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Missouri Outfitters

Missouri Outfitters
Missouri deer hunting is one of the best kept whitetail secrets on the North American Continent. 4 years ago the Missouri Department of Natural Resources enacted a new law regarding antler restrictions. In the best Counties in Missouri (Macon, Knox, and Shelby) a whitetail hunter cannot shoot a buck unless it has at least 4 points on one side. The first couple years the law existed we were seeing great deer as always, but the last couple years we are seeing World Class Whitetails. Unfortunately there are very very few credible Missouri Outfitters in existence today . Iím not trying to bash anyone but about to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth so brace yourself. Most any Missouri Outfitter fits into the ďredneckĒ category wherein, some good ole boy is running hunts on the family farm and a few low quality leases without a clue as to what they are doing. The reason is because Missouri deer hunting has been kept a secret for so long that Missouri Outfitters are in the early stages of evolving. This is simply a State where IMB Outfitters doesnít have much competition. IMB Outfitters has been in business for 13 years, and has won more outdoor awards than any other Missouri Outfitter , period.
Missouri is also a State that you want to make sure you have done your homework on. Allow me to do it for you. While Missouri deer hunting is phenomenal North of Highway 36 in the Counties of Knox, Shelby, and Macon the Counties South of Highway 36 do hold deer but are worth booking a whitetail deer hunt in. When you seek out a Missouri outfitter you need to make certain you are gonna hunt in Knox, Shelby, or Macon County, and be certain they are credible. Iíve been a Missouri resident for 45 years and a Missouri Outfitter for 13 years. Trust me, Iím telling you the truth.
Missouri Outfitters are so ďgreenĒ when it comes to providing services I can recall when I first started being a Missouri Outfitter and approached farmers for leases I had to literally explain what the business was about and how it worked. It was just something that had not been done in our area. Of course several years later I had several copy cat Missouri Outfitters but by this time I had wrapped up the best ground in the area, on long term leases, and built alliances with the top Missouri Landowners. How good is the Missouri ground. Just yesterday we had 6 trail cameras out in for 5 days here in Missouri and collected over 2000 photos, adding 20 record book bucks to our infrared photo gallery. Several were huge monster bucks. As a Missouri Outfitter our success rates now exceed our Pike County Illinois Division of IMB Outfitters on a regular basis. As a Missouri Outfitter of 13 years we know just about every nook and cranny of all three of the top 3 Counties in North Central Missouri and provide the some of the best deer hunting in the State, if not the best.
Missouri Outfitters are just the opposite of more commercialized whitetail locations. As aforementioned my guess is that over 90% of them, or better are small redneck operations. Some have have every intention of providing you with a good hunt, however donít know how to do so. The good news is that a credible Missouri Outfitter can get you in the best sleeper State in the Nation, while a run of the mill Missouri Outfitter will simply foil your outing.
Just weeks ago a Missouri Outfitter in my area called me and ask me if he could come and visit me in my home. I agreed to meet. The meeting was tutorial wherein he wanted me to tell him what we do here at IMB Outfitters. I was kind to him and answers some questions but couldnít tell him all the tricks to being one of the few great Missouri Outfitters. After all it would have been a potential threat to my business to do so. It was quite a compliment that he would inquire but I had to refuse to answer many of his questions.
Missouri deer hunting opened in 1959. Regions in for Missouri Outfitters include the Ozark region which is solid timber absent of row crops. This region simply doesnít provide the nutrition to produce quality whitetail deer in large number. The Central Region for any Missouri Outfitter will normally hold a 60 to 40 timber/field mix with few row crops. The Prairie Region of Northern Missouri which is where you should be looking for a Missouri Whitetail Outfitters provide huge agricultural regions giving deer all the nutrients they need to grow huge racks. This area is about a 40 to 60 timber/field mix. Northern Misssouri has the richest soil providing the best nutrients so that Missouri Whitetail Outfitters can get hunters on big deer.
