information needed to enhance your hunting skills. The diary format has been under construction for over 9 years. Advanced Deer Diary is, without a doubt, “The Most Important Tool in Your Pack”. As you log your hunts with our “fill in the blank” worksheets, you will not only record your hunting career for keepsake purposes, but also collect the information you need to harvest monster bucks.
The format is sophisticated yet simple. It has the tools to measure your hunting skills as they improve. Advanced Deer Diary will help you improve your skills as a whitetail hunter by providing a thorough formula to pattern your whitetail deer herd with a focus on trophy bucks.
Advanced Deer Diary provides “THE” suggested format for whitetail game diaries. It is complete with detailed instructions on how to use the diary, lunar calendars, a “how to field judge” whitetail deer scoring section, topographical advantage descriptions with photographs, a preseason scouting section, “fill in the blank” whitetail study worksheets to assist you in performing whitetail studies like a wildlife biologist, and much more.
This diary format has proven itself over and over again by being the focal point of many articles published in numerous whitetail publications; including: North American Whitetail, Deer and Deer Hunting, and Ultimate Bowhunter Magazine, as well as interviews on the Outdoor Channel.
Do you want to consistently harvest record book whitetail deer like the pros? While a variety of hunt products may assist you with weaponry, scent control, etc. very few products will help you improve as a hunter and assist you in refining your hunting skills. Advanced Deer Diary will do just that. Educate yourself by recording environmental conditions during your hunts and preseason scouting adventures. This will not only assist you with the patterning of trophy bucks, but will also provide a means by which you can record your hunting career and share with family and friends.
Advanced Deer Diary has been the focus of many whitetail specialty magazines and outdoor television interviews. While a minority of deer hunters have kept diaries and records of their whitetail outings in notebooks, a formal and thorough format has not been used. Advanced Deer Diary is THE recognized whitetail deer diary format in the hunting industry.
Many wonderful hunting products now exist which will enhance your odds at harvesting record book whitetails, however don’t be fooled by every new product that hits the market. Common sense purchases, time, and hard work on quality ground is what produces record book whitetail harvest yearly.

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