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Spring Turkey Hunting in 
Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky & Kansas


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Turkey Hunting | 15 inch beard
Daniel Rorrer got more than he bargained for with this 15 inch bearded bird, ranking in the top 50 of all time.  Since hunting with IMB Rorrer has been inducted into the NWTFs Hall of Fame, and killed a turkey in 49 States in America.

IMB Outfitters offers Eastern Turkey hunting in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, and Kentucky.

Although the National Wild Turkey Federation reports that the wild turkey resides in 49 states across America, 40% of the record tom entries come directly from Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky. In fact, during the 2005 Spring Gobbler Season IMB Hunters recorded two birds that finished in the top 50 toms of all time. While all three States hold much promise of success Missouri has measured up as the #1, State in the Nation for populations of turkey, and recorded trophy toms for more than 7 consecutive years. In short, the greatest turkey hunting in the world is located in the State of Missouri. Wanna get a little more technical. Wild turkey populations in the State of Missouri are not equal throughout the state. Southern portions of the state do not hold the highest populations of birds. The highest population of wild turkey in Missouri are in the Northern Counties of Macon, Shelby, Adair, and Knox. These are the very counties youll be hunting in during your pursuit of a trophy tom or toms with our company.

Successful Turkey Hunters at IMB Outfitters

High Five Double

Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, and Missouri present the modern day turkey hunter with a pure species of Eastern Turkeys. The average bird our clients harvest is around 22 lbs, 10 inch beard, and over 1 inch spurs. Both fully and semi guided hunts are available with fully guided hunts averaging a higher success rate.

In fact, during the 2005 Spring Season, IMB hosted the Hunter Specialties Outdoor Writers Convention, sponsored by Thompson Center, Hunter Specialties, and Husqvarna. Famed Outdoor Television Celebrity and HS Pro Staffer, Alex Rutledge spearheaded the campaign and was accompanied by the industries top outdoor writers as seen to the right. 

Many of our hunters choose to hunt multiple states during their visit with us in the Spring. While youre here you could hunt up to 3 states in one trip and harvest multiple birds as the seasons run simultaneously.

Hunting Times: Although the States of Ohio and Kansas allow turkey hunters to hunt from sunup to sundown, IMB Outfitters ceases turkey hunting at 1 PM in an effort to discourage disturbing nesting hens.

SUCCESS RATES: (Rates exceeding 100% indicate more opportunities to shot at trophy birds than hunters in camp. Rates exceeding 100% on harvest indicate hunters harvested more than one bird.)

Success Rates


Shot Opportunity Rate

Harvest Rate











     State did not get hunted


 Not Hunted Yet


IMB Outfitters Turkey Hunting Information



Tags & Cost



Closest Town


4-20 to 5-10

Over the Counter - $190





4-13 to 5-14

Get App. online before 2-9 - $125





4-15 to 5-31

Over the Counter - $32





4-15 to 5-31

Apply by phone - $189





 4-15 - 5-7

Zone 1 - $75





Turkey Hunting Prices:

(If 3 guided turkey hunters book, a 4th turkey hunter hunts FREE).

NOTE: Hunts prices include meals and lodging.

  • 3-day semi-guided - $1130

  • 3-day fully-guided - $1630
    (1 guide to 1 hunter)

  • 3-day fully-guided - $1430 per hunter
    (1 guide to 2 hunters) Read the story about how two Missouri hunters in 2007 used the 1 guide to 2 hunters strategy to tag out successfully.

  • 2nd bird fee - $150
    (No trophy fee on 1st bird)

Taxes may be applicable on the lodging portion of the hunt price.

Read what Editor, Scott Ohlmstead, of American Hunter writes regarding his recent hunt with IMB for turkeys in 2005. IMB is recommended by the North American Hunting Club.

Read the article here!

     Hunt the monster toms of the Midwest with IMB Outfitters. Its an outdoor experience you wont soon forget. Check out some of photos in our Turkey Gallery!

Two Nice Turkeys
Scott Olhmstead, Editor of NRAs North American Hunter Magazine doubles with HS Strut Pro Staffer, Mike Capps.

In the Spring of 2008, Hunter Specialties, LaCrosse Boots, and Husqvarna sponsored a Outdoor Writers Convention complete with the amazing Alex Rutledge.  Several famous Outdoor Writers attended as they pursued the Eastern species of wild turkey.  Dave Henderson, Alex Rutledge, Mike Capps, Fisher ATV World from the Outdoor Channel, and a few others


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