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Why Book an Annual Pass With IMB Outfitters

Why Should I Buy An Annual Pass from IMB Outfitters?

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Whitetail deer hunters that have done their research know that the biggest whitetail deer are coming from the Midwestern States offering Missouri Whitetail Deer Hunting, Iowa Whitetail Deer Hunting, Nebraska Whitetail Deer Hunting, and Illinois Whitetail Deer Hunting. These four states are sneaking up and taking the whitetail deer industry by ďstormĒ. Over and over again Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas have taken the covers of magazines and video big buck spotlights across the nationís dvds and Outdoor Television shows. No doubt if you want to take the whitetail deer of a lifetime youíll need to travel to the Midwest to get your best shot at the completion of this task.

Why IMB Outfitters

There are a few credible Whitetail Deer Outfitters that offer multiple States to hunt in, but none match the industry milestones that IMB Outfitters has achieved. IMB Outfitters, located in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas on over 60,000 acres is argumentedly the best whitetail deer outfitter in the Midwest. IMB has won many outdoor awards ranging from Outfitter of the Year Awards, to being inducted in the North American Whitetailís Hall of Fame, to being ranked in the to 44 hunts in the World by Petersenís Hunting, to having the sponsorship support of huge hunt companies in the nation like Mathews Bows, Nikon, Thompson Center, Hunter Specialties, Goodyear Tires, and over two dozen more sponsors that donít sponsor any other whitetail outfitter in the Midwest. Even the IMB Outfitters website located at is without doubt the most developed website in the Midwest offering many online services which range from hunter stories of over 1 million words or content of real hunt stories and tips, to a page wherein you can submit for hunt advice, to land leases, to semi guided hunts, to fully guided hunts, a vast array of treestand equipment to outfit any hunter from the athlete to the paralyzed individual. IMB Lodges are near 4 Starr and will spoil you rotten, not to mention having the support of the industries top hunt stars like Alex Rutledge, Roger Raglin, etc. Theirs no doubt IMB is blazing the trail for all Midwestern Whitetail Outfitters.

IMB offers a vast array of hunts, however offers one item for purchase which is unique to all other Midwestern Whitetail Outfitters called, ďthe annual pass.Ē Each year IMB offers 6 annual passes for sale. The annual pass allows the consumer to hunt in all the States IMB does business for whitetail and turkey for one low price. Literally the hunter can purchase an annual pass and hunt every day of the year which is legal to hunt.

Bag Limits

Missouri Whitetail Deer hunting allows the hunter to take two bucks and four turkeys. Nebraska Whitetail Deer hunting allows the hunter to take 2 whitetail bucks, one muledeer buck, and 3 turkeys. Iowa Whitetail Deer hunting allows the hunter to take one buck and one turkey but also allows party hunting which when employing a party hunt will allow the hunter to take more than one whitetail buck as long as a nearby hunting partner takes the buck with a buck tag on his or her behalf. Illinois allows the hunter to take two whitetail bucks and one turkey. Also all these states allow predator hunting of bobcat and coyote along with other furbearers that allow the hunter to take a multitude of predators during the off months. Thus with an annual pass not only can the hunter take at least 8 whitetail bucks, and 7 turkeys but dozens of predators after deerseason on over 60,000 acres. Itís literally like having a lease on 60,000 acres year round with deer stands already hung and guides ready to point out where the big bucks are hanging out and take you to them.

Price versus Return

The annual pass does cost between $12,500 and $15,000. At first glance one would think that is a lot of money but think about this. One rut gun hunt with a Midwestern Whitetail Outfitter normally retails for $3500, thus the hunter that can participate in 4 to 5 hunts of deer and turkey is better off going with an annual pass.

Annual Pass Hunt Strategies

The annual pass also allots for some strategies that the normal five day hunter who selects a fixed date to come is not able to take advantage of. An annual pass holder is able to hunt whenever he or she wants to come, thus the annual pass holder can select only the best dates for hunting. A suggested format for the whitetail hunter who purchases an annual pass with IMB Outfitters may want to select the following hunt format for the year, which is suggested:

State Date Weapon

Illinois 10-1 to 10-5 Bow (Normally the first five days of archery season in Illinois give the hunter a distinct advantage at harvesting a record book buck early. For some reason early season hunting in Pike County, Illinois can be rather phenomenal.)

Illinois 11-1 to 11-15 Rut Bow Any time period the first couple weeks of November in Pike County, Illinois archery is some of the best hunting in the world.

Illinois 11-20 to 11-22 1st Gun This is always a great way to hammer the buck of a lifetime.

Illinois Any firearms hunter that draws a full season tag may also participate in 2nd Gun Season as well as Late Muzzleloader if he or she hasnít tagged out on a firearms whitetail buck.

