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Rage Broadheads

Rage Broadheads
By Darrin Bradley, IMB Outfitters

Over the past ten years the Hunt Industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Many new products have been presented to Whitetail Enthusiasts across the United States. We’ve seen everything from Mathews Bows breaking speeds in excess of 300 feet per second, to scent elimination clothing, to rangefinders, to yes the almighty upgrade of archery hunting broadheads.

In 2007 I began to hear stories about hunters switching to Rage Open Upon Impact Broadheads. As an “old school” deer hunter often times I don’t pay much attention to some of the new whitetail deer products in the industry as I find many of them are for novelty use only. In 2007 hunters were saying to me in camp that when they shot their deer with a Rage Broadhead it looked liked you’d shot them with a rifle. To tell you the truth I didn’t pay much attention to them. In fact for years we had been sponsored by a different broadhead company which I was satisfied with.

During the summer of 2008 I had heard so many success stories about Rage Broadheads that I just couldn’t resist anymore. I traveled to the local archery shop and literally purchased over $500 worth of broadheads from many different companies. I then went to the archery range and shot the different kinds of broadheads for hours on end. I shot the different broadheads from a crossbow off a shooting bench with sandbags to make sure any archery error on my part was eliminated. The crossbow was equipped with a $1200 scope and was the finest crossbow Horton produces. In other words I was shooting off a rest with the best equipment in the industry in an attempt to determine beyond a reasonable doubt which broadhead was superior if any were at all.

It would be unethical to name the other broadheads I experimented with over the course of that 48 hours of shooting, let me just say that if you can name a broadhead company in the Hunt Industry I tried them.

I had always been skeptical about open upon impact broadheads. To me they seemed so complex with opening upon impact, and the bone crushing abilities of a blade that wasn’t anchored in a triangular base I was very doubtful that the Rage Broadhead would pass the test.

God has blessed with me with being on 29 different pro staffs, 14 Pope and Young Record Book Bucks to my credit, 30 years of whitetail experience, and I am the owner of IMB Outfitters which is one of the most credible whitetail outfitting services in the nation for whitetail deer. In other words I’m no novice and have much experience in the hunt industry.

As I began my little broadhead experiment the first thing I noticed is that the flight of a fixed position broadhead is very unpredictable. It seemed with fixed position broadheads I might make 7 out of 10 shots which landed in a 5 inch group. The 3 shots that didn’t land in that 5 inch group were very unpredictable and sometimes were more than a foot off the mark. According to the laws of physics when the broadhead is in flight, when the fixed position blades are exposed they are intercepting turbulence and cutting against the wind and air which can easily throw them off your bulls eye or mark. Thus while most fixed position broadheads will land in the general area I couldn’t find one that would hold a tight group, and eliminate the possibility of an arrow landing way off the mark 3 of out 10 shots. This worried me. What if by chance one of those 3 bad shots was at the deer of a lifetime?

The second discovery I made during the experiment was that each company offers a set of practice blades or broadhead to shoot into the target so you don’t damage the real broadhead that you will use in the woods. Over 95% of the practice tips of all broadheads I shot (and I shot many different kinds) don’t fly the same as the real broadhead you will shoot in the woods at whitetail deer. Thus I was sighting into practice tips and then I would equip the arrow with the real hunt broadhead. I quickly discovered every practice tip I utilized except the Rage Broadhead did not fly the same as the real broadhead I would use in the woods. This was downright scary. The Rage Broadhead practice tips flew exactly the same as the real broadhead every single time I shot. I began holding 2 inch groups or less very quickly.

Then I viewed the Outside Cutting Diameter of each broadhead I purchased for the experiment. Rage offered a Cutting Diameter that was second to none. Sure I know there are a couple other companies that offer a little bit larger Cutting Diameter but those other companies had gotten so ridiculous with the Outside Cutting Diameter that those companies broadheads just flew flat “silly”.

My last concern was could the material composing the actual blades of the Rage Broadhead withstand bone breaking shots or would they chip or break like many open upon impact broadheads I’d experimented with in the past. I simply called the engineers and marketing director of Rage Broadheads and began to investigate just what composed the materials used in the Rage Broadheads. I expected a company as successful as Rage to give me less than 60 seconds of customer service over the phone and try and get off the phone seeing me as a pest. Oh was I completely mistaken. The customer service at Rage Broadheads was unbelievable. They spent nearly 45 minutes on the phone with me explaining the physics and makeup of the Rage Broadhead. Now keep in mind I had been sponsored by a different broadhead company for 13 years, so in reality I was kinda crossing the lines just to even inquire unto Rage Broadheads. They were so courteous and were genuinely interested in my concerns and just me as a person. Few large companies perform customer service to the highest degree of quality as Rage does.

I learned the blades are made from a special aircraft aluminum alloy that is in lay mans terms simply stronger and much more stable and indestructible than any other broadhead on the market. If you don’t believe it travel to and watch the video of them shooting through a concrete block. Incredible footage. Also I learned I would receive 4 1/3 inches more penetration with the Rage Broadhead over the broadhead I had been using for years.

