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Pike County Illinois Outfitters

Pike County Illinois Outfitters
Pike County Illinois is the #2 ranked County in the Nation for the number of entries in the record books and may soon be #1. This County is known nationwide for its whitetail deer production. In fact this County has been inhabited by Pike County Illinois Outfitters intensely for over 15 years. It is a tricky place to book a whitetail deer hunt in. Why? Pike County Illinois Outfitters are very educated when marketing and dealing with potential clients either by phone or email. Thus as a result most any Pike County Illinois Outfitter knows exactly what questions you are going to ask before you even ask them, and in turn have pre rehearsed answers to every question you can think of asking. The reason for this is that Pike County Illinois Outfitters have fielded so many phone calls they are virtual aces at telling you just what you need to hear in order to get you to book a hunt.
Recently at a Chamber of Commerce meeting I encountered a number of Pike County Illinois Outfitters who were complaining that during the 2009 season that their hunt bookings were down over 50%. I was silent when I heard them talking about the issue. Finally one of the Pike County Illinois Outfitters walked over to me and ask, “How come your not talking? How is your business doing?” I tried to avoid answering the question, however after they painted me into a corner I had to confess humbly that our business had not been decreased whatsoever. I got a few blank stares and finally a Pike County Illinois Outfitter ask me, “How did you manage that?” I humbly replied, “We take care of our hunters, we are honest with them on the phone, we don’t over hunt, we lease the best possible land tracts instead of just leasing any farm in Pike County Illinois, we hire the best guides, and present a 4 Starr Lodge Environment at a reasonable price.” I’m not sure I made any friends that night but it was the truth.
Pike County Illinois has given birth to a much more evolved Pike County Illinois Outfitter than other locations around the Midwest. They are experts at marketing and have the prestigious name of that particular County to refer to in order to book Pike County Illinois whitetail hunts. Everyone seems to think all you need to do is book a trip to Illinois and you will be placed on monster bucks. Far from the truth. Pike County Illinois Outfitters have cut many corners over the years leaving a bad taste in many a whitetail hunter’s mouth.
Just weeks ago I was in a cafe when in walked one of the largest Pike County Illinois Outfitters in the area. This particular outfit sports 5 lodges within about a 10 mile radius. The only reason to have 5 lodges in one area is so you can run 100 hunters a week. How would you like to hunt in that setting? I would guess this particular Pike County Illinois Outfitter has minimal personal contact with any of his hunters. He sat down at a table in the café within “ear shot” of me and I over heard him say. “We have 5 lodges. We label them as Lodge 1,2, 3, 4, and 5. When hunters come in to hunt the first day or so Lodge 1 hunts on Lodge 1’s ground. After a day or so they get discouraged because we’ve overhunted and they beg to see new fresh ground.” This Pike County Illinois Outfitter then said, “After day 2 we take Lodge 1 hunters and place them on Lodge 2’s ground and they think they are hunting fresh ground. We then take Lodge 2’s hunters and put them on Lodge 3’s ground so they think they are on fresh ground. We then take Lodge 3’s hunters and put them on Lodge 4’s ground so they think they are hunting fresh ground, etc, etc.” Then this Pike County Illinois Outfitter stated, “By the time the hunters are done with their 5 day hunt they are so confused they don’t know whether they have had a good hunt or not.” The Pike County Illinois Outfitter laughed out loud for all in the café to hear. This is a disgrace to all Pike County Illinois Outfitters. It gives us all a bad name. There are a ton of commercialized outfitters in Pike County Illinois that present a wonderful lodge setting but present an awful hunt on over hunted ground that is merely average in quality to begin with. If you were to call this particular Pike County Illinois Outfitter I guarantee you he could sell you ice if you were an Eskimo, but after the hunt you would be very upset. All I can say about these guys is watch out and research well.
Then off course you’ve got the Pike County Illinois Outfitters that like Iowa are running hunts on the family farm and a few cheap leases below average in quality where you can be tempted by a lower priced hunt. You’ll think your saving a few dollars but once the hunt is over you haven’t saved money you’ve lost all your money. These Pike County Illinois Outfitters sometimes have the best of intentions but simply don’t know what they are doing. As I’ve stated, to be a great whitetail guide or outfitter it takes a lot of experience and tons of whitetail knowledge.
Recently a man called me and told me he was selecting a Pike County Illinois Outfitter and that he had his selection narrowed down to two business’s. Here at IMB Outfitters we have made the hall of fame, are ranked in the top 44 hunts in the entire world by Petersen’s Hunting, been in business for 13 years, and have won many outdoor awards. Those type of credentials take a lot of the guess work out it for you when selecting a Pike County Illinois Outfitter. I know of no other guide or outfitter in Illinois that has achieved those accomplishments. Anyway I ask the hunter that was calling who the other Pike County Illinois Outfitter was he was considering and ask him why he was considering the other outfitter. He states, “Well they told me they kill 180 bucks all the time.” Knowing this isn’t true I ask him if he was near his computer. He said “Yes”. I told him to go to the other Pike County Illinois Outfitters website and take a few moments to count how many bucks were on the website that scored over 170 inches. After what seemed like an eternity he replied, “I see zero on their website.” I then states, “Go to our website at and pick any three pages at random and tell me how many bucks you see scoring over 170 inches. In a short time he states, “Oh my God, you’ve got a ton of them on your website.” I then interjected and replied, “As a Pike County Illinois Outfitter I am not about to tell you that you will kill a buck with over 170 inches however you wouldn’t surprise me if you did. My point is that don’t you think if the other Pike County Illinois Outfitter was killing 180 inch bucks all the time their might be one on his website?” The hunter immediately booked with me.
