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The Mike Neville Buck

One day I was talking to a friend of mine about archery hunting, it is already 2 weeks into the season. I had ask him how he did so far, and if he had seen a nice ones or not. He replied yes as a matter of fact I had seen one on 28, 28 is a major highway, and I said oh yeah he said yeah. The buck was probably around 18 to 20 inches wide, I said wow, Darren 18 to 20 inch buck around here where I live is considered very big. Anyway just kidding around I had ask if he would show me where he had seen it, he said sure, I replied no I'm just kidding you keep it to yourself, he said NO, I'll be glad to take you. So we kept talking about the buck that he had seen, and where he had seen it, it would be very difficult to get there unnoticed. We bullshitted for about one hour and decided to go in about 3 days which would have been on a Friday around 3:30 pm. So Friday come and I was so excited, and couldn't wait to get to the woods. I met him on 28 around 3:45 got out of the car to get my gear on, meanwhile like I said 28 is a highway so here I am getting my gear on, on the side of the highway, people are probably looking at me thinking I'm crazy if I thought I was going hunting where I was because its just about a cliff it was very high except the little field in between the 2 cliffs. So we started talking about how we were going to approach this. While I was getting my treestand on my back and my bow out of the trunk he said Mike there he is. I was looking on the shelves of the cliffs and couldn't see him, I said where he said in the field so I looked in the field and low and behold there was the buck that he had seen before. The buck had his head down to the ground like he was following a doe that had passed through earlier. Meanwhile we had started walking toward the buck in th e field. We were around 150 yds. away. Bob had ask me, what are you going to do Mike, and I replied I'm going to stalk it, he said WHAT, I said I'm going to stalk this buck. We approached the fence line to get ready Bob stayed behind, I slowly to my treestand off my back and began my stalk. Mind you where Bob was, we started on the hill so he is about 30 ft. higher than I am when I started my stalk. Well I started slowly on the stalk trying to get to this one hill in the field so I could then move very quickly because the hill was in between myself and the buck. It took around 20 min. before I got to the hill, when I did there was an opening around 45 yds. to the left and that is where I expected the buck to come out. Don't forget Bob can see everything me and the buck, I way low in the valley and the buck was high on top LOL I'll never forget this. Anyway I rushed to the opening and began to draw my bow thinking the buck is going to pass very quickly. I had drawn my bow for about a min., NOTHING, I let down, turned around to Bob to see if he could see where he is from me. He began to wave his hand to the left, VERY RAPIDLY, I turned to the left and there he was just about to step into the woods, he had already passed me. I drew my bow, he was about 35 yds. I made a doe bleat with my voice to get him to stop but he didn't here me, don't forget now we are only about 120 yds. from the highway and all the cars and trucks he just couldn't here me so then I (YELD) MMAAAAAAA , he stopped and presented a perfect broadside shot. I took the shot and the buck looked like he did a handstand. I turned around to Bob and he is jumping up and down yelling and everything else out of excitement. He then began to run over to me and went crazy when he got there. He said OH MY GOD, UNBELIEVABLE, I wish I had a video camera because I seen everything, I watched you I watched the deer pass you when you thought he was coming out to that opening, It was unreal something that I'll remember for the rest of my life. So we gave the buck only about 20min. then went after him. We went to where I shot the deer and found half of my arrow covered in blood. I heard the buck crash, so I new he wasn't far. We tracked him for about 25 yds. it was an 8pt. 18 1/2 in wide buck. I gutted the deer and found the rest of my arrow through the middle of his heart. Unreal. We both jumped up and down for joy and called and told this same story to everyone. Well I hope you enjoyed my story. I will try and send a photo of this buck in this letter, I hope it works if it doesn't I get you a photo. Thank you very much. PS I hope I win LOL never went on a hunt before, Thanks for listening Mike Neville, Lower Burrell, Pa 15068

Mike Neville

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