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Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunting


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This 169 inch monster from Jacob Abels was harvested early muzzleloader season 2010.


In February 2011, Field and Stream the publication announced Kansas is the #1 State in America to pursue a Boone and Crockett Buck and the #1 State that is adding Boone and Crockett Whitetail Entries.  Such is true at IMB.  In 2010 IMB’s largest 4 bucks killed came from Kansas.  IMB Outfitters is also located in South Eastern, Kansas in Unit 11 for whitetail deer.   This is the best Unit for Kansas deer hunts.  It is here we possess over 10,000 acres of prime whitetail habitat that we hunted for the first time in 2010.  We have searched for over 10 years for premium whitetail ground refusing to run hunts in Kansas unless we picked up ground that truly holds monster bucks and plenty of them. The State of Kansas is re-writing the Boone and Crockett Record Books each year. The State of Kansas has changed the procedure for the purchase of non resident tags. A new lottery system adopted in 2008 has been developed and it is very easy to get a tag with the draw beginning in April. IMB will assist you in getting your tag.  In Unit 11, last year 744 tags were left over, thus this area will make it easy for you to obtain a Kansas deer hunting tag. The new lottery process allows the majority of hunters who wish to hunt Kansas to draw a tag. Kansas ranks as the #4, State in the Nation according to the Pope and Young Record Books for number of entries. 6 of the top 10 Non Typical entries, recorded in the Pope and Young Record Books belong to the State of Kansas . Those entries net scored as follows: 264 1/8, 257, 249 6/8, 246 3/8, 250 6/8 and 245 4/8. Kansas is the greatest location to harvest a true Non Typical Boone and Crockett Buck.  

IMB Owner, Darrin Bradley states, “When we walked the new Kansas ground out this past December I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  It is truly a trophy hunters dream.

In Kansas a non resident may only kill one buck.  The hunter is forced to pick one of 3 seasons.  Earl y Muzzleloader, Archery, or Rifle.  In the event a hunter doesn’t tag out during early muzzleloader he or she may use that muzzleloader tag for the Rifle hunt if he or she uses a muzzleloader during the rifle season.   Of course regular firearms tags are available so one may utilize a rifle as well.  When we walk you through the process of getting your Kansas tag you will need to purchase a habitat stamp, hunt license, and the deer tag.

Kansas is the State within our system here at IMB Outfitters that “coughs up” the biggest bucks, however hunting in Kansas prior to Halloween can be a grim experience.  September and October both hold high temperatures.  Sometimes in the upper 80’s.  This causes deer movement to plummet.  While no doubt Kansas is a great choice, remember early season hunting in Kansas can be a poor selection.

Firearms Hunts: The State of Kansas allows rifle hunting. The firearms tags are obtained through an April lottery process where almost everyone gets a tag.  In fact in 2009 Unit 11 had tags left over to sell.  Thus getting this tag is simple.  This process is no longer a stringent one with policy changes by Kansas DNR in 2008 which allowed most hunters to draw tags for each season. If your not drawn then non residents build preference points until they are awarded a firearms tag. The lottery application begins in April and the results posted in late July. Costs include $321 application fee. All but $21 will be returned if you’re unsuccessful in the draw. You may also apply for a preference point only. The fee for this act is $20.

Archery Hunts: Non-resident Archery Tags are obtained through the same system as aforementioned.  IMB Outfitters will walk you the tagging process.

Muzzleloader Hunts: Kansas offers a muzzleloader only hunt. If the hunter doesn’t kill a Kansas buck during the Kansas Muzzleloader Deer Season then he may use that tag during rifle season as long as the hunter uses a muzzleloader.  HUNTERS THAT BOOK AN EARLY SEASON MUZZLELOADER HUNT THAT ARE NOT SUCCESSFUL CAN COME BACK TO HUNT DURING RIFLE SEASON FOR $2750 INSTEAD OF THE $3600 PRICE REGULARLY PRICED TO RIFLE HUNTERS.  Hunters may choose any 3 or 4 days to pursue trophy whitetails with muzzleloader only during these times. The tag is obtained through the same system as all other tags in Kansas .

Hunter Education: Anyone born on or after July 1, 1957 must be certified by an approved course in hunter education before they can hunt in Kansas EXCEPT that anyone 15 years old and under may hunt without hunter education certification PROVIDED that they are under the direct supervision of an adult 18 years old or older. Effective July 1, 2007 individuals 16 or older may purchase a one-time deferral of the hunter Education requirements by purchasing an Apprentice hunting license. Holders of Apprentice hunting licenses must hunt under the supervision of a licensed hunter age 18 or older.

In Kansas we offer fully guided hunts of your choice at the following cost per hunter.

NOTE: Various hunts are for different lengths of time. For example archery hunts are 5 days, firearm hunts are 4 days, and early muzzleloader hunts are 4 days. As a result, hunters will be awarded the same number of nights for lodging as the number of days their hunts are. Hunters wishing to purchase additional nights of lodging will be charged extra, per the lodge facility. (Normally $130 per hunter.)