I did much research as I had much more to lose than a deer. If I switched Broadhead Sponsors with my whitetail outfitter company I would without doubt lose my current and long standing relationship with another Broadhead company I had used for years. Needless to say I switched to Rage Broadheads. That’s right this “old school heard headed dedicated fixed position broadhead archer” had reached a verdict. Rage Broadheads produces the best Broadhead in the World without a doubt.

On September 18, 2008 I took to the timber in pursuit of a record book whitetail buck. I positioned myself high atop a whiteoak over a beanfield in Northern Missouri in hopes of taking one of the “book deer” I had been watching all summer. Within a couple hours I watched several deer enter the field. Several record book deer made their way towards my location. I simply had decided I would shoot the first record book deer that made the mistake of coming within bowrange. I pulled back and released my arrow equipped with a 2 bladed Rage Broadhead deep into the chest of a mighty trophy whitetail buck. I waited 45 minutes and climbed down from my stand. I walked over to where the buck last stood and I couldn’t believe my eyes. In all my years as a whitetail hunter I had never seen so much blood in my entire life from an archery kill. (A pass through shot mind you.) So much blood was on the ground as gross as it may sound I literally was able to walk very quickly to my deer. It looked as if someone had poored huge glassfuls of bloods all the way to the deer. When I arrived at my animal a mere 50 yards later I discovered I had harvested a 150 inch drop tine buck. When I turned the buck over again I couldn’t believe my eyes. It literally looked like the deer had been shot with a high powered rifle. I literally have shot deer with a .300 Win Mag and had smaller exits holes and less blood. I was hooked.

Several weeks ago I called Rage Broadheads and asked them for sponsorship. They complied and were glad to do so. If your not shooting Rage Broadheads maybe you need to either perform your own experiment or stand over a 150 inch droptine buck that looks as if you’ve shot him with a high powered rifle. Soon you will be seeing the Rage Logo on our brochures here at IMB Outfitters and on our website with links to their website. Trust and believe you can count on Rage to deliver when it counts.

Here are but a few facts provided by Rage Broadheads.

Kinetic energy is the measurement of the power of a moving object. The reason a RAGE Broadhead is so potent is that it does not needlessly waste kinetic energy, but, instead, uses it to create entry holes, wound channels and penetration.
1. Fly like a field tip
An arrow can lose kinetic energy in flight. A poorly tuned bow that requires the arrow to stabilize, or a broadhead that is not aero-dynamic, wastes kinetic energy. RAGE Broadheads fly like a field tip and do not waste kinetic energy.
2. Fully deployed upon entry
The rear-deploying blades on a RAGE are guaranteed to be fully deployed on entry. Unlike over-the-top expandables, RAGE “spends” kinetic energy cutting huge entry holes (see next page).
3. No deflection or change of direction
An angled hit with an over-the-top expandable can result in the leading blade grabbing and throwing the arrow off line. This also costs you kinetic energy. RAGE's rear deploying blades will not grab or deflect.
4. O-ring acts as shock absorber
RAGE's exclusive ShockLock™ System employs an O-ring which acts as a shock absorber if the blades hit bone. This reduces kinetic energy and protects the blades from breakage.
5. Gaping wound channel
Because RAGE Broadheads are so efficient, they are able to cut enormous wound channels while also exhibiting exceptional penetration. This added cutting means more tissue damage, more hemorrhaging and a faster, more humane kill.
6. RAGE out-penetrates the competition
Conventional wisdom suggests that a head with a large cutting diameter suffers when it comes to penetration. Not RAGE! Tests show (next page) that RAGE out-penetrates the competition. This is because RAGE maintains so much kinetic energy.
7. Better blood trails
By spending kinetic energy on entry holes, wound channels, penetration and exit holes, RAGE gives you better blood trails which means easier tracking and faster recovery.
Upon impact, the SlipCam™ initiates and the blades slide back and deploy from the rear. By the time the blades impact, they are fully deployed.
Once the "shoulders" of the blades catch, they slip down shaft. Each blade cams out, deploying from the rear while the cut-on-impact tip penetrates the hide. Before the blades reach the hide, they are fully deployed, even hyper extended… giving you a maximum cutting diameter.

3 Advantages! The revolutionary SlipCam™ Rear Blade Deployment System gives you...
1. Guaranteed fully deployed Blades
High-speed footage of over-the-top heads show the blades do not fully open until after they enter. RAGE's rear-deploying blades are guaranteed to be fully deployed before they enter which means you'll get the benefit of the heads full cutting diameter!
2. No loss of kinetic energy
Because RAGE's blades are fully deployed on impact they penetrate like a fixed-blade head. Over-the-top expandables lose kinetic energy due to deployment during entry and deflection.
3. Eliminate deflection
An angled hit with an over-the-top expandable can result in the leading blade grabbing first and throwing the head off line… RAGE's rear deploying blades follow the cut-on-impact tip and will not grab or deflect and give you full cutting diameter on impact

Darrin Bradley

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