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New Compound Bows for 2010

New Compound Bows for 2010

New hunting products for 2010

As the hunt industry continues to advance with higher performance products, although it’s not my “gig” to write hunt stories about hunt products allow me to produce the newest compound bows and other new gear for 2010 that will assist you in the harvest of this fall’s whitetail buck of a lifetime.

As aforementioned I am the type of writer that would rather discuss whitetail hunt strategies, however I realize that a whitetail deer hunter that isn’t equipped properly can blow all his or her efforts by hunting with inferior equipment. Read further to view the hottest new hunting products for 2010.


Mathews Z7 Compound Bow

Experience the perfect blend of speed, and accuracy with the All New Mathews® Z7™. Featuring the Z7 Cam™ which provides blazing speed with an ultra-smooth draw, the Reverse Assist™ Roller Guard that reduces friction for a smoother draw cycle, and a stronger, lighter-weight riser made with revolutionary new Grid Lock™ Technology combine for the ultimate balance in performance. The Z7™ comes standard with the Dead End String Stop, Harmonic Stabilizer, Monkey Tails, SlimFit grip. This is the finest hunting bow ever produced. Mathews Z7™- This Bow is without a doubt the best on today’s hunting market. Expectations Exceeded!
IB O Rating 332 fps
Axle to axle 30”
Brace Height 7”
Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, 65, 70
Bow Weight 3.97 lbs.
Let off 80%
Draw Lengths 25” to 30”
Half Sizes 25.5 to 29.5
MSRP $899

Hoyt Carbon Matrix

The Carbon Matrix is Hoyt’s “showboat” bow for 2010 and features an all carbon riser. There are three main tubes that are hollow and make use of the same O Tech technology that Prince uses in it’s tennis rackets. With an ATA of 35″ and a mass of 3.8 lbs, the Carbon Matrix is one of the lightest bows on the market. A relatively forgiving brace height of 7 1/4″ and the new XTR Cam and 1/2 result in an IBO rating of 318 fps. While by no means a barn-burner, the Carbon Matrix is a smooth shooting, technologically advanced bow that will surely lead to a future of more carbon fiber based bows. The MSRP is $1599, so this is not a bow that’s easy on the pocket book, however early reports indicate that it is selling well and Hoyt is rumored to be bumping up the production quantities to meet the demand.
• Weight ranges 50-60lbs, 60-70lbs, 70-80lbs. Please specify weight required. All bows are adjustable 10lbs down from the peak draw weight.
• Draw range 27″-31″ in 1-2″ increments
• Module adjustment
• Wheel XTR Cam & ½
• Limbs XTS ARC
• Advanced carbon construction
• O-Tech Technology
• Tec-Lite Riser
• Let-Off 75%
• IBO Speed 318fps
• Axle to Axle 35.25″
• Brace height 7.25″
• Mass weight 3.8lbs
• Available in RH and LH, Please specify RH or LH
• StealthShot String Suppression System
• XTS ARC Limbs Technology – 5 Layer Laminated Parallel Split Limbs
• Parallel Split Limb Technology
• Pro-Fit Custom Grip
• Alpha Shox by LimbSaver are strategically placed in the limbs to dampen noise and vibration
• Pro Lock Pocket – Zero Tolerance Locking Pocket System

PSE X Force Omen

THE LOWDOWN Shooting the same arrows at the same draw length (minus the 3⁄8 inch mentioned above), the Omen averaged an equally astonishing 319 fps. Sleek and aggressive, the Omen is powered by a new UltraFast Hybrid Cam system that PSE touts as the fastest, most efficient ever produced. The trade-off for all that speed is a long power stroke, a shallow valley, and decreased let-off. (The cam can be adjusted for a longer valley, but you lose speed when you do this.) I shot this bow well given the short brace height, and I liked the slim grip.
HITS The Omen feels light and maneuverable in the hand. It’s surprisingly quiet for all that speed.
MISSES The cam turnover is rough; you may need a full-capture rest to secure the arrow. Don’t let up, even a little, at full draw.
WHO SHOULD BUY Speed freaks who will accept a rough draw cycle to get a handy, comparatively quiet, ¬ultrafast bow.
PSE Archery

