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 Morrell Super Duper  
MLT Super Duper Field Point Target     New For 2010 Morrell’s Bone Collector MLT-Super Duper field point target.  First of all this target will get you attention with it’s flashy bright green cover with black flames shooting across the face. Morrell’s Bone Collector MLT-Super Duper has a 2 year Guarantee and features the latest technology from Morrell.  1st we started with the  very core of the target  & souped it up with our Nucleus center. The Nucleus center creates a brutally tuff target, with 68 layers of material, giving it maximum life. Then we jazzed it up with a Internal Frame System that allows you to shoot every square inch of the target, once again creating maximum life. Next we gave this target a EZ-Tote carrying handle to make it easy to transport. The target is huge in size (25” x 27” x 15”) giving you the confidents to practice those really long shots. It’s 100% weatherproof and the arrows pull out so easy. So go ahead and get the all new Bone Collector MLT-Super Duper by Morrell, it’s a fantastic fieldpoint target for year round practice.  Then pick up the all new Bone Collector Broadhead target just before hunting season & see the value of your dollars go a lot further!      Michael Waddell, Lee & Tiffany Lakosky are on board with Morrell! Realizing that the majority of the people shoot their field points year round, & their broadheads just before hunting season, see the need for a quality field point target like the MLT-Super Duper target by Morrell That’s why we are launching a series of target under the Bone Collector brand. Practicing with these targets may help get you that freak nasty buck of a lifetime!   

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