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What are the Highest Scoring Whitetail Bucks of All Time?

What are the Highest Scoring Whitetail Bucks of All Time
I have been a trophy whitetail deer enthusiast for 25 years, and have been fascinated with the largest whitetail bucks ever killed for a long time. It will be the intent of this article to educate whitetail deer hunters by providing them with a list of the largest whitetail bucks ever killed and placed in the Boone and Crockett Record Books. While I’ve harvest 15 Pope and Young Bucks, to this date I have never taken a buck scoring in excess of 170 inches in order to qualify for the minimum requirements imposed by the Boone and Crockett Club. I’ve taken some whitetails in the 160 class arena, and await for the day I harvest a “Booner”, however until that time comes I admire them, awaiting my turn at a Boone and Crockett Whitetail Buck.
As a whitetail deer outfitter for the past 13 years, my hunters have taken some monster bucks. If you’ve never seen a buck scoring in excess of 170 inches laying in the back of a pickup, then the best description I could paint would be stating, “They simply don’t look real.” I recall 5 years ago we received a telephone call from one of our hunters in the field while deer hunting in the State of Missouri. The hunter stated, who “I just killed a good buck”. I told the hunter to “hold tight” and we would be with him within minutes to retrieve the animal for him. Minutes later his guide called me on my cell phone and told me that the client had a possible 170 inch whitetail deer down. I told them to bring it on back to the hunting lodge and I would score it. When they arrived at the lodge and dropped the tail gate, the first thing they ask me was, “Do you think this buck will score 170 inches, in order to make the Boone and Crockett Club?” My jaw hit the ground, as I was stunned by the enormous whitetail buck the hunter had harvested. I turned to them and said, “You guys have a buck down that is going to score over 200 inches. This will finish in the top 20 bucks ever harvested in the State of Missouri.” They thought I was joking. The deer scored 214 inches. If this particular whitetail deer had no deductions it would have been the new world record. I was quick to begin wondering, what are the largest scoring whitetail deer ever killed?
The point is that once you’ve harvested a buck exceeding 170 inches it almost hard to tell what is lying on the ground at your feet. Why? Bucks that are that big simply don’t look real. In fact it left me wondering how this monster 214 inch buck could ever walk around with this heavy crown of antlers on his head that had to weigh 15 pounds or more. I left me also wondering, “How does a buck with this big a rack escape being seen, all the time by hunters because he sticks out like a sore thumb”.
In short I thought it would be nice to supply information surrounding the 20 largest whitetail bucks ever taken and entered into the record books. Many clubs and outdoor writers have written on the largest whitetail bucks ever killed. Strangely enough no matter how much I searched the internet it wasn’t easy to find a list of the biggest whitetail deer ever killed. While Gordon Whittington, as well as the Boone and Crockett Club are definitely worthy of more respect than anyone in regard to this matter, with wonderful books such as Legendary Whitetails I and II by Gordon Whittington, as well as all Records of North American Big Game by Boone and Crockett Club. If you don’t have these books you need them. They are wonderful. I still thought it might be interesting for you to know exactly what the top 20 whitetail bucks of all time score, and a short narrative behind each harvest. We will take a look at two different categories of whitetail deer scoring which include the Typical Whitetail Deer, and the NonTypical Deer.
What is the Difference Between a Typical and a Non Typical Whitetail Buck
The largest non typical whitetail bucks ever killed, will be listed below, however let us first define what any non typical whitetail buck is per definition. In layman’s terms any NonTypical whitetail buck refers to antlers on a whitetail deer that are not symmetrical and have often points growing off other points of the antlers. There is no set rule that says a white-tailed buck must be scored typical or non-typical. The choice really is up to the hunter and which classification makes the most sense. As I go through the following discussion, it will become obvious how a particular buck should be scored.
First, when scoring deer antlers, all normal and abnormal points are measured. The scores of both typical and non-typical sets of antlers are based off the symmetry (after deductions) of the main frame. Yes, even non-typical bucks get deductions for not having a symmetrical main 8-point, 10-point, 12-point, etc frame with matched points of the same length.
But — since the measurements of all normal and abnormal points are taken, it’s easy to calculate both the typical and non-typical scores. Abnormal points add into the gross score of a buck scored non-typical and are subtracted from the gross score of a buck scored typical. If a set of antlers has many abnormal points, the set is most accurately classified as non-typical and would be best scored as non-typical (but it is not a requirement).
Odd, freakish, and unmatched points do not add any value to the typical antler score as per the definition of a normal point. When scoring a typical set of deer antlers, the length of abnormal points is measured, but subtracted from the gross score of a buck. The rules state you can not add abnormal points to the score of a typical frame. If the antlers are nearly typical, abnormal points hurt the net score. So there is no maximum on the amount of inches that can be deducted because the mathematics of the issue becomes self limiting. The more abnormal points, the lower the net score becomes under the typical classification and the more the scorer leans towards scoring the antlers non-typical.
On the flip side, if a set of antlers is scored non-typical, then the total length of abnormal points is added into the gross score for the rack. The more abnormal points a set of antlers has, the more sense it makes to score them as non-typical. The fewer abnormal points a set of antlers has, the more sense it makes to score them as typical.
Again, the important thing to keep in mind: Both typical and non-typical sets of antlers are scored based on the main frame. The only difference is that abnormal points deduct from a typical rack’s final score, but they are additive for non-typical. If the white-tailed buck has a lot of abnormal points, why score it as typical and then subtract away abnormal points?

