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Put Your Time In
Unfortunately when I was a young boy my parents divorced, and shortly after my father drowned. As a result I was raised by a single mother, who worked hard to provide for us, however we never had enough money to afford the finer things in life. In fact until within the past 10 years or so I have really not been a person who lived a lifestyle of anything more than average. Iíve worked as a janitor in a factory to pay my way through college. Iíve also flipped my share of burgers at local fast food joints, and worked my fair share of sweaty factory jobs, prior to obtaining a lifestyle which is comfortable.
If you do or have shared a similar lifestyle, which I was forced to live prior to graduating from college, then you know what I mean when I say I have had to hunt my fair share of public deer hunting ground, or had to work so many hours a week that I simply hunted on weekends only for whitetail deer. Theirs nothing worse than being forced to be a weekend warrior, as your mind is in the timber, while your body is at work.
The element of time, in regard to harvesting record book whitetail bucks is very important. The truth is that no matter how good a whitetail deer hunter you may be, if you donít have enough time to spend in the woods your odds of success are drastically decreased. Much of any whitetail deer hunterís success revolves around the amount of time you have to spend in the woods hunting for whitetail deer.
For example, I didnít harvest any record book whitetail bucks back in the days when I had to work long hours at the factory, and was forced to hunt only on weekends. Upon graduation from college I obtained a job as a Parole Officer for the State of Missouri. As a worker of the State we had all major, and minor holidays off, compensation time, and also my boss was very cool and let me leave work at 3 PM in order to hunt. The great job afforded me so much time to hunt that I was spending major amounts of time in the woods chasing trophy whitetail deer. It was at this point that on some years I would hunt over 80 outings in 4 months. Crazy, huh? When I began to put more time in the woods the whitetail deer puzzle began to assemble.
I found this whitetail puzzle evolves and unfolds in phases that one must endure or simply quit archery hunting for whitetail deer in order to become persistent at harvesting trophy whitetail deer. This is an art that takes dedication and time for the archery whitetail deer hunter.
I didnít even harvest my first archery buck until 1990. That whitetail deer was a forkhorn buck, and I was so happy to accomplish the feat I literally cried I was so happy. Laugh all you want, the first phase of archery hunting for whitetail deer is often paraphrased as, ďAny whitetail deer you kill with a bow is a trophy.Ē Sometimes I wish I would have mounted that buck just so I could have my first archery buck harvest hanging on the wall with the 16 Pope and Young Bucks I have taken over the past 19 years. During phase one of archery hunting for deer, one needs to harvest does and not be particular about the first buck he or she shoots, as each kill is a learning experience. Each whitetail deer hunt is a learning experience.
Traditionally during phase one of your archery career a whitetail deer hunter should read as much educational material as possible regarding whitetail deer hunting strategies, and the life cycle of the whitetail deer. My belief is that Dr. David Samuel provides the most informative knowledge in his books regarding these areas of whitetail deer hunting. The whitetail deer hunter should also watch as many videos and outdoor television as possible in order to learn more about the sport of whitetail deer hunting. Remember as you watch outdoor television that a vast majority of what you are watching is not fair chase. Even despite this fact many lessons can be learned by watching outdoor television. During phase one of your archery career as a whitetail deer hunter you are simply collecting as much data as possible to learn the lifestyle of the whitetail deer. You are also continually exposing yourself to hunting whitetail deer every chance you are afforded. Focus more on whitetail deer behavior and less on your harvest success. During phase one of your archery career for hunting whitetail deer it is more important to learn than to kill. Throughout the body of this article I will continue to emphasize the importance of time. The more time you devote to studies and hunt outings for whitetail deer the quicker you will move to phase two. Remember that during phase one you will experience more failure than success.
During phase two of your whitetail deer hunting career your collection of data regarding whitetail deer should become more advanced. It is during this phase that the whitetail deer hunter should begin to concentrate on whitetail hunting strategies that are more advanced, learning to read whitetail deer sign, researching the significance of deer rubs and scrapes, bed areas, core areas, topographical advantages, how environmental conditions effect deer movement, treestand placement, product research, and spending as much time in the timber hunting whitetail deer as humanly possible. During phase two of your whitetail deer hunting career it is a period of trial and error. Shoot does often in order to learn how to move and pull your bow back on whitetail deer. This will quickly teach you just how keen the whitetail deer is.
All the aforementioned whitetail data suggested for this phase can be found right on our website with over 180 stories here at on our ďhunter storiesĒ page. You need to look no further than IMB Outfitters for this information whether you wish to book a hunt or not with us.
Somewhere during phase two of your whitetail deer hunting career it is common for the hunter to become frustrated. You will miss many shots at whitetail deer that will break your heart. You will lose an animal once in a while. It is at this stage many whitetail archery deer hunters will stop hunting. This phase will be the hardest to overcome. There will be times you will feel as if archery hunting for whitetail deer is simply not worth it. Do not give up! Success awaits you just around the corner.
Phase three of your archery deer hunting career will bring about new hope and advanced whitetail strategies that will produce. The key to reaching this plateau is literally based upon your dedication of study and the amount of time you deer hunt. I know individuals who have deer hunted for 30 years, and are not as skilled as some deer hunters that have hunted whitetail deer for 10 years. Think of this, if over the course of a 10 year span a whitetail deer hunter participates in 400 outings or deer hunts, he will be much more skilled than a deer hunter who has hunted for 30 years for whitetail deer that has participated in 150 outings or hunts. Again I will say, the more time you dedicate to whitetail deer hunting the more advanced you will become.