PSE X Force omen ($950)
Weight: 4.2 lb. • Length: 331⁄2" • Brace Height: 51⁄2" • Maximum speed: 366 fps, advertised IBO • Let-off: 70 to 75 percent

CROSSBOWS FOR 2010 New hunting products for 2010

There is only one choice of crossbow for 2010. Underlying sources tell of a major competitor crossbow company CEO walking up to the Horton Crossbow booth at the ATA show to view the new Horton Vision. The competitor’s CEO of another crossbow company shot and looked at Horton’s Vision, and stated, “We have been building them backwards for years, wow!” One of the special new hunt products for 2010..
Legend HD Pro 175 Crossbow: It's Special!
• IBO SPEED: 305
This crossbow is very special. It is the legend, it comes with lifetime warranty limbs, and available only through Horton Gold Dealers. Called Legend HD Pro 175 Crossbow, this crossbow features Legend HD Pro 175 bow, laminated DP2 limbs, premium steel scope rings, Hunter Elite Lite 3-Arrow Quiver, three arrows, and three practice points. What about its specifications?
Legend HD Pro 175 has 175 lbs draw weight, 7.2 lbs mass weight, 33 ½” length, 26” width, 12” power stroke, 20” arrow length, 90 ft lbs energy, and velocity up to 305 fps. Amazing!
As we all know, The Legend Series was introduced in 1998, and it becomes Horton’s most popular line of crossbows. All the Legend HD Pro crossbow has laminated, lifetime warranty limbs, and longer power-stroke for additional speed. Isn’t it fantastic?


Without doubt LaCrosse Footwear is the best boot presented to the hunt industry in a variety of designs for various situations. The Alpha Series of LaCrosse boots are simply unmatched in the whitetail deer industry. I always wear rubber boots to hunt whitetail deer in an effort to minimize human scent. LaCrosse Footwear presents the Alpha Series which range in camo from lite or warm weather rubber boots, to cold weather camo rubber hunting boots, to the extreme bitter cold pack weather boot. You’ll catch me in one of three types of boots throughout the whitetail season based upon temperatures. The best new hunt products for 2010.

