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Semi-Guided Missouri Whitetail Hunt

In 2006 I received an email informing me IMB had a new property that was available for that year's hunt. Through a series of events I had no plans for a hunting trip and thought this was the perfect opportunity to put together a last minute hunt. My brother, Tom, and I ended up on a semi-guided hunt in northeast Missouri on half of a 750 acre farm for the second gun season. We were given an aerial map of the property with stand locations shown, given recommendations about what stands were the best and taken out to the property to show us where it was at. After that we were pretty much on our own, which suites us fine.

We saw a lot of deer, but as with most hunts, big bucks don't come easy. We hunted dark to dark every day. Personally, I passed at least 15 bucks. On the next to last day of the hunt just before dark I caught movement along the edge of a CRP field. Putting the scope on the movement, there stood what was no doubt a shooter. At 225 yards, I was lucky to be setting in a ladder stand I had put up that had a rifle rest. I put the cross hairs on his shoulder and squeezed. The deer turned out to be a dandy 8 pointer that I was very pleased with.

Because of the amount of deer I had been seeing, we decided Tom should set in my stand on the last day of our hunt. As luck would have it, at our 10:00 a.m. radio check-in, Tom informed me he hadn't seen a single deer. I told him to hang tough as I had seen a number of deer between 10:00 and 11:00. I also told him if he wanted to shoot a doe for meat to go ahead and I would take it to the processor while he kept hunting. Not 5 minutes after we finished talking I heard a shot and got back on the radio. Tom told me to bring the truck back as he had a deer down. Figuring he had taken me up on my offer, imagine my surprise when I got back to the stand and we walked up on a very nice 9-point buck he had taken at 60 yards. Needless to say, we'll probably be back to hunt with IMB.

Robert Eash

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