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Robert Hoague's Turkey Hunt

Darrin Bradley definitely has a top notch turkey hunt. He had new, roomy 4 door pickups with full size truck beds. The trucks had IMB Outfitters logo on the front doors, too -- a nice touch that smacks of extra quality. The Polaris 4-wheelers were up to the task of hauling us and our turkey hunting equipment through creeks, mud and hills.

The lodging was at a huge yellow mansion! Seriously. My room was comfortable ... and very large. I'm not really knowledgeable about periods in terms of housing but it must have been made back in the 20's (possibly). It was kept up perfectly. The food was excellent and the people that made and served food were always helpful and friendly.

Darrin Bradley is an interesting guy. He has built a significant hunting operation in the U.S.. When he talks business he is professional and all business, definitely a take charge type. Plus, Darrin has a friendly personality and his quick wit and sense of humor makes hanging out with him fun. He treats his guides with respect, that's a positive quality in any outfitter.

Tony May was my guide. I can not say enough positive stuff about him. He was thoroughly familiar with the areas we hunted. He knows gobblers and how to call them. Tony loves guiding and he is good at it. His style of turkey calling is his own. He didn't learn from other callers, he picked it up the "old school" way, getting in the woods and listening to turkeys and learning how to hunt them. I absolutely enjoyed hunting with Tony May.

We hunted the time frame in a turkey's Springtime life that is labeled the "Henned Up" period. That is always a tough time because if a hen shows interest in a gobbler's attention he is going to pass you up for the hen. And also, if a hen thinks your calling is too convincing she may lead the gobbler(s) in the opposite direction. But not every gobbler will be henned up and it is key to call in any that are on the look out for hens.

All 3 mornings we heard a bunch of different gobblers sounding off. The first day the gobblers blew us off when some hens cut us off. The second day the trees were ringing with gobblers. They hit the ground and followed some hens. The monster gobbler we saw was intent on catching them and only gave us a glance as he walked briskly along. On the last day we saw 26 turkeys by my count. We were surrounded by gobbles. And the 4 huge longbeards were top trophies, every one. This area has plenty of wild turkeys, plenty of gobblers, and the big ones are huge trophy extra-longbeards with extra-long spurs.

Two other people hunted and they both got their Tom's within an hour on the first day. I definitely had my chance but flubbed the shot.

It was an enjoyable, fun, well organized, quality hunt with an expert guide and turkey caller. If a "10" would be a top score IMB Outfitters gets a "10" from me.

Robert Hoague

Robert Hoague

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