The problem with booking a whitetail deer hunt or any big game hunt is we want to believe as consumers that some big game heaven is out there to discover that nobody else knows about. We as whitetail consumers want to believe what any of the Pike County Illinois Outfitters are telling us. The truth is only a handful of great whitetail outfitters in Pike County Illinois are presenting services of a high quality nature.
In Pike County Illinois you would think the more expensive the hunt the higher quality the whitetail hunt would be right? Listen to this gem of a story. Four years ago I had a landowner call me in Pike County and ask me to lease his farm. I told him I would have to walk the ground first to determine its quality. After walking out the farm it was inferior. I declined leasing it as I pride myself as being the best Pike County Illinois Outfitter available. Three days later a Pike County Illinois Outfitter that charges nearly double the money we do for a hunt here at IMB Outfitters leases the tract of ground. If you would have hunted with that over rated higher priced outfitter that year you would have paid nearly double the amount to hunt on a farm that was inferior. While you can almost bet a cheap hunt in Pike County Illinois will be a “flop” you can’t always depend on the fact that the most expensive hunt in Pike County is the best selections. As a Pike County Illinois Outfitter I did a study to determine the average price of a hunt in the area. Then I set our prices at the average or norm in that area. IMB Outfitters has not trophy fees or hidden costs.
Another current scam in this area are the Pike County Illinois Outfitters that possess real estate licenses. They will often times groom the richest clients in camp and put them on the best tree stands to build a solid relationship with them. Then these Pike County Illinois Outfitters will approach them and try to sell them a farm that is inferior or average in quality for an outrageous price. In my opinion this ought to be against the law. Never book a hunt with a Pike County Illinois Outfitter that holds a real estate license or risk something like this happening to you. Just advice. Take it or leave it.
Pike County Illinois Outfitters must register with the State of Illinois and rules have been set into place to try and protect hunters from issues such as this. Each Pike County Illinois Outfitter must obtain a guide card for their employees, each outfitter is assigned a DNR number, strict records on tags and hunter harvests have to be maintained by all Pike County Illinois Outfitters, and get this……………………..normally when a hunter gets a DNR ticket for a violation of game law the Pike County Illinois Outfitter gets a ticket as well. The mere policing of Pike County Illinois Outfitters by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources is an indication that you really need to do your homework when booking a hunt there.
Up to this point this narrative has been pretty frightening but there is lots of good news about Pike County Illinois. The bucks are phenomenal. The hunting is great with a credible Pike County Illinois Outfitter like IMB Outfitters. Just this past week from October 1 to October 6 our camp there ran 92% shot success rates on trophy deer in 20 mph winds and rain. Even the poorest of weather conditions can deliver on big monster whitetails in this area. Most years as a Pike County Illinois Outfitter we run nonrut success rates for archers of around 100%. Rut archers normally run around 150% with us here at IMB Outfitters. 1st Gun and 2nd Gun hunters simply experience nothing short of the Super Bowl of whitetail hunting, and even late muzzleloader is phenomenal.
If I were put in a Courtroom and had to present evidence on why IMB Outfitters is one of the best Pike County Illinois Outfitters available I could say we have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, been ranked in the top 44 hunts in the World by Petersen’s Hunting, possess 36 major hunt company sponsors, and have been in business for 13 years as a Pike County Illinois Outfitter. Their is no disputing that data.
Normally when I talk to hunters on the phone that have been to a Pike County Illinois Outfitter they say, “I think that the County is on the decline.” THAT’S SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The problem is most Pike County Illinois Outfitters are on the decline. In fact over 400 outfitters exist in Illinois. To be totally honest if a hunter calls me and wants to book a hunt date that is already taken I don’t even know who to refer him to. Now that’s sad. Believe me when I say that this County isn’t ranked #2 for because its on the decline. It is just that tons of carpet bagger Pike County Illinois Outfitters exist as well as those good old country boys running hunts on the family farm because they want to be in the hunt industry at any cost.
Pike County Illinois Outfitters normally employ high trophy fees and high minimum harvest scores with hefty fines in hopes of making more money off their clients. We here at IMB Outfitters don’t have trophy fees for bigger deer harvested. We have no hidden costs. We pride ourselves on being the best Pike County Illinois Outfitter and I believe we are just that. We maintain one very very nice lodge with great food on the best ground in the area. You’ll feel like you’ve been hunting with family when it is all over with. If you select a hunt with IMB Outfitters as your Pike County Illinois Outfitter, we will show you just how great the region is without all the games.
For more information and free brochure travel to and remember us a the Pike County Illinois Outfitter that was honest and gave you the cold hard facts about Pike County Illinois Outfitters.

Darrin Bradley

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