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Invest in IMB Outfitters

Investing in the Whitetail Hunt Industry with IMB Outfitters located in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

One of the questions we're frequently asked is how can others be involved with IMB Outfitters from an investment perspective. After all IMB Outfitters has won multiple Outdoor Awards, and is located across the Midwest in many States. If somehow you could invest in the company, deer hunting could pay for you instead of you paying for deer hunting. We've been able to put together the most successful whitetail outfitting service in America, posing the American Outdoorsman with many different avenues of investment. Investing opportunities exist via networking to purchase small ownership portions that are affordable and rich in profits, plus free hunting for you. Again, why not let hunting pay for you instead of you paying for hunting. Each applicant is carefully screened, with IMB Outfitters possessing the ability to accept or deny an individual based upon references provided, etc. As data is presented to potential investors a confidentiality waiver must be signed. Come discover what awaits you in the great outdoors. And while most potential investors immediately think of fall deer hunting, and simply enjoying their investment, our investors may also participate and enjoy farms year round as they take an active role in food plot planning, deer and turkey hunting, shed antler hunting, mushroom hunters, and many other enjoyable activities. Investors need feel as if they need to work for IMB Outfitters. Most of our investors simply hunt on an unlimited basis and earn monies off there investment, however some investors do wish to become more involved. We leave the involvement portion up to the individual investor. 

If you've ever seriously considered owning or investing with IMB Outfitters fill out the investment application below and we will phone you to talk to you about what opportunities we have here at IMB Outfitters. You may phone Darrin Bradley at 866-855-7063 or cell is 660-651-7900

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