When you book 4 hunters with IMB, the 5th hunter hunts for free. (The 5th person will be responsible to pay lodging cost.) A saving of up to $3200 on the 5th hunter.

Our fully guided hunting trips are hunts wherein stands are hung by IMB Staff prior to your arrival, guides walk you to the stands to assure you will find the treestand setups and ambush sites, IMB staff will transport you to the farm, field dressing of your deer is done by an IMB Guide, your guide will drag out the animal you harvest, and prepare your animal for taxidermy and meat processing, hero photos, etc. On fully guided deer hunts, the guide doesn’t sit with you while you hunt but, he walks you to and from the stand and takes care of you during your stay to strategize on a trophy whitetail harvest. Thorough examinations of strategies and treestand assignments are performed on your behalf to assure you receive the highest quality service. Guides also scout trophy whitetail deer both prior, and during your hunt in an effort to keep you on the hottest ambush sites available. Great lodges, great food included!

Quality Deer Management Program:  In order to produce large whitetail bucks we have to protect our smaller up and coming bucks from being shot.  Thus you must harvest a buck that scores over 130 inches.  If you shoot a buck that is missing a tine or is broke off we will score him as if he had it, but your buck must score a minimum of 130 inches gross score.  If you shoot a buck under 130 inches a $750 fine is imposed with no hard feelings.

Trophy Hunting Areas: For the past few years we have been saving farms that we have insisted hunters take a buck scoring over 145 inches.  We call these areas trophy farms.  We do not expect you to hunt these areas unless you are truly after a monster whitetail.  The trophy farms will enhance your chances of taking the buck of a lifetime.  You must specifically request to be placed on a trophy area.  In order to hunt one of these trophy areas the hunter must agree to refrain from shooting a whitetail buck under 145 inches.  If the hunter is on a trophy area with the 145 inch minimum at his own request and shoots a buck scoring under 145 inches there is a $750 fine.  Only a limited number of hunters will be allowed to hunt what we are referring to as “trophy areas”.


2014 Kansas Deer Hunting Prices

  Fully Guided Hunts: 



  Early Muzzleloader Fully Guided  (any 4 days) 9-16 to 9-29



  Early Muzzleloader Fully Guided  (any 6 days) 9-16 to 9-29


  5 Day Non-Rut Archery Fully Guided  9-17 to 10-19



  7 Day Non-Rut Archery Fully Guided  9-17 to 10-19  


  5 Day Pre-Rut Archery Fully Guided  10-21 to 10-31



  7 Day Pre-Rut Archery Fully Guided  10-21 to 10-31  


  5 Day Rut Archery Fully Guided  11-1 to 11-20



  7 Day Rut Archery Fully Guided  11-1 to 11-20  


  1st Gun Rifle Fully Guided (4 days)  12-3 to 12-6



  1st Gun Rifle Fully Guided (6 days)  12-3 to 12-8


  2nd Gun Rifle Fully Guided (4 days)  12-11 to 12-14



  Semi Guided Hunts: 



  4 Day Early Muzzleloader Semi Guided  9-16 to 9-29



  6 Day Early Muzzleloader Semi Guided  9-16 to 9-29


  5 Day Non-Rut Archery Semi Guided  10-1 to 10-19



  7 Day Non-Rut Archery Semi Guided  10-1 to 10-19  


  5 Day Pre-Rut Archery Semi Guided  10-20 to 10-31



  7 Day Pre-Rut Archery Semi Guided  10-20 to 10-31  


  5 Day Rut Archery Semi Guided  11-1 to 11-20



  7 Day Rut Archery Semi Guided  11-1 to 11-20  


  1st Gun Rifle Semi Guided  (4 days)  12-3 to 12-6



  1st Gun Rifle Semi Guided  (6 days)  12-3 to 12-8


  2nd Gun Rifle Semi Guided (4 days)  12-11 to 12-14



Get Hunting License Information, Prices and Bag Limits

SINGLE STATE PASS :  IMB has devised a Single State Pass.  This has been done upon popular request by hunters.  A Single State Pass provides the hunter with unlimited hunt access year round for both turkey and whitetail deer hunting.  In essence a hunter who purchases a Single State Pass can hunt that State as much as he or she desires.  Full year round unlimited access.  For example if a hunter would purchase a Missouri State Pass then the hunter can hunt Missouri for turkey and deer year round with unlimited access.  Hunt all year long on an unlimited basis in any of our 4 States.  Of course in Missouri the hunter could harvest an 2 bucks, unlimited does, and 4 turkeys.  The State Pass provides a bonanza of unlimited hunting for one low price.  The Single State Pass is much cheaper than a land lease and provides as much hunting as any hunter could imagine.  In Illinois , a hunter can harvest 2 bucks and 2 turkeys.  In Iowa, a hunter can harvest 1 buck and 1 turkey.  In Kansas , a hunter can harvest 1 bucks and 2 turkeys.  The State Pass is the ultimate budget cut for the serious whitetail enthusiast as the cost is less than 2 hunts. COST:  $7000

For more detailed information on Kansas whitetail deer hunting, history of, record book stats, terrain therein, annual harvest, tag obtainment, click here.


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