For early season whitetail deer hunting the Alpha Lite™ rubber hunting boots offer scent-free rubber, waterproof comfort of Alpha technology with less weight. With varying weights of naturally-insulating neoprene and leak-proof seams, feet stay warm and dry all day. The boot offers Ankle-Fit™ technology for a secure fit while still being easy to pull on and off. Realtree® camo provides stealth. Adjustable gusset with Cam-Loc buckle accommodates varying calf sizes.
 Scent-free, waterproof rubber-over-naturally insulating neoprene will keep your foot dry and warm in the wettest conditions.
 Features 7mm of insulating Neoprene that stretches for a personalized fit.
 Lightweight outsole with aggressive lugs is built to handle multiple terrains without tracking dirt or mud.
 Cam-loc buckle supplies a customized fit and is easily adjustable to accommodate clothing.
 Back gusset allows for any calf size fit.
 Realtree® offers strikingly realistic and versatile camo patterns, making it one of the hunting industry’s leading brands.
 18" height.
 4.6 lbs per pair
For moderately cold whitetail deer hunting temperatures my feet are shod with the The Alphaburly® Sport hunting boot features insulated, scent-free, waterproof rubber over 3.5mm neoprene for comfort and protection. Naturally-insulating neoprene stretches for a personalized fit and guarantees comfort. The boot is fleece lined for comfort, warmth and moisture management, and has an adjustable gusset with Cam-Loc™ buckle to accommodate varying calf sizes. The LaCrosse® Ankle-Fit™ design provides a secure fit. The Sport Chassis™ Outsole and EVA midsole cradle the foot for all-day comfort and provide stability on uneven terrain. Camouflage pattern styles provide stealth.
 Scent-free, waterproof rubber-over-naturally insulating neoprene will keep your foot dry and warm in the wettest conditions.
 Neoprene stretches for a personalized fit. The thicker the neoprene, the warmer the boot. Not only will the neoprene give you the most comfortable rubber boot you’ve ever had, but also keep you as warm on your 100th outing as it did on your first.
 Lightweight cushioning and outstanding stability from the rugged Sport chassis.
 Chassis™ outsole provide optimal traction in all conditions and prevent build up of mud.
 Waterproof exterior provides scent-free tracks, which could make the difference between making the kill or missing it.
 Thick cushioning EVA midsole offers extra comfort and shock absorption.
 Cam-loc buckle supplies a customized fit and is easily adjustable to accommodate clothing.
 Back gusset allows for any calf size fit.
 Also available in Women’s sizing.
 Also available in Realtree® APG HD™ & Forest Green.
 18" height.
 4.0 lbs per pair
For bitter cold whitetail deer hunting conditions I wear a great all-around recreation pac, the Alpha Ice King™ is waterproof and ideal for ice fishing, snow machines and other cold weather activities. Built on a soft-shell construction with an all-leather upper over naturally insulating neoprene, this boot is both lightweight and durable. A 4mm wool-felt midsole and 800 G. Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation deliver outstanding warmth and comfort. Radientex® lining reflects heat back toward the foot while wicking away moisture.
 3.5mm naturally-insulating neoprene with Alpha Soft-Shell Technology
 800G Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation
 4mm wool midsole
 Removable Radiantex® liner
 Alpha-Lite™ outsole


What the pros expect from an OL’MAN treestand! Hot new hunt product for 2010.
Based on the time-tested design of our original fixed position treestand, The Roost offers a whole lotta bang for your buck. Bow Hunters especially appreciate how quickly the OL’MAN Roost sets up — and the unmatched safety of our chain attachment. Backpack straps make it easy to carry your gear into the woods without making two trips. Quick set-up time
• Super-gripping chain attachment
• Easy pack-in (backstraps included)
• Patented ComforTech™ mesh seating
• NEW! Padded armrests included
The Roost is a perfect companion to the OL’MAN 20’ Surefoot Stick Ladder.
Ol Man Roost Construction
SteelSeat Width 22”
Standing Platform 24” x 32” x 6”
Weight 22.5 lbs.
Weight Limit 300 lbs.
Seat Style Comfort Tech Seating System
Color Smoke Gray Camo
Pad Cover Black as pictured
Today, President John McNeill is single-minded and is radically committed to bring OL’MAN back as the legendary leader in the treestand industry. His goal is to deliver “Superior Huntability” through product innovation and quality service above and beyond the high standards of design and construction Bob and John Louk originally set.
John invites you check out “The New Face of OL’MAN.” Consider an OL’MAN treestand for your next purchase. You’ll discover a commitment to safety and quality, an extreme value in a premium product and unparalleled customer service. Look for improved product lines for 2010 and exciting innovative products that will continue to set OL’MAN apart from all others in the hunting industry. Hope to see you at a trade show, hunting expo, or a dealer near you!


I have tried all the scent elimination clothing companies in the hunt industry and frankly, I don’t believe any of them work except for Medalist. The Carbon lined clothing companies don’t tell you that by the laws of physics you would have to light a carbon lined clothing elimination system on fire to reactivate the charcoal. Medalist uses silver ion technology that won’t let you down, with a variety of designs for different weather and temperature environmental situations.

For over 100 years, Medalist has been developing performance apparel with one person in mind – YOU. Whether it’s on the job, working outdoors, on the slopes, in the most remote wilderness, or even in outer space, you can count on Medalist for the ultimate in performance apparel.
SilverMax is a scent elimination system. SilverMax begins to work when you begin to perspire. SilverMax base layer rapidly wicks the moisture away from your body to the other layers. As this moisture passes to the lining of the SilverMax outerwear, the outerwear compliments the scent elimination properties of the base layer.