Public ground in Missouri is present but may be the most overhunted public ground of any of the Midwestern States. In short when I was in college I was poor and had to hunt public ground. Every time I thought I had found some secret honey hole of deer a bunch of hunters would come into my area whether it was bow season or gun season. Thus essentially what Iím telling you is public hunting in Missouri is horrible for trophy whitetail deer. To get on big whitetails in Missouri you need a credible Missouri Whitetail Outfitter.
Missouri Outfitters will inform you that the Missouri season begins September 15 with archery season and continues until generally the second Saturday in November when firearms season opens. This bow season is earlier and runs later than that of Kansas and Iowa. Missouri's early season has best served those bow hunters in the Northern Region. Few Missouri Whitetail Outfitters exist in this area.
Rifle season continues for 14 days. Credible Missouri Outfitters donít allow hunters to rifle hunt for 14 straight days. It can ruin the land quickly. Here at IMB Outfitters we have a 1st hunt on the first four days of our rifle season. Then we let the ground rest. In Missouri as a Missouri Whitetail Outfitter we have over 21,000 acres. Thus all 21,000 acres will rest until the last 4 days of rifle season when we put on a 2nd hunt. While our ground is resting the next door neighbors and local hunters run all the big bucks in on our ground. Thus sometimes the 2nd Gun is the best hunt because of the rest we give the ground. Missouri Outfitters will inform you that its modern firearms deer season occurs during peak rut. Due to Missouri's over the counter deer tags, low tag costs and its best trophy region in Shelby, Knox, and Macon Counties, you have every reason in the world to venture forward with a quality Missouri Outfitter like IMB Outfitters located at
Archery with an overlapping muzzleloader season resumes after the rifle season and continues with January 15 the last day of the latest season.
Missouri muzzleloader pressure is less than late season archery with few hunting. The late season muzzleloader hunt is a great time to book with credible Missouri Whitetail Outfitters.
Every hunter may have both a firearms (good for modern rifle and muzzleloader) and an archery tag and kill up to two bucks. One with bow and one with gun or muzzleloader. As a Missouri Outfitter we have some hunters that will come up for 5 days of archery and kill a big buck, then stay for the gun hunt and kill a 2nd buck as well. One state, two bucks, one destination. Sounds like a good deer hunt to book with credible Missouri Outfitters.
Missouri Outfitters will quickly tell you that tags are easily accessed over the counter at any WalMart or Sporting Good Store. No lottery, no preference points, nothing hard about it. You can simply buy your tags over the counter to hunt with a Missouri Whitetail Outfitter. The cost of either tag is $200.
Illuminated sights are permitted.
Hunter safety education certificate for all hunters born after January 1, 1967.
Orange hat and vest required during gun seasons.
Youth hunts are for children 11 and older.
Baiting is not legal, however using scents and minerals is not considered baiting.
Over-the-counter doe tag at $7.00 each and are unlimited.
Archery deer hunters prefer Missouri Outfitters for the larger areas of more closed in terrain and Missouri simply has more whitetail than Kansas or Iowa.
In terms of statistics another advantage has shown at bringing many of the highest scoring whitetail deer than Kansas or Iowa. Our Missouri Outfitters currently account for hundreds more trophy entries than Kansas.
Missouri's deer hunting is managed aggressively with state efforts and Missouri outfitters seeking to reduce the doe count with unlimited over the counter cheap antlerless tags. That effort combined with a point restriction zone makes Missouri deer hunting a productive proposition right now and it will get better in the years to come. After all, Missouri is surrounded by Illinois, Iowa and Kansas. The genetic base is present, the herd strongest of all the surrounding better known states and the Department of Conservation effort to increase rack quality will continue to make it a better whitetail deer hunting destination for years to come.
If you want to book a true deer hunt trip with the highest quality Missouri Whitetail Outfitter look no further than IMB Outfitters located

Darrin Bradley

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