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Proper Preparation for your Deer Hunt

Proper Preparation for you Deer Hunt
I hate hunting articles that are written solely to “plug” or promote hunting products, however as I sat in my tree stand last night it just “hit me”. The sole product most of my whitetail deer hunts center around is produced by Hunter Specialties. Allow me to take you through the procedure I implement when hunting whitetail deer. As a whitetail deer hunter I know we all have our own rituals. Like a baseball player, we as whitetail deer hunters prepare for each outing in the same manner. I can remember in the Summer of 2009 when I was fortunate enough to visit the Houston Astros, Clubhouse prior to them playing the Cardinals that I ask Roy Oswalt to sign a baseball for me. He’s the pitching ace of the Houston Astros baseball staff. He refused and didn’t speak to me. At first I didn’t understand why he acted in this manner. Seconds after he walked away one of the players told me the starting pitchers won’t sign autographs or speak on the day they are pitching. They feel it’s bad luck. The very next day I visited the Astros Clubhouse again, and ask Roy Oswalt to sign, and he was very nice and autographed the baseball. He was a great guy. Point is as a baseball player, Oswalt as well as most starting pitchers have traditions and beliefs in preparing for a game. We too, have rituals and traditions as whitetail hunters prior to each outing.
I have done studies on Hunter Specialties products without outside influence and determined they work. For example, I took a dirty ashtray, a stinky shirt, and a 5 inch piece of carpet splattered with gasoline. I sprayed the Human Scent Elimination spray on each of these items and 10 minutes later no odor was present that was previously there.
Also you can trust and believe I would never promote products that don’t work. This is how I prepare for my hunt. The question is are you preparing for your hunt correctly in order to take a trophy whitetail buck.
My ritual is as follows:
1. Obviously I determine what tree stand and area I will hunt. When doing so I consider deer movement, food sources, wind direction, topographical advantages, and of course those “gut feelings” or hunches a whitetail deer hunter has sometimes.
2. Prior to the hunt I always shower in the Hunter Specialties Antibacterial Deodorizing Soap or as most of us refer to it as “The Green Soap”. In fact during the months that deer season falls I don’t use any soap but Hunter Specialties Antibacterial Deodorizing Soap. The “Green Soap” is available in both liquid and bar soap form, the original Scent-A-Way™ "green soap" contains natural vegetable proteins that attack body odors. It includes Honeyquat for increased hydration and aloe vera for soft skin and hair. Scent-A-Way Soap can be used as a body soap or shampoo and is also an excellent all-around hand soap. It is odorless and environmentally friendly.
3. The armpits and head are the two most vital areas needing protection from human odor causing bacteria. During deer season I’m using Hunter Specialties deodorant. Specially formulated, odorless anti-perspirant will keep hunters dry and scent free. It eliminates bacterial odors, absorbs and reduces moisture. Extended 24-hour plus protection. 2.25 oz. container.
4. All my hunts clothes are washed separately from the normal household laundry. I will only use Hunter Specialties Scent A-way Laundry Detergent. My wife is a great housekeeper and does a “mean load of laundry”, however during hunt season she and I both know to wash any garment I will hunt in with the Scent A-way Laundry Detergent. This odor-free liquid detergent is ultra concentrated with Clean Rinse and Stain Guard to prevent the re-depositing of dirt/soil. It cleans in all temperatures. Scent-A-Way contains no U-V brighteners and its Camo Guard enzyme provides color and pattern protection. Uses just 1/2 oz. for front loading and 1 oz. for top loading. Available in 24 oz. and 44 oz. bottles. Scent-A-Way Plus Laundry Detergent eliminates odor while adding a fresh earth cover scent. Scent-A-Way Carbon Clean Laundry Detergent is formulated to clean all types of carbon clothing. Keeping your body and clothes free of foreign odor is one of the most vital steps you can take in preparing. I find this more important than any set of rattling antlers, grunt calls, or gadgets one can use to deer hunt.
5. Now that I’ve prepared my clothing and my body properly the wise whitetail deer hunter will store their hunt clothes in a air proof bag to keep them from absorbing foreign odors that will give away their location to whitetail deer. I place my hunt clothes in Hunter Specialties Deluxe Travel Bag. What good is it to take all these scent precaution and expose your clothing to foreign odors prior to the entrance into the woods. The specially formulated foil on the inside of the bag locks out foreign odors and stops all odor transfer to your hunting clothes. Made with a durable nylon outer and inner cover that can withstand the rigors of hunting. The resealable and reusable bag is large enough to hold the bulkiest clothing. Inside mesh pockets hold scent wafers (two Fresh Earth Scent Wafers included). Nylon straps for easy carrying. Ripstop stitching.
6. Once I reach the farm I am hunting I completely strip down to my undergarments and stand on my floor mat from the truck and wipe my entire body down with Hunter Specialties Wash Towels. This further cleans my body of human odor before getting into my travel bag and fishing my hunt clothes out. With enzymes that eliminate odor, Scent-A-Way™ Wash Towels cleanse and deodorize when soap and water are not available. Soothes skin with aloe vera and Vitamin E. Environmentally friendly. Twelve 10" x 12" towelettes come in resealable bag. Now before I walk into the timber and once I get into the treestand I completely spray down with Hunter Specialties Human Scent Elimination Spray. This is a product I have done my own studies with and sprayed dirty ashtrays, and carpet splattered with gasoline only to discover no odor remained minutes later. The powerful, fast-acting Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula works by neutralizing, oxidizing, bonding, and molecularly changing a wide range of odors on clothing and equipment. Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula is all natural, safe, and environmentally friendly. It won’t stain or fade clothing or materials and is not harmful to your skin. This also comes in earth and acorn scents, however I prefer just the plain old non odor Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula.
7. As I’m walking into each tree stand I have hung I place orange tape and limblights so that I can walk the exact route to the stand without getting off the beaten path. Hunter Specialties also makes both of these. The Hunter Specialties orange tape doesn’t fade in the sun as will other like products. Here are both descriptions on these products. These reflective trail tacks reflect light from up to 200 yards away. They can helps mark trails to your treestand. Tacks are easy to remove. They are available in 50 packs of white or the new orange and brown. Safety orange, non-adhesive marking tape is perfect for marking direction. Sunlight breaks down this non-toxic and environmentally safe tape. Waterproof and easy to tear. Ideal for bowhunters and gun hunters who want to find their way in the woods.
8. Now that I’m at the tree stand it’s always a good idea to put out some deer scent. Deer scents are dependent upon what time of year your hunting.
Hunter's Specialties Primetime® Deer Urine

