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IMB Treestands and Blinds


IMB Outfitters offers a variety of tree stand setups, and ambush sites for our hunters. We have been striving to assure our hunters are positioned in the most comfortable treestands, tripods, ladder stands, box blinds, and climbers that the hunt industry has to offer.


For the majority of the lifespan of IMB Outfitters, Ol Man Treestands had always been the Official Treestand Sponsor of IMB Outfitters. Ol Man Treestands has recently been purchased by a group of investors who are revolutionizing the entire company from the “ground floor” up. Ol Man Treestands offers a measure of comfort, and safety that literally no other company in the hunt industry can match.

In regard to “safety”, Ol Man's hang on treestands utilize a chain rather than a nylon strap. Trust me “fellas”, chains don’t break. Ratchets and nylon straps can fail. Thus the issue of having a lock on tree stand with a chain is simply revolutionary.

Ol Man Treestands also offers the comfortable mesh net seat, wherein as a hunter you cannot even feel the seat under you behind. Many other issues surround comfort, to be covered later in the narrative. 

Ol Man also flat out manufactures, “The best climbing treestand in the world.” States, Owner IMB Outfitters, Darrin Bradley.

IMB also has box blinds setups for hunters who do not want to hunt from levels above the ground, and has many box blind setups for rifle hunters. (These box blind setups do not appear on the treestand page, however IMB does have them.)

IMB Outfitters offers a variety of setups, in an effort to accommodate any hunter who wishes to pursue trophy whitetail deer. IMB provides 5 different types of setups. These are illustrated and listed as follows. Setups include ladder stands, fixed position portable treestands with climbing sticks ratcheted to trees, ground blinds, tripods, elevated box blinds, and climbing treestands. Hunters have a number of choices when hunting with IMB Outfitters. (Note: All hunters who elect to hunt from an elevated position are required to equip themselves with a safety belt or full body harness.) 



No doubt, quality ambush sites are one of the most important aspects to successfully harvesting trophy big game animals. Ol Man is the best Treestand Company in the World, and IMB Outfitters is proud to have them as the Official Treestand Sponsor of IMB Outfitters.

Lock-on Treestands

Based on the time-tested design of our original fixed position treestand, the Roost offers a host of features that hunters have come to expect from an Ol' Man Treestand. Bow Hunters in particular will appreciate how quickly the Roost sets up using the chain attachment. Backpack straps are also included to make it easy to carry both the stand and the bow into the woods without making two trips. White sitting, the Patented ComforTech Seating System cradles you in comfort. When you;re ready to shoot, the seat easily slides out of the way, allowing you to stand and draw back. And the full body safety harness that is standard issue on every Ol' Man makes sure you stay attached to the tree, no matter what position you're in. It is safe to say that the Roost is one treestand that offers a whole lotta bang for your buck.

Ladder Sticks

Fixed Position Ladder Sticks Equip Each Lock On Treestand
New and improved for 2009 with Bolted-on Steps for your added safety and security. Ratchet Straps create a totally secure fit to the tree. Unlike screw-in steps that can cause a lot of grunting and sweating (and cursing) as you get started into place, the Ol' Man Surefoot Stick Ladder assembles with a minimum of effort, each section sliding right together and locking tight with snap pinks. Strong 1' nylon ratchet straps secure each section of the ladder to the trunk. And locking pins on each buckle provide an added measure of safety. Compared to hunting products that promise the sun, the moon, and the stars, the Sure Foot Stick Ladder simply does what it's name implies. It' spacious standoffs and angled steps provide the sure-footing you need to safely get up and down out of your treestand. What could be easier?

Ladder Stands

If you love sitting in the patented Ol' Man ComforTech seat and enjoy hunting form a ladder stand then the Ol' Timer Ladder is the stand for you. This spacious, comfortable and easy to install ladder stand is portable and durable. The ladder sections simply slide together and are bolts with Teflon locking nuts to ensure stability and quietness during the climb. The extended footrest swings out of the way for easy entry. (20 Foot Bow Lite)

The Ol' Timer Deluxe Ladder Stand is easy to assemble and very compact for transporting to your hunting location. The Ol' Timer attaches to the tree with 1 inch ratchet straps, with a generous 2.5 inch adjustment handle. The all steel construction also features a new height of 20 feet vs. the previous 16 foot model. Five double rail ladder sections, which are bolted together with teflon locking nuts give this stand the added stability and a quieter safer climb. (20 Foot Ol Timer Deluxe)


Tripod Stands

You know about our climbing, and fixes-position treestands, now Ol’Man has taken the expertise and experience and developed a Tri-Pod stand that lives up to the quality, comfort, and “huntability” that you expect from Ol’Man Treestands. If you have ever hunted out of an Ol’Man fixed position or climbing stand you know that Ol’Man treestands are the quietest, most comfortable and safest treestands on the market. Our TriPods continue that legacy and offer hunters a 360’ swivel seat that is the industries quietest swivel on the market today! The 13’ Ol’ Timer Deluxe comes standard with shooting rail. The large 40" x 40" steel platform gives hunters the safety and room they need to make the perfect shot. Gun Rest lets you comfortably aim in any direction, or can be removed easily.


Climber Stands


Tried and True! This is the climbing stand that started the revolution 17 years ago. The unique net seat, pivoting arms, two side adjustments, and cable system changed the industry forever. Comfort, safety, and convenience are the hallmarks of the Original Series Ol' Man. The two units fold flat and are conveniently packed up for backpacking. The Grand Ol' Man climber is constructed to accommodate more weight and is 3" wider for more seating room. Originally designed to accommodate the large hunter, this spacious design makes the Grand Ol' Man the choice of large hunters or anyone desiring extra seating area.

Get versatility! The Multi-Vision is actually 3 stands in one! It comes with all the features of the Original Ol' Man and also features a built-in Gun Rest/Foot Rest feature that appeals to both gun and bow hunters. The Grand Ol' Man Multi-Vision has all the unique features of the Multi-Visiob, plus it's constructed with the larger hunter mind. It is 3 inches wider and has a heavier weight capacity. The perfect gun or bow stand for the larger hunter or anyone who desires more seating room. 


No matter what your need as a whitetail hunter, IMB Outfitters, is able to accommodate you in your pursuit of trophy whitetail deer. 


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