Nebraska Whitetail Deer Hunting


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Farrs buck just short of Boone & Crockett

IMB Outfitters is also located in South Central, Nebraska along the Kansas line. Nebraska is a bit of a “sleeper” state. During the 2008 Season the State of Nebraska presented a 137% trophy shot opportunity success rate. All camps during 2008 were over 100% shot success rate on trophy bucks. Need we say anything else? In 2005, we hunted Nebraska for the first time in the history of IMB Outfitters. IMB Owner, Darrin Bradley states, “We are dedicated to the expansion of our Nebraska division. We will present new properties for the 2009 season which have not been hunted by an outfitter before.”

Firearms Hunts: The State of Nebraska allows rifle hunting. The firearms tags are obtained in two manners: 

#1, Republican Area offers rifles tags for sale over the counter on a “first come, first serve” basis. This process is open to residents first, and non residents second. Past history reflects all rifle tags were purchased by residents, in former years, leaving no rifle tags available for the non resident hunters. This has kept non residents from hunting the State of Nebraska. 

#2, Beginning in 2006 Nebraska began to allow a second statewide procedure which will finally allow non residents access to Nebraska’s Firearm hunting of whitetail deer. Prior to this time, non residents could not access the State of Nebraska for firearm hunting. This explains perfectly why Nebraska is gonna hold some big deer for IMB hunters for a long time. A Statewide pool of tags available at a higher cost (around $350) will be sold on a “first come, first serve” basis. Residents will be able to purchase tags prior to the State opening sales of said tags to non residents. What tags exist will then be offered to non resident applicants. In short, Nebraska’s Game and Parks Commission forecasts that residents will not pay for a higher tag fee, and that the larger pool will leave other tags open for sales to non resident hunters even if higher tag fees are not a deterrent. This process begins at the end of June. Tags are purchased at any District Office of Game and Parks Commission or online at Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Website. IMB Outfitters will assist their hunters with the pursuit of the Nebraska Firearms Tags.

Rifle Hunts: Season dates are as follows: Season 1: Nov. 13th - Nov. 16th, Season 2: Nov. 18th - Nov. 21st.

Archery Hunts: Nebraska Archery hunting proved to be nothing short of spectacular during the 2008 hunt season. The Nebraska Manager reported Nebraska offered a 200% shot opportunity rate at trophy whitetail bucks. In 2008, success were lower, but it was the only state that in every camp success rates exceeded 100%. This is vastly due to the location in Franklin County , along the Republican River Basin . It is here that whitetail habitat thrives with a mix of agricultural crops, and spooky cottonwood timber lots lying adjacent to the majestic waterway. The archery season runs from September 15th to December 31st with tags available over the counter for $172. Tags are guaranteed. 

Muzzleloader Hunts: Nebraska also offers a muzzleloader only hunt from 12-1 to 12-31. Hunters may choose any 3 days to pursue trophy whitetails with muzzleloader only, during these times. The tag is obtained over the counter at Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Offices or online. Tags are guaranteed. 

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Success Rates: We calculate success rates by dividing the number of trophy buck or 130 inch buck shot opportunities reported by our hunters, by the number of hunters we take each year in that particular state. During the 2008 season, we presented a trophy buck shot success rate in Nebraska of 137%. NOTE: No promise or guaranteed shots at trophy bucks are made by IMB Outfitters. 

Nebraska Location: Our Nebraska deer hunting is located in Alma, Nebraska. The closest airport would be Kearney, Nebraska. A friendly airport located within an hour of our lodgesite. Those traveling by motor vehicle may obtain a detailed map from our “trip information” page.

Nebraska Lodge: Currently, we utilize a local hotel with meal tickets at restaurants.

In Nebraska we offer fully guided hunts of your choice at the following cost per hunter. NOTE: HUNT PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF MEALS AND LODGING

2010 Hunting Rates


Taxes may be applicable on the lodging portion of the hunt price.

NOTE: Various hunts are for different lengths of time. For example archery hunts are 5 days, firearm hunts are 4 days, and late muzzleloader hunts are 3 days. As a result, hunters will be awarded the same number of nights for lodging as the number of days their hunts are. Hunters wishing to purchase additional nights of lodging will be charged extra, per the lodge facility. (Normally $100 per hunter.)

When you book 5 hunters with IMB the 6th hunter hunts for free. (The 6th person will be responsible to pay lodging costs.) A savings of up to $3200 on the 6th hunter.

2010 Nebraska Deer Hunting Prices

  Fully Guided Hunts: 


  Non-rut Archery Fully Guided  9-15 to 10-19


  Pre-Rut Archery Guided  10-20 to 10-31


  Rut Archery Fully Guided  11-1 to 11-25


  1st Firearms Fully Guided  11-13 to 11-16


  2nd Firearms Fully Guided  11-18 to 11-21


  Late Muzzleloader Fully Guided (3-day)  12-1 to 12-31


  Late Muzzleloader Fully Guided (4-day)  12-1 to 12-31


  Semi Guided Hunts: 


  Non-rut Archery Semi Guided  9-15 to 10-19


  Pre-Rut Archery Semi-Guided  10-20 to 10-31


  Rut Archery Semi Guided  11-1 to 11-25


  1st Firearms Semi Guided  11-13 to 11-16


  2nd Firearms Semi Guided  11-18 to 11-21


  Late Muzzleloader Semi Guided (3-day)  12-1 to 12-31


  Late Muzzleloader Semi Guided (4-day)  12-1 to 12-31


SINGLE STATE PASS :  IMB has devised a Single State Pass.  This has been done upon popular request by hunters.  A Single State Pass provides the hunter with unlimited hunt access year round for both turkey and whitetail deer hunting.  In essence a hunter who purchases a Single State Pass can hunt that State as much as he or she desires.  Full year round unlimited access.  For example if a hunter would purchase a Missouri State Pass then the hunter can hunt Missouri for turkey and deer year round with unlimited access.  Hunt all year long on an unlimited basis in any of our 5 States.  Of course in Missouri the hunter could harvest an 2 bucks, unlimited does, and 4 turkeys.  The State Pass provides a bonanza of unlimited hunting for one low price.  The Single State Pass is much cheaper than a land lease and provides as much hunting as any hunter could imagine.  In Illinois a hunter can harvest 2 bucks and 2 turkeys.  In Iowa a hunter can harvest 1 buck and 1 turkey.  In Nebraska a hunter can harvest 2 bucks and 3 turkeys.  In Kansas a hunter can harvest 2 bucks and 2 turkeys.  The State Pass is the ultimate budget cut for the serious whitetail enthusiast as the cost is less than 2 hunts. COST:  $6500

For more detailed information on Nebraska whitetail deer hunting, history of, record book stats, terrain therein, annual harvest, tag obtainment, click here.