In addition to the scent-elimination properties, the most distinct advantage Medalist SilverMax Outerwear has over the competition is the thermodynamic body temperature regulation that our 99.9% pure silver offers. We have put SilverMax technology in our outerwear to the test and it is proven to increase the insulative and warmth characteristics in our garments. Ounce for ounce, SilverMax is warmer, and will keep you more comfortable in all conditions.

BEST BROADHEAD FOR 2010. New hunt products for 2010.

Titanium 2 Blade Broadhead

The 2.0"+ cutting diameter leaves a huge, gaping entry hole.
1. In flight
RAGE's streamlined 3/4" dia., along with its smaller Titanium ferrule, make it fly like a field-tip. The titanium body features an stainless steel over-sized instant-cut tip. The cam-deployed rear blades follow the tip without grabbing or deflecting, even on an angled hit, and are guaranteed to deploy before entry, maintaining full kinetic energy.
2. Upon impact
The SlipCam™ initiates and the blades deploy from the rear. Standard mechanical broadheads tend to lose power quickly upon impact. With the SlipCam Rear Blade Deployment System, that's no longer a problem! Its streamlined profile provides the unerring accuracy and arrow speed of a field tip, but you also get the full deadly force of a fixed-blade broadhead!
Advanced SlipCam™ rear blade deployment means no deflection!
3. Upon entry
Blades are fully deployed, for a full 2.0"+ cutting diameter!
4. Features
Slipcam Rear Blade Deployment System keeps energy and power through impact on into the target. Accuracy of a field tip with deadly impact of a fixed blade broadhead.
Titanium body.
Smaller ferrule - stable flight with over-sized cut-on-contact stainless steel tip.
Cam deployed rear blades - no deflection, no energy loss on impact. No rubber bands to hold blades in place during flight thanks to ShockLock system. 2.0"+ cutting diameter.
FREE practice broadhead included.

BEST NEW MUZZLELOADER FOR 2010. New hunt products for 2010.

T/C Triumph Bone Collector®
The new addition to the Triumph® Magnum Muzzleloader family is the T/C Triumph Bone Collector™, the signature gun from T/C Pro Michael Waddell who helped design this revolutionary firearm. A one of a kind, exclusive gun that has all the great features of the Triumph but improves upon them by adding FlexTech® technology and Energy Burners to a shorter stock (approx. 1"). Also, added is T/C's premium fluted barrel with Weather Shield™ and T/C's patented Power Rod®.

This .50 caliber powerhouse is available with a composite stock in dark gray/Weather Shield or in Realtree AP™ camo/ Weather Shield. The Triumph Bone Collector™ is the most performance driven and innovative magnum muzzleloader on the market today. Wherever your adventures may take you, the Triumph Bone Collector™ will be there to help you take your next trophy.

BEST NEW BINOCULARS FOR 2010. New hunt products for 2010

I prefer the 12 x 42 binoculars from Nikon. The further I can see with the best optics in the world the better.
MONARCH 8x42DCF/10x42DCF/12x42DCF
Dielectric high-reflective multilayer prism coating ensures superior transmittance uniformity across the visible range resulting in brighter images and more natural colours
• Waterproof (up to 1m/3.3 ft. for 10 minutes) and fog-free with nitrogen gas
• All-new exterior design
• All lenses and prisms are multilayer coated for brighter images
• Phase-correction-coated roof prisms for high resolution
• High-reflection mirror-coating prisms for a bright image
• High-eyepoint design provides a clear field of view, even for eyeglass wearers
• Close focusing distance: 2.5m
• Eco-glass optics that are free of lead and arsenic are used for all lenses and prisms
• Turn-and-slide rubber eyecups facilitate easy positioning of eyes at the correct eyepoint
• Rubber armouring for shock resistance and a firm, comfortable grip
• Lightweight body uses fibreglass-reinforced polycarbonate resin
• Wide strap
• Flip-down objective lens cap
• Can be fixed to a tripod using optional tripod adaptor

BEST NEW ARCHERY TARGET FOR 2010. New hunt products for 2010.