During phase three of your archery deer hunting career it will be time to purchase quality hunt products in order to increase your success rates. It is at this stage you will wish to purchase a quality compound bow, or quality crossbow. It is obvious that Mathews Bows manufactures the greatest compound bows on the planet. When in search of a quality compound bow I would suggest the Mathews Reason. When in search of a quality crossbow you need look no further than a Horton. I would suggest the Horton Vision 175. At this point of your deer hunting career high quality binoculars and range finders are a must. You have to identify deer in the woods, and know how far they are away to shoot. Look no further than Nikon. Youíll also want to be equip yourself with scent elimination clothing from Medalist and experiment with scent elimination products from Hunter Specialties. Like it or not this is the phase of whitetail deer hunting that will require quality equipment.
While scouting for whitetail deer , should always be a part of each phase, the whitetail deer hunter will increase scouting efforts in order to locate trophy whitetail bucks. Scouting for trophy whitetail deer takes place on grain fields during summer months, but also throughout the ongoing whitetail deer season.
This is a phase where the whitetail deer hunter will be forced to specifically study an advanced whitetail deer hunting strategies, but more importantly research surrounding topographical advantages by using aerial photographs, and elevation maps. All this material can be studied from many of a over 180 hunt articles on whitetail deer from our website here are at To consistently harvest trophy whitetail bucks you must master reading topographical advantages, as well as spending as much time in the woods as possible.
Any vital suggestion in the completion of this phase of your whitetail deer hunting career is to book a quality whitetail deer hunt with a deer outfitter. While in attendance in camp on your whitetail deer hunt asked as many questions as possible. Quiz the hunting guides and outfitters as much as possible. Pick their brains so you may learn the tricks they will share which they implement on a professional level to ensure whitetail deer hunters get shots at record book whitetail deer. While the goal of booking a whitetail deer hunt may seem to be the harvest of the trophy whitetail deer, it is more important to those wishing to enhance their hunting skills to collect information surrounding whitetail deer hunting strategies. Remember it is not the hunt celebrities that have the most knowledge surrounding whitetail deer hunting. Itís the quality whitetail deer outfitters that possess the most knowledge of about whitetail deer strategies. Have you ever heard the phrase ďbehind every good man stands any great woman?Ē remember that behind every successful whitetail deer hunt celebrity stands a great deer outfitter that had the trophy buck patterned before the hunt celebrity even a arrived in camp. IMB Outfitter is without doubt the most reknown deer outfitter in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas. At IMB Outfitters we involve our clients in their deer hunts and share secrets with them, while considering their input during the hunt as a joint effort to harvest trophy whitetail deer.
As a deer outfitter in Iowa, Pike County Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas for 13 years I have witnessed many mistakes made by whitetail hunters that I feel a need to share in order to educate the reader regarding the element of time. Here are but a few examples:
1. In 2009 a hunter purchased an annual pass with IMB Outfitters. The annual pass allows the deer hunter to hunt on an unlimited basis in all five states we sell whitetail deer hunts in. This particular whitetail deer hunter refused to hunt on any morning outings, and would not leave the lodge to go whitetail deer hunting until 4:00 PM. Obviously by not deerhunting in the morning his success rates dropped by 50% as he was missing half his whitetail deer hunts. By refusing to leave the hunt lodge for hunting until 4:00 PM he was entering the timber too late and further decreasing his odds of success by 25% by missing half of the time spent in the timber on afternoon hunts. Overall this whitetail deer hunter decreased his odds of success by 75%. This may be the most grossly misuse of time by any whitetail deer hunter I have witnessed. No whitetail deer hunter can expect to be successful with such a huge lack of dedication. Time is a key factor while whitetail deer hunting.
2. Several whitetail deer hunters that book a hunt with us each year in pursuit of a trophy whitetail deer travel from long distances to come to camp and leave the afternoon of the last day their hunt ends, even if they are having a great deer hunt, thereby missing their final evening hunt. They do this to get an early start in route back to their original destination. I beg these whitetail deer hunters to stay and hunt their final evening rather than get an early start home. Just last night in a 40 mile per hour wind and rain, I had 3 hunters from New Hampshire that by all practical purposes had little or no chance due to environmental conditions to harvest a trophy buck. Instead of traveling home early they hunted in the 40 mph winds. As a result one of the three whitetail deer hunters arrowed his first Pope and Young Buck. Three weeks prior to these hunters I had a young man in camp who we talked into hunting his final evening. As a result he arrowed his first Pope and Young Buck. Both scenarios prove that for each minute you spend in the timber you are one step closer to your next trophy whitetail deer harvest. Time is a key factor while whitetail deer hunting. Just tonight in Pike County Illinois one of our whitetail deer hunters killed his first trophy buck on the last evening of his hunt on Halloween 2009.
3. Many whitetail deer hunters do not like to hunt all day long. Most of our whitetail deer hunters come out of the timber at 10:00 AM and return to hunt whitetail deer from 2:00 PM till dark. Especially during the rut I beg our whitetail deer hunters to hunt all day long, as I know for each minute they sit in a funnel or topographical advantage while bucks are chasing does the kill could occur at any time. Just today, Halloween 2009, two hunter killed trophy bucks at 1 PM, and 2 PM while 95% of our whitetail deer hunters were at the lodge watching football. Let me just say this, you canít kill a trophy buck sitting in a hunting lodge watching football and thatís for certain.
In conclusion, as whitetail deer hunters we all evolve through different stages throughout our hunting careers. Sometimes will be rather frustrating, while other times will produce the greatest moments of our lives. Rest assured, you must spend hundreds of hours in the woods before becoming an accomplished trophy whitetail deer hunter. There are no shortcuts or cheat codes when in pursuit of trophy whitetail deer. Put your time in the woods and you will reap huge rewards.

Darrin Bradley

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