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In His Tracks

The date was November 17th and I found myself perched high up a tree in my API climber overlooking a cut soy bean field. It was the first day of gun season for 2006 and I was hunting with IMB outfitters in Pike County, Illinois. I was using my Thompson Center Omega muzzleloader with a Bushnell 3x9 scope. This particular farm I was hunting had already produced two nice P & Y bucks for me in 2005; a 130 inch 8-point with my Matthews bow and a 140 inch 10-point with my T&C muzzleloader. In addition to this I had also shot a nice 130 inch plus 8-point three days before with my bow, but my shot found his shoulder which did not prove fatal. Needless to say I was very excited this cool November morning, anticipating seeing the previous buck mentioned as well as a B&C buck I had seen earlier in the week.

I had already seen several smaller bucks as the morning sun rose above the tree line. As I was glassing across the open field, a huge buck appeared approximately 300 yards away. He made his way down through a small wooded draw and disappeared into the shadows. Around 9:30am I was checking the woods behind me when a beautiful 130 class 8 point walked out in the middle of the field at seventy-five yards. I raised my T&C up to the shooting rail and set the cross-hairs on his shoulder. When the smoke cleared, he laid in the same spot he stood.

Myself and three co-workers (Mark, Smokey and Aubrey), have hunted with Darrin Bradley of IMB outfitters for the past five years. To date we have killed eight P&Y bucks ranging from 125 inch 8-point to 164 inch 12-point. We have had numerous opportunities at other P&Y bucks, as well as limited opportunities on B&C bucks. Darrin and his staff do an excellent job of putting hunters on big bucks consistently. Bob, Tyler, Houston, Tony, Pat, Dave, along with the rest of the guides work very hard to make sure their clients are given (the very best care) while in camp. The lodging and food are 5-star. Andy Sprague does an excellent job in making sure all his guests have what they need to make their stay a pleasant one.

If you want to have the "Hunt of a Lifetime", call Glenda Bradley and book your hunt today!

Greg Childers

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