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Predator Hunting

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Hunt Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, and Furbearers in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa

IMB Outfitters offers both fully-guided and semi-guided hunting of bobcat, coyote, fox, and other fur-bearing animals. All predator hunting takes place in the spooky wooded river bottoms of Northern Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa on over 80,000 acres. The habitat of the region offers some of the best predator hunting in the nation, even argumentatively better than South Texas. 
Peak times to harvest predators occur during the months of December, January, February, and March. The cold winter months often bring about times when a predator food source is bleak or somewhat limited. During this time they are susceptible to both mouth and electronic calls. During these months predators also chiefly breed, therefore often times more than one predator will come in to a “call” at a time. 
Bobcat, fox, raccoon, opossum, badger, and like fur-bearing animals may only be pursued between the dates of 12-15 and 2-3-15. Coyote hunting is available year round.

On fully guided hunts, a guide will transport you to a location on a farm, and begin to use calls to lure in the animal. 94% of all predators come to a call within the first 9 minutes of calling. The guide will call for 2 minutes and then stop calling for two minutes. This process will be repeated for around 35 minutes. If no predator comes in the guide and hunter will move to a different location and begin the process anew. As you might suspect some walking is involved, however the action is nonstop. It is thrilling to witness a bobcat stalking in slowly through the grass unto a call, or watching an alpha male coyote speed out across a field in route to the caller and hunter. Although very uncommon we have called in a mountain lion a time or two, however the harvest of mountain lions is illegal, therefore we have never harvested one.

In Illinois only, predator hunters can hunt at night with red lights which makes things even more exciting and spooky.  If you’ve never hunted at night with red lights and calls for predators it is a “must do” hunt, however when a hunter hunts in Missouri he or she can harvest a bobcat which makes Missouri very attractive as well.

On semi guided hunts, a guide will show the hunter or hunters a group of farms which they will be allowed to utilize. Aerials will be provided, and then hunters will pursue game on their own and do their own calling of predators. This hunt is slightly cheaper, than the fully guided hunt but still effective if one has experience.  We strongly recommend a fully guided hunt because predator hunting requires a great knowledge of your hunt ground.  If the hunter desires to call over the guide he or she can elect to do so.

According to Pro Staff at Hunter Specialties, if a hunter sets up 10 different times for calling, on an average, 1 of those 10 setups a predator will show up for a quick meal. IMB averages around a 30% call in ratio. Simply put: 3 out of 10 setups a predator will usually come to a call in Northern Missouri, Illinois, or Iowa on IMB properties. 

Predator Hunting Prices:

NOTE: Pricing includes room and board with meals at a 5 Star Lodge of Predator Hunting (3 day hunt)
Fully-Guided Predator Hunt: $1230
Semi-Guided Predator Hunt: $930

IMB Outfitters has no trophy fees and predator hunting bag limits are normally unlimited.