Largest Non-Typical Whitetail Bucks
To follow is a lust of the top 10 NonTypical whitetail bucks ever recorded by the Boone and Crockett record book club.
Top Ten Non Typical Whitetail Deer
Top Ten Typical Whitetail Deer
1. 333 7/8 St. Louis, MO Picked Up 1981
2. 328 2/8 Portage, OH Picked Up 1940
3. 307 5/8 Monroe IA Tony Lovstuen 2003
4. 304 3/8 Fulton, IL Jerry Bryant 2001
5. 295 6/8 Winston, MS Tony Fulton 1995
6. 295 3/8 McD, IL Scott Dexter 2004
7. 295 3/8 Adams, OH Jonathon 2006
8. 294 Greene, OH M. Beatty 2000
9. 284 3/8 Texas Unknown 1892
10. 282 Clay, IA L. Raveling 1973
1. The Missouri Monarch is a buck that hunters can only dream about. That is because it was not hunter-harvested, but the big white-tailed buck is the current world record non-typical white-tailed buck. On November 25, 1981, when Missouri Department of Conservation Agent Mike Helland was sent on what appeared to be a routine patrol call in St. Louis County. The white-tailed deer was discovered by a hunter, but it was not shot with bullet or arrow.
2. The Hole-In-The-Horn Buck is ranked as the 2nd largest NonTypical record book whitetail buck ever recorded. This buck is from Ohio however was never killed by a hunter. The hole in the horn buck was found dead more than 50 years ago. One of the members of a hunt club was an engineer for a railroad. It believed that Charlie Flowers was partially responsible for the recovery of this giant whitetail buck. The hole in the horn buck was discovered in 1940. It is uncertain how the hole in the horn occurred, however some think it was the result of a fence.
3. 15-year-old Tony Lovstuen pulled the trigger of his muzzleloader on the afternoon of Sept. 29, 2003, to harvest the largest non typical whitetail buck ever killed by a hunter in the State of Iowa. The Iowa non-typical had become known to possess a little over 307 inches of bone on his head.
4. The Jerry Bryant Buck was harvested in Illinois by a man that was turkey hunting in the fall for turkeys. That’s right, Jerry Bryant was on stand hunting turkeys with a crossbow in the State of Illinois when this monster whitetail fell into his lap.
5. The Tony Fulton Buck was harvested in 1995. Mr. Fulton took this great buck with a 30-06 in the state of Mississippi after his wife urged him a two go whitetail deer hunting that day. And
6. This tremendous non-typical was taken with a crossbow by Amish hunter Jonathan Schmucker in Adams County, Ohio, in 2006. It was entered into the Club's 26th Awards Program (2004, 2005, 2006) with an official score of 295-3/8.
7. The Scott Dexter Buck was shot with a muzzleloader in the state of Illinois in 2005. What makes him so big is the palmated mass,” said Boone & Crockett measurer Tim Walmsley of Fowler. “He picks up a big part of his score on his mass. But he’s also got 127 inches of abnormal points, which is amazing.”
8. The Michael Beatty Buck was shot in 2000 by Mike Beatty in Greene County, Ohio, and is the largest whitetail buck ever killed with a compound bow. This buck is a whopping 294 inches. That will give us archers all something to shoot for.
9. Within the Buckhorn Museum and Saloon laid the #9 Non Typical Whitetail Buck of all time but getting the story straight was another matter of verification. In 1881 Albert Friedrich opened Albert's Buckhorn Saloon in San Antonio, Texas, and offered to trade a shot of redeye or a beer for any set of whitetail antlers a cowboy or hunter brought in. In 1892 a man, believed to have been named Jeff Benson, brought in two incredible deer racks. In 1955 Grancel Fitz, who helped formulate the Boone and Crockett Club's trophy scoring system, visited what had then become the Buckhorn Curio Store and measured those two extraordinary sets of antlers. Fitz described them as a "78" and a "72" pointer, scoring the first at 286 B&C points, and the second at 284 3/8, making them the No. 1 and No. 2 record heads in the 1958 edition of the records book. Shorty after that, it was decided that the 72-point antlers were sheds from the 78-pointer, and the No. 2 deer was dropped from the book. For a quarter century, the 78-pointer reigned as the world's record non-typical buck, until it was surpassed by larger bucks.In 1996, an official B&C measurer in San Antonio, John Stein, examined both heads, x-raying the 78-point rack and having the 72-pointer remounted. What he found was that the 78-point antlers were actually the sheds, and that the 72-point rack was still attached to the deer's skull plate. So, the wrong antlers were dropped all those years ago, and the real world's record never received the credit it was due. It's almost certain that both antlers came from the same deer, and you can still see them in Old San Antone in the Buckhorn Saloon & Museum Hall of Horns.
10. The Larry Raveling Buck was a beautiful Iowa buck bought and sold to collectors. This awesome non-typical was taken in Iowa in 1973. Three drop tines and more make this truly a legend of the whitetail world, with an emphasis on Iowa whitetail deer hunting.