Bone Collector MLT-Super Duper (MODEL: 133)

The all new MLT-Super Duper features the late
st technology. We started with the very core of the target and beefed it up with our Nucleus Center, which creates a brutally tough target. Next we jazzed it up with an Internal Frame System that allows you to shoot every square inch of the target with any arrow from any kind of bow. Then we gave this 100-percent weatherproof target an E-Z Tote carrying handle for easy transport.

Go ahead and get yourself the MLT-Super Duper Field Point Target for year-round practice, and while you’re at it, pick up the Bone Collector Broadhead Target to sight in your broadheads just before hunting season. Watch the value of your dollars go a long way!
Dimensions/Weight 25”x15”x27”/35 lbs

BEST NEW HUNTING KNIFE FOR 2010. New hunting products for 2010.

Buck is without a doubt the company that has impressed me the most with its quality and durability. This year they are featuring two new knives I’m crazy about. One is for field dressing and butchering, while the other is a caping knife you cant live without.

ErgoHunter Avid

Ergonomic design, improving hunting performance. The ErgoHunter™ series of knives have a new, innovative design exclusive to comfort and control for hunters needing a reliable skinning knife. The handle design is based on the primary gripping positions during use, to reduce hand fatigue and increase hunting performance. This version has new Alcryn® rubber which aids with grip. The skinner style guthook blade has a generous belly design that is perfect for skinning applications.

ErgoHunter Caping Knife

The ErgoHunter Caping knife is an innovative design exclusive to comfort and control for those needing a
reliable small game knife. This blade was specifically designed for caping game and is a great addition to the ErgoHunter line. Every hunter should carry an ErgoHunter skinner, caper and boning knife. The textured black Alcryn® rubber handles not only offer control, but comfort while utilizing an anti-slip texture for maximum performance.

BEST NEW OFF ROAD TIRE FOR 2010. New hunting products for 2010.

Although tires might be the furthest thing from your mind when hunting, keep in mind if your gonna get deep in the timber within reasonable proximity to your hunt area you better have a great off road tire that is affordable. Wrangler AT/S tires are Goodyear's On-/Off-Road All-Terrain light truck tires developed for the drivers of two- and four-wheel drive pickups and full-size sport utility vehicles looking for satisfying on- and off-road capabilities. The Wrangler AT/S is designed to handle tough off-road conditions, provide pleasing on-road manners and generate traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions.
Wrangler AT/S tires use a tough tread compound molded into a multi-faceted symmetric tread design featuring aggressive independent wraparound shoulder blocks and interlocking center blocks to combine rugged looks and low noise. Dual self-cleaning Traction Lug Channels and strong lateral notches in the shoulder area enhance on- and off-road traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions. The tire's internal structure includes twin high-tensile steel belts and a polyester cord body to combine durability with ride quality.

BEST NEW GAME CAMERA FOR 2010. New hunting products for 2010

We have used a ton of different companies over the 13 years of outfitting whitetail deer. By far, Stealth Cam has produced the best trail camera for 2010. The Prowler HD takes scouting cameras to a new level. This is the first scouting camera to record video in high definition. It records 1280 x 720 HD videos from five to 300 seconds. Customize your playback options with three video settings – HD, D1, and VGA. And this 8.0-megapixel camera takes incredibly clear, sharp photos. 54 powerful IR light emitters capture nighttime images up to 40 feet away. BurstMode™ captures one to nine images per triggering to save all the details. Time/date/moon/temperature stamp is recorded on photos and videos. 64MB of built-in memory. Accepts up to a 16GB SD card. Operates on six C batteries (not included). Extend batter life the optional 12-volt Battery Kit (sold separately).

Darrin Bradley

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