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Our lodges are owned and operated by outside entities, however are provided exclusively for clients of IMB Outfitters. Only clients of IMB Outfitters located in Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois will be housed at these facilities. As indicated on the website, all prices include room and board at one of our fine facilities. Shortly after booking the hunt one of the facility managers will contact you for a $100 lodge deposit, which will be deducted from the balance of your hunt. The Lodges are “State of the Art” and provide 3 meals a day, snacks, treats, wifi, televisions, billiards, Direct TV, beverages, and all the comforts of home, and much more.  Lodge staff all treat clients with respect and hospitality while all the while meeting there every need from special dietary requests to sleeping arrangements.  

NOTE: Hunters that wish to stay the 6th extra night after their hunt may be charged an additional rate for room & meals.  Most lodging rates are subject to state sales and hotel/motel taxes.  Hunt rates are not subject to state sales tax. 

Lodge Manager Contacts are as follows:

  • Missouri Bush Lodge- Doug & Becky Bush 989-640-9729 or 660-699-2076
  • Missouri Salt River Lodge-Travis Britton  512-775-7351
  • Iowa – Darrin Bradley 660-651-7900
  • Illinois - Andy Sprague: 217-432-1090

The Illinois Lodge

Illinois Hunting Lodge

The Pike County Illinois facility is officially called the “Kinderhook Lodge”.  This hunting lodge is over 12,500 square feet, sporting 15 bathrooms and 15 bedrooms.  The facility is located on Pikes Peak Ocean Notion Trail, which was the main migratory route used to settle the “Old West”.  In fact an ancient stage coach stop was located close to the house.  The Owners, include Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Sprague, and Andy Sprague.  Mr. Sprague served the United States Government as an advisor to President Ronald Reagan.  Andy Sprague is a sixth generation farmer of the family farm and a graduate of the University of Illinois .

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The Missouri Lodge “The Bush Lodge”

Missouri Hunting Lodge

This hunting lodge was built by the Amish Folks and bares the craftsmanship only a real contractor could appreciate.  It features a “Recreational Room’ with Big Screen Television and Texas Hold Em Poker Table along with many fine rooms in separate buildings on the premises so the Recreational Room noise doesn’t disturb someone wanting to go to bed early.  The lodge features hand cooked and very tasty meals, along with a huge pond full of big crappie and bass.  Its in a Country Setting as well.  The Great Room has dozens of animal mounts on display for your viewing pleasure and a toasty fireplace to keep you warm while your shooting the breeze with other hunters. This lodge also sports a 3D archery course on 40 acres of woods.  A very serene location.

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Missouri Lodge “Salt River Lodge”

Mo Hunting Lodge

This Lodge was built in 2017 and sports all the comforts of a terrific hunt camp.  This location is complete with pool table, hot tub, and roomy comfortable lounging in front of the fireplace and big screen television with wifi.  This lodge is located on 40 acres with a huge lake full of big fish, located in a Country Environment in Shelby County Missouri.  This particular lodge was erected in 2017 making all the amenities the most updated of any hunt lodge can possibly offer.

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The Iowa Lodge

Iowa Hunting Lodge

The Iowa Lodge itself of on being the most reputable and hospitable lodge in Zone 5 of Iowa. This is our new upgraded lodge and is much cozier than the lodge we used to hunt out of. Our guests are treated to a delectable breakfast cuisine, elegant hearty lunch, and wonderful supper, décor and a comfortable mattress in an authentic turn of the century style. We have common rooms set up for guests who want a place to relax, read, watch TV or a movie. As an ideal lodge, our staff is always readily available to assist guests and make their stay as pleasant as possible.

Our Iowa Lodge can provide the ideal getaway for all hunters, as they are removed from the inherent stress that comes from living a busy life. We are also the Iowa Lodge of choice for outdoorsmen needing a place to unwind after a long and fruitful day spent in a tree stand or in the woods. If you are looking for a first-rate place to stay then keep the cozy confines of the Iowa Lodge in mind located in Allerton Iowa as Iowa has never been better!

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