Top Ten Typical Whitetail Deer
1. 213 5/8 Saska., CAN Milo Hanson 1993
2. 206 1/8 Burnett, WI James Jordan 1914
3. 205 Randolph, MO Larry Gibson 1971
4. 204 4/8 Peoria, IL Melvin Johnson 1965
5. 204 2/8 Pendleton, KY Robert Smith 2000
6. 204 2/8 Alabama Stephen Jansen 1967
7. 203 3/8 Sask., CAN Hubert Collins 2003
8. 202 6/8 Sask, CAN Bruce Ewen 1992
9. 202 3/8 Sask, CAN J. Tarala & 2006
M. Berezowski
10. 202 Beltrami, MN John Breen 1918
1. The Milo Hanson Buck was killed in Saskatchewan, Canada on November 23rd and 1993. The shot heard around the world was our shattering. The buck has a net typical score of 213 inches and some change. This buck was killed as a result of the deer drives Mr. Hanson and friends employed during gun season. This buck was not recovered and until the next morning by Hansen and his friends, however the whitetail deer industry may never recover a larger buck ever.
2. The James Jordan Buck was harvested in Wisconsin in 1914. James was hunting for meat, and tracked a group of deer in the snow down to some railroad tracks. Jordan accidentally tracked the second highest ranked whitetail buck within the typical category, and shot it with a rifle prior to the popularity of whitetail deer hunting as we know it to day.
3. Oddly enough the third largest typical whitetail buck was harvested by the hands of Larry Gibson in Randolph County, Missouri. The oddity is that I was born and raised in Randolph County, Missouri. This buck was later purchased by a collector. The true superbuck is a one-in-a-million creature which is perhaps the culmination of perfect circumstances in terms of genetics, habitat and nutrition or perhaps a function of natural experimentation gone awry. It inspires dreams and passions in the mind and soul of hunters and obsessions in the spirit of collectors who aspire to own the biggest racks at any price.
4. The Melvin Johnson Buck was harvested in Illinois in 1965. Johnson was a Bowhunter who had spotted this buck on several occasions prior to archery season. He had been hunting with a body but on the afternoon the buck was harvested Mr. Johnson was alone. This buck scores 204 4/8.
5. The Robert Smith Buck was harvested in the state of Kentucky. This buck was captured on a game camera prior to deer season. Robert Smith hunted this buck diligently passing up many great bucks, in search of the giant. Smith had assumed the buck might have died or left his property and had become downtrodden. However after a rainstorm the giant whitetail deer stepped out to feed in a Cornfield, which proved to be his final mistake.
6. The Stephen Jansen Buck. This buck is the Alberta record typical whitetail deer. It was taken by Stephen Jansen on November 15, 1967 near Dog Pound, Alberta. The buck scores 204 2/8 B&C and also 203 6/8 using the Buckmaster Scoring System. It’s one of the top typical whitetail deer in the world.
7. The Hubert Collins Buck. One old time record, though, still stands, and that’s Mel Johnson’s long-standing world-record typical from 1965, a 204 4/8-inch beauty. However, if you hold your thumb and first finger 1 1/2 inches apart, you will see how close Hubert “Tiggy” Collins’ 203 3/8-inch typical came from being the new archery typical world record.
8. The Bruce Ewen Buck. There is very little information on this buck available. I do know that this buck was killed in 1982 in Canada, and was purchased by Bass Pro Shops.
9. Maurice Berezowski and John Tarala shot at the same time and dropped a buck that officially scores 202 5/8 net typical B&C with a 31 6/8-inch outside spread. The rack also scores 231 3/8 net non-typical. This buck ranks #4 for Saskatchewan and #9 in the world.
10. The John Breen Buck. Former No. 1 in the world is John Breen's 1918 record from Minnesota. This massive 5x5 is a fan favorite. It's truly hard to imagine a more impressive typical whitetail. Coming in at #10 this buck is impressive enough to have lasted for decades on the Boone and Crockett Record Book’s Game Awards. One of those big timber Minnesota whitetail bucks scoring 202 and some change.
In conclusion, such a short article will never do justice to the largest whitetail deer ever killed in the history of the sport. However I have been able to supply a list of the biggest whitetail bucks ever harvested in the history of deer hunting. After careful review, two trends are spotted when examining a list of the largest whitetail bucks. Note that many of the bucks were found dead, while many of the bucks were also killed by novice whitetail deer hunters. A mere three days ago I wrote an article on bed areas of trophy whitetail deer. In that article we discussed a lot of big bucks are taken by novice whitetail deer hunters that do not know how to read deer sign. As a result they set up tree stands in the dumbest places where veteran whitetail deer hunters would never hunt. Many of the largest bucks over the course of history show a trend. They are bedding up and staying in areas we don’t look. This would also explain while many of the biggest bucks ever taken were not taken alive. You are walking right pass them.

Darrin Bradley

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