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Trophy Deer Hunts in

Trophy Deer Hunts in

Trophy Deer Hunts in

Trophy Deer Hunts in




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Roderick's 145 Monster

The day my hunt began, in Macon, Missouri, I was in the stand before daylight .When daylight came the first thing I saw was about a 130 class 8 point. Being that it was the first day of my hunt I let him walk. All I could think about the rest of that day was why I let him walk, the next day came with the same opportunities, but I saw a bigger 8 point, that day I was sitting over a cut corn field. I had a shot at this nice buck the shot was about 400 yards, I shot three times and misses all three. That morning Darrin Bradley owner of IMB put me only 200 yards away from that same spot. He told me I would kill a deer that day or the next morning, I got on stand at about 12:00, and around 12:20 I had saw the biggest deer ever. The buck was chasing two does in the corn field, I shot at the buck two times but I missed those shots. I thought Iíd never get a chance to see a deer that big again, then he came in at about 50 yards I knew I had only one shot left, so I took my time and took the shot. The buck ran about 10 yards and dropped in his tracks. I was nervous after I shot that buck. After we got him out the field we scored him and he was a 145 class 10 point. I couldnít have been more excited with my deer, which was the biggest one Iíve ever killed thanks to IMB Outfitters.


Roderick Touchet

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