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Grunt Calls for Whitetail Deer...........The Best Without Question

True Talker Testimony
by Darrin Bradley

Waltzing out of the timbered draw into the cut cornfield over 100 yards away, a buck appeared. Within seconds, I realized he wasn’t the “shooter” I had been waiting on over the course of the past several weeks. The buck I was hunting had become the local “magician”, by providing us with a disappearing act only Houdini could mimmick. I was fortunate enough to have spotted him on one prior occasion, with his foot long tines, and impressive inside spread. My hunting party had nicknamed the large-framed ten point, “Dad”, and everyone wanted to ruin his magic show with an arrow of their own.

I have purchased, and attempted to utilize a number of grunt calls and rattling horns over the course of my hunting career. Once in a great while I had been successful in calling in a buck, however, positive results with any call had become a fluke for anyone in my hunting party. Amazingly enough, a mere 72 hours prior to the hunt Scott Brockman, Joe Leonardi, and I had been out and purchased new grunt calls for the archery season. We chose to try our luck with the “True Talker” from Hunter Specialties. In the 72 hours we had been utilizing the “True Talker”, we had successfully called in five bucks. These five bucks were the only five animals we had attempted to call. The “True Talker” was batting .1000, however I was still skeptical, and fully believed the results we had obtained were merely coincidental.

Joe on the other hand wasn’t skeptical at all. Joe is a third year archery hunter who had never harvested a Pope and Young buck. The first hunt when Joe used the “True Talker” he successfully called a small buck to within bowrange from over 150 yards away. On Joe’s second hunt with the “True Talker”, he called in and harvested an 80 inch eight point, which was now at the taxidermist. Although this animal wasn’t a national record book buck, he was a vast improvement to Joe’s wall of mounts. Joe had been claiming all the way to the wildlife check station that the “Truetalker” wasn’t simply a game call. “It is an instrument. A tool. Not simply a regular old grunt call.”

As a result of Joe’s raving reviews, coupled with a little too much boredom in the seventy degree heat, I felt like giving the call a shot. I blew softly into the “True Talker”, pointing it into the direction of the small buck over 150 yards away. Up came the buck’s head, and out came his ears, as he began a rapid trot in my direction. “I’ll be damned!”, I muttered to myself as his approach quickened. Looking off to the West I viewed two does jumping the fence heading my direction. I though to myself, “Hell, every deer in the county’s in route to my stand location.” Just seconds later, another animal jumped the tightly strung barbed wire. It was “Dad”! Now I wasn’t laughing at Joe’s claims any longer. The “True Talker” had made me a believer. The large racked animal was trotting so quickly in my direction I didn’t know if I could get my weapon in my hands in time to make the shot. Seventy five yards... sixty yards... forty-five yards... thirty yards... twenty yards. “Dad” was closing in fast. I needed to stop his advance upon my location, or he was gonna trot right by me without affording me the opportunity at having a ethical shot. I blew softly into the “True Talker”. “Dad” stopped at ten yards. I released my arrow into the largest whitetail buck I have ever had the opportunity of harvesting. I had taken three Pope and Young Bucks prior to this outing, however this animal looked as if he had the width, length, and spread, to potentially make the Boone and Crockett Record Books.

Meanwhile, 125 yards east of me positioned in a funnel, was seasoned archer Scott Brockman. “Dad” was making his last run in Scott’s direction, thanks to the “True Talker”. Unbeknownest to me, Scott was watching a different trophy buck work a scrape line 100 yards from his stand location. Scott had also been skeptical of grunt calls however he had no other choice but to attempt to utilize the “True Talker”. Scott blew into the call, and believe it or not the mighty whitetail trotted in. Scott attempted an unsuccessful 25 yard shot in the last waning minutes of light. After the missed shot, the large buck trotted off. Scott then blew into the “True Talker” a second time after missing the shot. Amazingly enough, the buck immediately came back into bowrange. That was about the time I came running down the logroad in route to Scott’s position claiming loudly, “I’ve got “Dad”! I’ve got “Dad”! Needless to say, Scott didn’t get a second shot opportunity due to my intrusion. Brockman states, “The “True Talker” is amazing. It’s the greatest whitetail call I’ve ever used.”

The “True Talker” has a rubber bodied finish which eliminates any careless noises made by hitting the call on tree trunks, weapons, or clothing zippers and buttons. The “True Talker”, unlike most grunt calls, is designed to respond to a minimal amount of air expelled from one’s mouth. Brockman stated, “In the past I have purchased calls which weren’t loud enough unless I blew very hard into them. Grunt calls I have used in the past make awful high pitched, kazoo like sounds when too much air is blown into them. Not so with the “True Talker”. It takes very little work to increase volume.” The “True Talker” also mimicks a variety of whitetail vocalizations which are inclusive of fawn bleats, doe bleats, young buck, clicks, dominate bucks, etc.

I was once a skeptic of whitetail calls. The “True Talker” has made me a believer. My 148 inch corn fed Illinois buck was also a believer of “True Talker”. It’s not just another deer call. It’s an instrument.

Darrin Bradley

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