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Mid Missouri Taxidermy 

Ron Tompson - Wildlife Artist Since 1983 

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2073 Highway EE  |  Moberly, MO 65270

Ron Tompson has been a life long friend of IMB Outfitters, and talented taxidermist in Northern Missouri since 1983. Tompson is without question one of the best taxidermist in the State of Missouri, if not the best. Darrin Bradley, Owner IMB Outfitters states, “I’ve known Ron since high school. He is without question the best taxidermist in the entire area, and has had a real love for hunting, fishing and the outdoors for his entire life. Ron has harvested some great animals and is a outdoor enthusiast who understands what it takes to make the highest quality taxidermy art around.” 

Tompson has created taxidermy animal completion that includes everything from aoudads, to turkey, to most any big game animal in North America, however his specialty is whitetail deer. Mid Missouri Taxidermy caters there services to the quality-conscious customer looking for an artistically-composed, one-of-a-kind mount. Mid Missouri Taxidermy takes pride in the highest level of craftsmanship and creativity that is captured in every mount, as well as using proven techniques and the highest quality materials to ensure a lifetime of lasting beauty.


  • Whitetail Deer Mount $545 plus shipping
  • Wild Turkey (Lifesize) $770 plus shipping
  • Coyote (Lifesize) $1170 plus shipping
  • Bobcat (Lifesize) $970 plus shipping 
  • All prices are for local pickup only.
  • Shipping costs will be additional  

Call Mid Missouri Taxidermy:  660-263-7306  or Cell 660-651-8021