Missouri 9-15 to 9-20 Bow This hunt gives the hunter the element of surprise and gets you in the woods a little earlier for those that canít wait until October. We have taken many good bucks off food plots and soybean fields on this early season hunt.

Missouri 11-1 to 11-13 Rut Bow Any time period the first couple weeks of Missouri archery in November is peak of the rut and always performs provided weather isnít nasty.

Missouri 11-14 to 11-18 1st Gun Probably the 2nd best hunt we offer of all our hunts. It is simply awesome with rifle tags over the counter during the peak of the rut..

Missouri Any firearms hunter who doesnít take a buck during 1st Gun can hunt 2nd gun or Late Muzzleloader if he or she hasnít tagged out on a firearms whitetail buck.

Iowa 11-1 to 11-21 Rut Bow Iowa rut archery hunting for whitetail deer is simply the best in the world and offers your best chance to take a monster Boone and Crockett Buck.

Iowa 12-5 to 12-8 1st Gun This is almost automatic monster buck on the ground however the Iowa firearms hunter can only select one season of gun to hunt.

Nebraska 9-15 to 9-19 Bow This hunt gets you in the woods and in pursuit of monster whitetails in September. Iíve seen this hunt produce 250% plus success, but can often times be a flip of the coin as in 2008 the early season hunt of Nebraska was not too successful.

Nebraska 11-1 to 11-13 Rut Bow This hunt time offers Nebraskaís finest bowhunting. Because the state wasnít open to non resident gun hunting until 3 years ago many monster bucks exist in this area.

Nebraska 11-14 to 11-18 1st Gun This hunt is almost an automatic buck on the bed of your truck as its peak of the rut with rifle.

Now to summarize: The value of these hunts if you were to buy them separately would be over $40,000.00 NOW ARE YOU SEEING WHAT A GREAT FINANICIAL DEAL THE ANNUAL PASS IS.

Another advantage the annual pass holder has over the 5 day hunter who books only one hunt is timing. Annual pass holder only need call ahead or remain on call. IMB will phone the annual pass holder and tell them when deer are moving and when its best to come to prevent wasting valuable time you could be utilizing at work or the office. I recall a few years back when 2 annual pass holders who were buddies called on Halloween and ask if they could come hunt. I told them sure, but that the best bet would be to wait a few days as bucks werenít moving too well and not chasing does yet. I told them I could call them when the bucks began to move better. They listened to me. 5 days later I called them and up they came to hunt. Within a matter of a 8 days they went from Illinois to Missouri to Iowa to Nebraska and each went home with 4 trophy bucks each. In 2007 Mark Braski took 5 trophy bucks with his annual pass. An annual pass cost less than going to Africa or Alaska and afford the hunter much more time and flexibility to take multiple monster whitetail bucks.

Lodge Proximity

IMB is in 5 States. The most common annual pass purchased is the $12,500 pass which encompasses Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and Nebraska leaving Kansas out. From the Illinois Lodge to the Missouri lodge is 1 hour. From the Missouri lodge to the Iowa lodge is 1 hour. From the Iowa lodge to the Nebraska lodge is 5 hours but well worth the drive. Itís a virtual tour of the best whitetail and turkey hunting in the nation and all within close proximity of one another.

Turkey Hunting

IMB offers 3 out of 4 species of wild turkey in the United States. We have Merriam, Rio, and Eastern birds. Turkey hunting is amazing in all locations. Almost everyone tags out, and everyone should. I canít remember the last time somebody didnít shoot at a trophy gobbler with IMB Outfitters. Season dates vary from 4-11 to 5-31.

Limits on Annual Passes

IMB Outfitters only offers 6 annual passes for sale each year and they have a high rebook rate, thus you need to grab one while they are open.

Pass versus a Lease or Buying Ground

An annual pass with IMB is far less than purchasing real estate and much easier to maintain without the worry or risk of investment.

An annual pass is normally a little higher than leasing ground but much cheaper than leasing ground in multiple states. Also if you lease ground you can normally take only one or two bucks from that state whereas with an annual pass you can take 7 record book bucks and as many or more wild turkeys.

Should I Buy an Annual Pass?

For the hunter that can get away for 10 days to 3 weeks the annual pass is the only way to go. The annual pass should not be purchased by someone who only has 5 days of vacation or a wife that wonít allow him to be gone for a couple weeks.


For the whitetail deer hunting enthusiast, the annual pass with IMB Outfitters is the only way to go. Tour the best ground in the Midwest from state of the art lodges, and take several trophy whitetail bucks in the meantime. What are you waiting for. Call Darrin Bradley at IMB Outfitters toll free at 866-855-7063 to arrange your annual pass.

Darrin Bradley

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