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IMB Outfitters Announces a Massive Supplemental Deer Feed and Mineral Program

IMB Outfitters is setting the stage for their clients by implementing a revolutionary, supplemental feed and mineral program on their Midwest properties. This huge endeavor will take place in four states, benefiting hundreds of whitetail deer on thousands of acres. After exploratory research, IMB has acquired 20, 600-pound free-choice deer feeders, tons of deer minerals, and will be purchasing semi-loads of 20-percent protein deer feed in 2012. IMB's goal with their new supplemental feeding program is defined and very clear: "We wanted healthier deer herds and a higher-quality hunt for our clients," said IMB owner Darrin Bradley. "Our investment in herd health will pay off in the extra growth of our trophy whitetail bucks, and will be second to none in the Midwest. This type of supplemental feeding program is only rivaled by a few of the well established, elite hunting ranches in Texas.”

Consider this: Texas’ whitetail managers continue to produce monster whitetail bucks without the presence of agricultural fields and foods. Why? They know the secret: feeding deer supplements correctly.

Can you imagine combining the nutrition from agricultural crops along with a steady diet of deer supplements containing high-protein, trace minerals and vitamins? WOW! If they can build healthier deer by using supplemental feed and minerals in other states, then we can do it, too.

To accomplish our new goals, we began networking with two cutting-edge industry leaders in supplemental feeding: Boss Buck Feeders and Nutra Deer Feeds. This duo stood out above the crowd when we researched a supplemental feeding program. This new and exciting service will pay off big in the months and years to come. We are investing more resources into our wild deer herds than any other outfitter in the Midwest, while providing our clients with another edge in their quests to harvest a trophy whitetail deer.

“There is another reason why IMB is ready to move forward with feeders and supplements,” said Bradley. “After implementing our program we will have an edge over every neighboring landowner, and other every outfitter in the Midwest that are not using products like these.”

Though this is an expensive investment in heard health, it should prove to be much more beneficial than the food plots program we’ve used for several years. Food plots can be great sources of supplemental feed, but they require transporting heavy equipment in to prepare them, and the plots were only as good as Mother Nature would allow them to be. The deer densities are so high on our properties that our plots never had the chance to reach maturity before the herds mowed them down.

For 2012, supplemental nutrition will be coming in the form of granular mineral and protein pellets in a system that we can control. We want our deer to eat all the protein and lick all the minerals they desire. Unlike food plots, all we have to do is fill a feeder or pour more mineral on the ground. Time is money, and I needed a sure thing working for me on a daily basis in the field. I was wasting vast amounts of IMB resources on food plots, especially in agricultural areas. A deer mineral program, combined with a high-quality protein feed using free-choice feeders is going to be much simpler.

Here is a breakdown of the IMB Outfitters supplemental feeding program for those interested: First, IMB is committing four tons (8,000 pounds) of ANTLER BUILDER Deer Mineral to the most massive deer mineral feeding station program in the Midwest. Next, utilizing 20 of Boss Buck's 600-pound, free-choice protein feeders, we will be feeding Nutra Deer's 20 % Open Range deer feed. IMB Outfitters has committed to an initial order 72 tons (that's right, 144,000 pounds) of Pro Antler 20 % protein pellets in 2012. These free-choice feeders will be located in the sanctuary areas at IMB's properties in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Ohio. Managers and guides at IMB Outfitters have consulted with owner Jeff Williams at Nutra Deer, and Tom Boyer of Boss Buck Deer Feeders to produce maximum results. Tom and Jeff's expertise is second to none and helped us make well-informed decisions. At Jeff and Tom's urging, we checked and are in compliance with current game laws, regarding mineral stations and the use of deer feeders.

The Antler Builder Deer Mineral is placed on the ground like traditional salt licks; however, this product is far from just another salt lick. While other companies produce products that are mineral attractants, the Antler Builder mineral contains balanced ratios of minerals, trace minerals and vitamins. These nutritionally beneficial ingredients are added to a salt mixture, with an apple flavoring to enhance its attractiveness. Antler Builder mineral actually provides whitetail deer with the proper minerals that can help enhance their skeletal structures, and aid in ruminant digestion issues that deer deal with in the spring and summer months.

"Our mineral was developed by leading nutritionists in Oklahoma, who have been building feeds and minerals for years,” said Williams. “I relied on their experience to help me build an optimally nutritious deer mineral, combining the nutrients into a propriety flavoring process that is easy for deer to find and use.”

"Always check the guaranteed analysis on each product you find,” advised Williams. “Look for the trace mineral and vitamin ingredients, and don't be fooled into buying something, with a low salt content (under 40 percent) or too much salt (over 60 percent). Salt is not bad for deer, they love to lick it and need more of it in the spring and summer months. Deer will not overdose on it.”

Jeff continued, "Another myth in the aisles of feed stores is that the calcium and phosphorus ratios have to be really high in feed or minerals to do any good. This couldn't be further from the truth. There is no deer alive that can metabolize very high levels of any nutrients on a daily basis. The ratios in Antler Builder have been examined by some leading whitetail nutritionists in the last two years and no changes have been needed since its introduction in 2010".