When you want to do more than cover your human odor and get an edge on bagging a trophy buck, you go with one of Hunter's Specialties proven brands of deer urine. Whether you're trying to lure a buck to a sweet new doe or tempt one to come tangle tines in a grudge match, Hunter's Specialties has a bottled urine formula developed to meet your needs and hunting strategy.
Premium Doe Estrus Urine Spray is made from 100% natural doe-in-heat urine. This is a product from Hunter Specialties that I use only during the rut or when does are normally in heat.
Dominant Buck Urine Spray is made from buck-in-rut urine and is certain to cause a buck's territorial urge to minimize his caution and send him into a frenzy. I utilize this in non rut or pre rut conditions.
Natural Doe Urine Spray is taken during pre- and post-rut to entice buck curiosity. This is simply a great curiosity lure that calms deer down thinking a corridor your hunting has been recently visited by a whitetail deer and that it’s a safe corridor to travel.
Estrus Plus is collected during the 24- to 36-hour estrous cycle. Again this is a scent I only use when does are in heat.
Scent Dripper Super Combo includes a measured, controlled scent dispenser and one bottle each of Estrus Plus and Dominant Buck urine. This year I began making mock scrapes for our hunters and we are actually doing a study throughout the year with mock scrapes. Last night using the dripper and dominant buck urine I was successful in luring in 5 different bucks. One was a 145 inch 8 point that I let walk away.
9. Upon arriving at the tree stand I’ve already prepared my shooting lanes with a Hunter Specialties Folding Saw, and always have one in my pack. The Hunter Specialties Folding Saw helps hunters quickly and easily clear shooting lanes, whether it is setting up to hunt from the ground or a tree stand. The Folding Saw can quickly clear branches, brush, or even small trees. The Saw, which is 9” long when closed and 16” long when open, comes with interchangeable stainless steel blades, one for wood and an E-Z cut bone saw. The blade locks into place with the push of a button. A carrying pouch is also included. The Folding Saw is available without the blades or carrying pouch.
10. Now I’m climbing into the tree stand and pulling my backpack and weapon up to my tree stand with a Hunter Specialties pull up rope. The HS pull up rope is 30 feet in length now. I always put two ropes on each stand. One for my backpack and one for my weapon. Having a pull-up rope to haul items from the ground up to your treestand is a necessity that most hunters cannot do without. The problem is that most ropes aren’t heavy enough to handle the loads put on them, and hunters certainly don’t want the rope to break while hauling their gun or bow into their stand. Hunter’s Specialties® now has a new Heavy Duty Hunting Rope that will handle just about anything you want to hoist into your stand. The 30’ rope has heavy-duty, quiet non-marring clips on each end. The rope’s larger diameter reduces the memory, coiling, and knotting that creates problems with thinner ropes.
11.Once I have hoisted the gear into the tree stand location I have to hang the gear with sturdy and dependable gear hooks. Once again I’m using my Hunter Specialties products. While Hunter Specialties makes a variety of these I prefer the extra long hook makes it easier to grip and screw into trees. It will hold a variety of hunting accessories. 3 pack.
Hunter Specialties produces many other products I haven’t spoken about, but without them all the aforementioned steps in preparation for my next trophy whitetail harvest would be absent. Preparation and planning prior to entering your tree stand site is a very important aspect in determining one’s success while whitetail deer hunting. I’m prepared. Are you?


Darrin Bradley

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