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Success Rates

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Prior to reporting the success rates lets define them.  We define success by comparing the number of trophy shot opportunities to the number of hunters in a given time period.  For example if we had 10 hunters in camp from November 1 to November 5 and those 10 hunters had 8 shot opportunities at trophy bucks we would report an 80% success rate.  This report doesn’t mean that 8 of the hunters received shot opportunities.  It may be that 5 of the hunters in the group had 8 shots.  Any success rate that exceeds 100% simply means that during that time period we yielded more shots at trophy whitetail bucks than we had hunters in camp. Success rates exceeding 100% doesn't mean everyone in that time period received a shot.  As a final note success rates are in a no way a promise of harvest.  Remember we are hunting wild trophy animals, and any outfitter that promises you a shot is in fact being dishonest.    

Whitetail Deer Hunting Success Rates in Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois.

IMB Outfitters offers high quality portable elevated treestands, elevated ladder treestands, ground blinds, box blind ground hunting located in topographical advantages such as funnels, spiderwebs, low spots, inside corners, etc., rub lines, scrapes, funnels, food plots, and bed areas. IMB land tracts are privately owned and managed for trophy buck production, composed of oak timber, bed areas, and agricultural field and food plots.

Illinois Hunting Success

Iowa Success Rates

Missouri Success Rates