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Stands Blinds

IMB Treestands and Blinds

IMB Outfitters offers a variety of tree stand setups, and ambush sites for our hunters. We have been striving to assure our hunters are positioned in the most comfortable treestands, tripods, ladder stands, box blinds, and climbers that the hunt industry has to offer.

IMB also has box blinds setups for hunters who do not want to hunt from levels above the ground, and has many box blind setups for rifle hunters. (These box blind setups do not appear on the treestand page, however IMB does have them.)  We also offer shooting rails for gun hunters but strongly recommend that any firearms hunters with IMB Outfitters remember to bring a pair of shooting sticks with them.

IMB Outfitters offers a variety of setups, in an effort to accommodate any hunter who wishes to pursue trophy whitetail deer. IMB provides 5 different types of setups. These are illustrated and listed as follows. Setups include ladder stands, fixed position portable treestands with climbing sticks ratcheted to trees, ground blinds, tripods, elevated box blinds, and climbing treestands. Hunters have a number of choices when hunting with IMB Outfitters. (Note: All hunters who elect to hunt from an elevated position are required to equip themselves with a safety belt or full body harness.) 

 No doubt, quality ambush sites are one of the most important aspects to successfully harvesting trophy big game animals.

 Hang on, Lock-on Treestands

Archery hunters especially often prefer hang on treestands for maximum concealment.  We offer the highest quality hang on treestands to meet the needs of these types of hunters.  All hang on treestands are equipped with fixed position climbing sticks which ratchet to the tree.  We mandate that all hunters were a safety harness and strongly recommend the Hunter Safety Stystem harness but you can use any harness you desire.


Ladder Sticks

Fixed Position Ladder Sticks Equip Each Lock On Treestand.  Gone are the days of equipping treestand with screw in steps.  Ladder sticks are the most safe and easy way to access an elevated treestand.

Ladder Stands

Ladder stands are becoming one of the most preferred ways to hunt from an elevated location.  WE offer ladder stands that vary from 15 foot to 25 foot, and only hunt from the best ladder stands available in today’s hunt industry.  Firearms stands are equipped with shooting rails on ladder stands the majority of the time, but bring a pair of shooting sticks to meet your every need for a good solid rest.

  Tripod Stands

IMB Outfitters also offers hunting from tripods.  While tripods do not offer much concealment they can often times meet the needs of a firearms hunter that prefers to hunt from an elevated position.  The large 40" x 40" steel platform gives hunters the safety and room they need to make the perfect shot. Gun Rest lets you comfortably aim in any direction, or can be removed easily. 

Climber Stands

Climbing treestand are not offered by IMB Outfitters however if you prefer a climbing treestand you can bring one on your trip or we can loan you one during your stay with us.  We are willing to carry your climber into the timber for you and set it up if needed.

No matter what your need as a whitetail hunter, IMB Outfitters, is able to accommodate you in your pursuit of trophy whitetail deer.

On wild turkey hunts we offer a variety of ground blinds for concealment purposes.