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Trophy Deer Hunts in

Trophy Deer Hunts in

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The Missouri Archery Knockdown!

This past November was my first hunting trip to Missouri. I was excited to be hunting the rut, but I was greeted by some unseasonably warm temperatures. The first two days of hunting I spotted a few deer, but no shooters. On day three, I was brought to my morning stand. It was a set-up to die for. In a bottom with fields all around. Right at first light, I caught a glimpse of a buck out on the same path that I had walked in on. He never came any closer, and eventually he moved on.

At about 9:00am, two does came down the ridge to my right and ended up directly under my stand. They were completely unaware of me, and as I watched them go I was able to relax and breathe again. About 45 minutes later, I again heard deer coming down the same ridge that the does disappeared up. Only this time it was a beautiful 8 point buck! I sized him up and decided that he looked like a shooter buck. It was definately the biggest buck that I have ever had a chance at.

After that, it all happened so fast that I didn't even have time for "buck fever" to set in. He was quartering away, with his nose hard to the leaves when I let my arrow fly. He made one small leap to the side and dropped immediately to the ground. SUCCESS!

Darrin Bradley and his staff at IMB outfitters provide outstanding service. I will (and already have) recommended them to fellow hunters. Thanks for a great trip and some awesome new hunting memories.

Tim Connor

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