Boss Buck Feeders. Why did IMB choose them? In the world of deer feeders, not many people consider their equipment to be a "feed delivery system.” Only professional or experienced deer managers that work with protein feeds look at equipment this way. These are the folks that rely on their equipment as tools to help grow bigger bucks. Some people look at deer feeders as a way to attract wildlife for viewing or just to get a shot at, but there is a big difference when you have to rely on deer feeders as a management tool.

"You can find spin feeders and lots of great accessories in the Boss Buck Brand, but the feeders we acquired are defiantly tools of the supplemental feeding trade," said Bradley. “The 600-pound Boss Buck feeders IMB is implementing in their new program were developed in part by Dr. James C. Kroll (aka Dr. Deer).” Dr Kroll is considered by many to be one of the foremost authorities on deer management, and for nearly 40 years has headed up The Institute for Whitetail Deer Management and Research at Stephan F. Austin University in East Texas.

“Several years ago, Tom Boyer worked out many details on building the perfect deer feeder," says Kroll.

Boyer is very proud of his involvement with Kroll. Kroll is credited with producing the first protein deer feeder and had been using feeders for nearly four decades. Boyer said, "It just proves that all of us here at Boss Buck are committed to quality first and having Dr. Kroll's input on this feeder was tremendous.”

Boyer noted some other advantages to his 600-pound free-choice protein feeders:

1) The protein feed is delivered at the right height for mature deer.
2) Our hoppers will not condensate and ruin feed like metal drums that condensate or sweat.
3) Our lids let protein feed breath so it will stay fresh much longer.
4) The feed ports are the correct diameter, which make deer feel very comfortable when feeding from them.
5) The legs are far enough apart that mature bucks will not damage their velvet antlers on the feeder’s legs while accessing feed ports.
6) The 600-pound free-choice feeders are nearly varmint proof.

Nutra Deer Pro Antler 20% Open Range deer feed. Why is it a better choice? “Research, attractiveness, and nutritional value are all signatures of the Nutra Deer’s Brand,” touts owner Jeff Williams. Darrin had to look at many options in feed and minerals and this was confusing for him, since he doesn't have a lot of experience in this matter. His final decision revolved around research. The PRO ANTLER 20% Open Range feed had been university tested, with the research published at and in an unbiased report.

"Having published research, outstanding photos, and in-depth videos of deer actually using the Nutra Deer product, helped us make our final decision on which protein feed to use in our new program," said Bradley. “This performance and nutritional value study was written by. Kroll and co contributor Ben Koerth of The Institute for Whitetail Deer Management and Research. Their findings were fascinating and the report was full of great information for me as a customer."

Williams is very passionate about the do's and don’ts of his brand. He added, "The Nutra Deer products are broken down into several categories for the serious deer manager.” “We offer granular deer mineral, protein feed for open range deer and deer farmers, and lastly we have an ‘outstanding’ deer attractant, that can be used to position deer for efficient kill shots. If you do any research at all you can see why Darrin gravitated toward us. I spent a lot of time explaining the basic mechanics of feeding programs, and he now knows we really are a legitimate option when starting a feeding program. Darrin agrees that a little research into other company’s unfounded claims, are just that: solidly unfounded! In my business, many companies claim to have years of research behind them. Some people will say, “Okay, I'm very interested in deer nutrition. Show it to me.” Sadly many feed companies can’t.

Nutra Deer’s website has all the information about their products right on the front page. Williams says though many companies claim to have supplemental protein feed, dropping one little bag on the ground a few times a year will have little effect on herd health, or antler production.

Here are some of the reasons IMB went with Nutra Deer.

1) Published research performed by Dr. James C Kroll that is posted for anyone to view at or
2) Experience with real feeding programs; not the typical small bag manufacturer that have unfounded claims.
3) The breakdown in each product - mineral, feed and attractant. Darrin knew what he was getting from each category.
4) The nutritional value of the Pro Antler 20% was shown in the report by Kroll to be superior to other supplements.
5) The ability to ship and deliver high-quality feed and mineral in truckload quantities at fair market prices.

While it is not legal to hunt over supplemental feed in some states, it is without a doubt a great asset to your whitetail herd. Supplemental feeding programs for whitetail deer provide much needed protein and nutrition to help the deer herd before and after the tough winter months - when it is hard for deer to find food beneath the snow. Most deer use a lot of energy trying to stay alive during the winter, and need protein before most of the food sources that becomes available in spring. Whitetail managers need a product that not only attracts deer, but holds them in the territory where you wish to keep them. Whitetail bucks start growing their antlers very soon after they shed their previous set. The earlier they are provided protein - and the more that is available the better - the better their chances are of growing a much larger rack, than the year before.

IMB’s supplemental feeding program will help provide nutrition to pregnant and lactating does. Not only does it benefit the doe but the fawn, as well. The nutrients will benefit the fawn while in the womb, as well as through the milk it ingests. All of these factors can lead to a stronger, healthier deer herd.

Doesn't this sound exciting? Well, checkout the aforementioned websites in 2012 and watch Boss Buck, Nutra Deer and IMB put this program together. All three companies are leaders in marketing, internet, and social media venues within the hunting industry. The trail cam pictures captured at these feeders and mineral stations will be magnificent to say the least. This is the largest deer feeding program ever undertaken by a Midwestern outfitter, and will enhance the superior whitetail genetics already there. These outstanding properties will utilize these highly nutritious products, and the results of this endeavor will be a popular for many years to come if you are a big buck fanatic, like most!

Darrin Bradley

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