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Nebraska Outfitters

Nebraska Outfitters
The State of Nebraska offers its prime trophy whitetail hunting in the extreme South Central region near the Kansas border. It is in the home of the Republican River bottoms that IMB Outfitters is located in this very region. Nebraska Outfitters are plentiful but most of these Nebraska Outfitters are located in the far west portions of the State. Why? In the far Western Regions of Nebraska multiple big game animals exist like the pronghorn, and the mule deer. Therefore Nebraska Outfitters will most generally offer services in these Western Regions so that they may maximize earnings by offering a vast array of hunts. Problem with the Western Region is that the whitetail deer hunting in Nebraska in the Western Region is far inferior to South Central. Thus while there are many great Nebraska outfitters , if your focused on a trophy whitetail buck I would advise staying away from the Western Region. The Western Nebraska Outfitters will tell you that their deer hunting is just as good but itís not. Western Nebraska holds the most mule deer in the State. Itís a fact that Mulies and Whitetails donít mix well. Mulies tend to run whitetails off. One tends to run the other off. Of course the Nebraska Outfitters wonít probably tell you this as it may cause the trophy whitetail hunter not to book a hunt in that area.
Also distinct terrain differences exist between Western and South Central Nebraska. Nebraska Outfitters will have plush river bottom ground with agricultural crops which draw and grow big whitetail bucks. Western Nebraska Outfitters will show you terrain that looks like west Texas. Sage brush and cactus. Not really good deer terrain at all.
Here at IMB Outfitters, as a Nebraska outfitter we solely focus on the harvest of trophy whitetail bucks. We specialize in it. Thatís what you want when your booking a hunt for whitetail deer with a Nebraska Outfitter. You may head to West Nebraska and kill a pronghorn or a mulie but the big trophy whitetails are in South Central Nebraska. In this State like aforementioned there are several great Nebraska outfitters but very few great Nebraska Outfitter that have leases holding a large number of trophy whitetail deer.
What is especially cool about hunting with a credible Nebraska Outfitter like IMB Outfitters located on the net at, in our area of the Republican River Bottoms I donít even know of another Nebraska Outfitter around. Therefore like Missouri we have built long standing relationships with area landowners on farms that have not been over pressured. In fact up until 2006 non residents were not able to legally hunt whitetail deer in Nebraska with firearms. Therefore when booking with a credible South Central Nebraska Outfitter you can count on getting on some good big mature old deer that havenít been overhunted. Just tonight I spoke to Doug Padgett on the phone who booked 11 hunts with us for 2010 but hunted with us as his Nebraska Outfitter in 2007. He was telling me his hunt was phenomenal. He said one morning he missed a Booner and saw 13 shooter bucks from his stand site. This is what great Nebraska Outfitters should be showing you. If not your with the wrong Nebraska Outfitter. Normally our hunters see from 30 to 50 deer per hunter per day, and over the course of their Nebraska Outfitter hunt they will see over a dozen record book whitetails. Nebraska is dependable for hunters seeking bucks exceeding 170 inches. Why? Because of no hunt pressure. To think I know of no other Nebraska Outfitters in our general area. Wow. Atop of that I have never seen a local resident archery hunting or at the cafť in camo during archery season.
Nebraska Outfitters are provided information from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission that proves my theory behind where the big whitetails are in the State by saying, Whitetail deer are found nearly statewide, but mule deer are the most common west of a line between Valentine and Lexington. Whitetails thrive in intensly farmed areas of South Central and South eastern Nebraska. As a Nebraska outfitter now you donítí just have to take my word for it. Parks and Recs even reports this fact.
Nebraska Outfitters in the South Central region can provide croplands that are a reliable year-round food source, and provide a sea of cover from July through October or November. Deer may use croplands for extended periods, but they must retreat to permanent cover for protection from weather and predators after harvest is completed. Normally the deer will move into the thick river bottoms after crop harvest, giving Nebraska Outfitters a great chance at putting hunters right atop of them as the deer become very predictable. A great Nebraska whitetail outfitter will know when the deer move and where they are at during the course of the year.
IMB Outfitters again has won more outdoor awards than any other Nebraska outfitter. IMB has been ranked in the top 44 hunts in the entire world by Petersenís Hunting. We have been in business as a Nebraska outfitter for 13 years, and possess over 30 major hunt company sponsors in the hunt industry. All this is evidence your next Nebraska outfitter choice should be IMB Outfitters, located at
As a Nebraska outfitter I cannot express that the biggest mistake made by hunters when booking a Nebraska deer hunt is the part of the State you elect to hunt. I donít care what Nebraska outfitters tell you, you must be in extreme South Central Nebraska to get into big numbers of trophy bucks. Nebraska Game and Parks reports this to Nebraska outfitters , Agricultural crops constitute from 40 to more than 50 percent of the whitetail's year-round diet. In north central Kansas, and South Central Nebraska, corn is the single most-used plant in all seasons except summer, with 29 percent overall use, while in Iowa corn comprised 40 percent of the deer's diet. Although whitetails are commonly observed in alfalfa fields, alfalfa is a relatively minor food source. Native foods that make up part of the deer's diet include woody vegetation, particularly buck brush and rose, with lesser amounts of dogwood, chokecherry, plum, red cedar, pine, and a host of other species. Forbs, particularly sunflowers, are important, while grasses and sedges are used only briefly in spring and fall. Although whitetails can obviously subsist entirely on native foods, they apparently have a preference for farm crops, which constitute the biggest management problem in agricultural states. Therefore book your trophy deer hunt with the Nebraska Outfitter , entitled IMB Outfitters.

Darrin Bradley

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