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As I look back over the years of business, I am dumbfounded in regard to the blessing and favor God has placed upon IMB Outfitters. As the founder and majority owner of IMB I can remember back into our first year, 1997 when I was scrambling around trying to piece together a dream. Two years later I was able to quit my job as a Law Enforcement Officer and pursue a career in hunt outfitting on a full time basis.

The basic ingredients for a successful hunt service are diverse, however one that is often overlooked is transport of clients to a hunt area. Like it or not, it the responsibility of our guides and owners to transport clients into some of the roughest terrain in the United States in search of big bucks. Data suggest that 93% of all deer harvested are harvested within ¼ mile of an easily accessible road. Of these 93% harvested, 98% are does and yearlings. In short, if you want to harvest trophy bucks you’ve got to cross some of the roughest terrain in the country to get to them. This is where quality off road equipment is absolutely needed.

IMB Outfitters features several sponsors links located on this site as well as our actual application of the off road product to IMB vehicles.

In short, we run the best tires in the world…………..Goodyear. They are a trusted household name and have developed the Wrangler tire which provides a tread that pretty much takes IMB Outfitters wherever it need to transport clients even in the nastiest of conditions. The sidewalls of these off road masterpieces are tough as we put them to the test daily against saplings, rocks, and stobs. 

Navigation through some of the nations toughest country mandates the implementation of a custom lift. While many companies exist on the open market there is only one lift kit we trust here at IMB, and that is Superlift. Get this, Superlift staff are very personable and also hunt themselves. They know what it takes to get the job done because they do the job themselves in the field. Brett Lovett, Owner is a Grade A person as well.

Now that we’ve gotten off the ground with the right tires, the plan is to not get stuck and believe it or not with Goodyear and Superlift I have only been stuck one time in 8 years of business. The only reason the one occurrence yielded my travel was because I made a driving error. However, any serious off road enthusiast or hunter ought to have a winch. Milemarker Winch is the choice of the United States Military and is my choice as well. Believe me if Milemarker is trusted to transport military troops in life and death situations in Iraq, then I can darn sure trust them to transport clients at IMB. The winch system is not only your key to never having to worry about getting stuck, but I’ve used it to remove trees that have fallen onto interior roadways, help other people get their vehicles unstuck, and even drag trophy whitetail up out of deep ravines and creekbeds after harvest. 

IMB Outfitters vehicles run Centerline Wheels. Centerline provides a vast array of wheel choices to dress up those rugged Goodyear tires and instantly turn any off road vehicle into a class act. The Centerline Wheels we implement have showed no signs of wear or tarnish. They are durable as well as classy.

Here at IMB Outfitters we also need to see where we are traveling in darkened conditions. In a word, “Piaa”. Of course cheaper lighting systems are available on the market but often times a superior lighting system can mean the difference between safe or unsafe travel. 

Now that we have attached Goodyear Wranglers, Superlift Lift Kit, MileMarker Winch, Centerline Wheels, and Piaa Lights to get where we are going, the next step is to protect the vehicle we have created. 

Husky Liners provided the highest quality interior mat covering system in the world. Husky Liners have protected my carpet from many a “muddy rubber boot”. Bottom line, “Ain’t nobody jumpin’ up into my $60,000.00 truck in muddy boots without Husky Liners protecting my floorboards.” We also implemented a customized Husky Liner dash kit in this particular truck. Once upon a time Husky made a camo dash kit, we call for an encore of the camo dash kit, but until then, we’re still “stylin” with the current model.

Another “must” of a protectant is Camoclad (shown above). This product may be seen on the lower 1/3 of all the IMB trucks. It is an adhesive strip that doesn’t damage paint and will not fade or peal with age. As IMB travels the roughest of gravel roads and interior timber log roads it is camoclad that protects us from rock chips and scrapes. Gotta have it and you know what? It looks awesome!

My favorite protectant is Road Armor. Notice the custom front and rear bumpers on the vehicle displayed. They absolutely make this truck. They provide mounting systems in the bumper for Piaa lights and Mile Marker Winchs. They protect against limbs, collisions and a vast array of other mishaps but bottom line is they are straight out of the recent movie, “Fast and the Furious 2”. They will set your entire truck off. Trust me they are worth every penny.

Trust and believe my job is to transport the American Outdoorsman into the wilderness. These companies make the journey possible, comfortable, and safe. For further info check out their sites from the present links on the “Sponsors Page”.

When outfitting or just plain hunting the field in your own backyard, I have found Hatchie Bottom Products provide a more durable and organized off road vehicle to get to trophy game animals. I have outfitter our IMB trucks with the following products that protect and organize us in the field. No other interior off road company equips hunters better than Hatchie Bottom.

Hatchie Bottom's Custom-Fit Truck Seat Covers are constructed of a heavy 7 oz. twill and treated with a durable water repellent to resist water and stains. Each cover is custom cut and designed for a specific vehicle application, ensuring a snug fit that clings so tightly to the folds and contours of your seat that you'll swear they came directly from the factory. Please be sure to order the correct year, make, model, seat style, headrest, seatbelt and armrest configuration for your vehicle.

The BEST camouflage floor mats you can buy and the only rubber camouflage floor mats anywhere! Made of HEAVY-DUTY formulated rubber with channeling to capture mud, water and debris. Includes 1 pair. Available in Mossy Oak New Breakup, Mossy Oak Duck Blind, Advantage Max 4, and Real Tree AP camo patterns.

20 CD slots and Pen holder, Double Velcro Straps. Available in Mossy Oak New Breakup and Advantage Max 4 camo patterns

  • 6 Total Pockets: 
    3 Full-width pouch pockets including: 
    (1) Zippered pocket
    (1) Large mesh-topped pocket 
    (1) Very large pocket with Velcro-strapped closure 
    3 Easy-access pouch pockets 

  • Snap-hook for keys or flashlight 

  • Easily buckles around headrest and fastens to seat bottom for snug fit 

  • Available in Mossy Oak New Breakup, Mossy Oak Duck Blind, Realtree AP and Advantage Max4 camo patterns


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